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  1. If the mechanic is intended to be like this, at least I would expect some explicit feedback other than removing the Hysteria colors, but I can see the point in what you say even though I prefer the old way.
  2. When Valkyr is in Hysteria mode, whenever you use the secondary mouse button to, e.g. glide over the air, which I do constantly, the equipped weapon switches from melee (Valkyr Talons) to the currently equipped primary or secondary. With this switch, comes a deactivation of Hysteria's benefits, invulnerability and life steal while not deactivating the skill, so the energy consumption is still active. This completely breaks the purpose of this skill and one of the important tool of survivability for this Warframe. This also comes without explicit visual or audio feedback, so it's easy not to notice the change and sometimes end up dying because of this. A mechanic like this makes sense in a Warfame like Wukong, as he can activate the Iron Staff and use primary or secondary weapons, while the Celestial Twin still uses the Iron Staff. But in Valkyr, losing invulnerability and continue to lose energy because of this mechanic has no sense at all. I'm impressed this is still happening since this is a bug that's been around since the melee 2.9 (or whatever the name) got into the game. I didn't post it before because, being such an obvious and annoying bug, I thought it would be fixed and stopped playing Valkyr from then, but I've come back to using Valkyr and the issue is still there so that's why I'm reporting it.
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