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  1. There really isn't any reason to punish people who are willing to sacrifice power for treasure. If people want stack Nekros with Hydroid and stuff then they should be allowed to, nobody's forcing anyone to play anything specific unless they're trying to minmax an organized party, and isn't minmaxing one of the fun things about Warframe?
  2. I agree with this Rhino stomp and a few others should get some animation love or they'll look clunky and not really feel as fluid as the rest of the game
  3. I'm really late to this so Im' confident this will be overlooked or buried but I play Titania quite a bit, and here are what I would suggest as far as fixing her kit up goes: Her 1 and 3 are practically the same thing. Change her 1 to something else Let people cycle between her 2 buffs and hold it to cast like other frames have received. The reflect buff doesn't do anything useful. It's concept is neat but she's not really the frame a skill like this should be on. Please change it to a heal Accuracy down is a placebo. It doesn't feel like it works and I don't even notice when it's on / off. Cast times across the board are slow. For her buff? This is okay I think. However her cc ability (3) should be quicker. Also, enemies need to actually obey her 3. Sometimes they'll just decide not to despite being right next to the g l o w i e b o i Seriously, please give her a heal buff A neat idea for one of her buffs is to cause the weapons of hers and her allies to fire target-seeking projectiles or something. Basically Pax Seeker I guess minus the auto headshot Make her buffs scale with power strength boost her energy capacity These suggestions will keep her interesting. As it stands now, her 2 doesn't even feel worth using and two of her other abilities are the same thing. If her buffs are all good it'll encourage them all to be used, meaning she'll use lots of energy and have a bunch of interactivity instead of just being a press 4 and do that for a while frame.
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