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  1. I solved the problem, yeaaa. At least it work for me. What I did was just let the game running in the background by that part and it should be ok.
  2. If DE make it like that I will be the same as before when we had the keys. DE would then add some fusion cores here and there because is rotation based and more forma and it will be the same as before. First things first Archwing is better, we are in space we don't need to orient ourselves, there is no upvir down. If it gives motion sickness then if go to space you would get the same. The archwing movement is better this way. What needs improvement is the camera that is too close now and to make some link to on foot fights something like jordas quest did. Also for archwing th
  3. I believe the specters level is for new players so of course they are gonna be easy especially the first ones. We as players who have different warframes and lots of mods are going to be easy. I tried the mars junction with a excalibur with broken mods and the difficulty understandable at least the early planets then it became pretty easy.
  4. My friend used the quest of inaros to get dna samples since there are a lot of kavat in one point in the quest. He got like 20 dna samples and he didnt have the simaris sigil that double the scan. So if you haven't done the quest you have a good chance to get a easy kavat. Get the sigil that doeble the scan. Its 50k with simaris.
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