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  1. Please either put gas back the way it was or give us an alternative elemental proc that smacks enemies with an IMMEDIATE damage. DOT doesn't mean anything when most of what we shoot dies in one hit. The damage is disgustingly low, too so it's literally never useful. It's just a bad toxin at this point. Considering this is a game where we're fighting tons of enemies at once, we really need a consistent AOE status option that isn't a moth fart
  2. A Wrestling Berserker-style Warframe with 4 arms who specializes in grapples and showboating to horrify nearby enemies (cold proc) and hype allies with damage buffs
  3. Earth Missions, Kosma Cutters drop them. The best missions for farming are Phanghoul Satellites and Bendar Cluster. Make sure you're in the Railjack when it drops because twice now the entire party got it while I was boarding a crewship so I didn't get it for some reason (I really hope it's fixed because I'm not farming it anymore) Good luck tenno
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