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  1. Let's thank OP for showing us how NOT to participate in a discussion. Thank you, OP!
  2. Dupe protection was removed when they made Larvalings/Candidates show their weapon above their heads.
  3. Quite the Mary Sue you got there.
  4. Should just make the uncommon forma drop 2 blueprints or a built forma.
  5. I just fly in archwing while aiming my tranq. The moment I hear beeps I start looking for the animal. Not good for specific hunting, but you get a lot of random animals this way.
  6. Hepit gives Lith and Ukko gives Meso/Neo.
  7. How do you manage to go to that area every time you log on?
  8. Considering Rakta Dark Dagger exists, the normal one is fodder.
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