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  1. I think that if you're going to have a "contest" of 'fastest to MR30' there should be some rules set in place to make it a fair test of speed. 1) no plat, plat for purchasing items/mats/frames/whatever but no speed craft, or plat for whatever- So here we have three categories and you either pick one or set up 3 blocks of players who can adhere to those categories. Might need monitors to keep an eye on the accounts. 2) You would have to also look at hours played in game. And not steam because Steam counts idle time. Why? Cuz some people have jobs that dont allow for more than an hours or 2
  2. I would agree with you if it wasnt on every map. Edit: the screen shot is just when I remembered to grab it. And the Regulators dont explain the game switching hosts from one person in the group to another. Nor does it explain the frequency of occurrence.
  3. I was thinking...dangerous prospect... and started playing WF after watching a marvel movie and was like OMG! An ANT MAN frame! I know Titania gets small and does archwing but ant man that gets small and and does armor/sheild dmg or huge and does fist melee. I dunno... some one else run with it.
  4. And it's gotten worse. Add in that the map, of all things, is experiencing connection issues and host migration going from one member of a group to another member of the group. It's getting annoying.
  5. So, I missed this and now Im starting to understand the issues Im having. Maps with connection issue banners, chat giving error 10054, host migrations at the start of a mission(switches host to another member of the group). All started around the time this was implemented. In the words of Buck Futz Chief engineer for a seattle radio show... Uh oh. Sum tin broke. Hopefully you'll respond the way he does with "I fizz it".
  6. You need to twitter/parler/ short response social media- more. I've spent a lot of money in WF but it's not necessary. If you want to grind out all of the tradable items in the game and sell them for plat in game, you never have to spend a dime. So it's a free game to those willing to grind the crap out of it. And yes, I do blame nintento for not allowing you to connect an external drive to the console. I have externals I could use. But that wasnt what my response was about. It was about the reply and how readily the person was to assume that I would spend that kind of money just to play a
  7. Son's PC died. Switch was an alternative to a new PC.
  8. $224.99 for a 1TB is not an expense I was expecting for a "free" game. But thank you for the response.
  9. I've looked at micro SD cards and none of them seem to have enough space to accommodate Warframe. Plus, Nintendo seems not to have considered an external SSD possibility for storage. How do you do it?
  10. You have 3yrs and I have 8. That being said, you made an opinion piece look factual. And it's not. It's opinion. And as we've seen in this thread repeatedly, there are a lot of opinions to consider in using that you didnt take into account. Whether you did it to push your opinion or just didnt consider an alternative to it, makes no difference. The fact of the matter is that dry data without the reference as to WHY people chose those frames, is sorely incomplete. My example of Inaros vs Hyldren is one of the reasons it's incomplete. I like getting into the fray withoiut having to worry abou
  11. To be fair, and for full disclosure, I fall into the first 2 categories. I want some of the old stuff back and I like using a variety of things to accomplish a mission because... same thing over and over is BORING. Just my opinion. My "war" is against the "This is the best way to do it" attitudes. I play to suit my style and I bought the plat. If people want me to play their way, they can buy what I need to do it. So a one sided look at frame use, bothers me. When I want to go all GI Joe and use weapons, I use Inaros so I dont have to worry about health. (insert scenarios for every other fr
  12. Ah the days of everyone frantically looking for the caches because they had something good in them. Now they've been regulated to a tedious "have to" for nightwave. When are we going to see a rare item in them again? @[DE]Rebecca Im not talking about ultra rare items, but something worthwhile enough to WANT to look for them. Something like 1-3hr booster, the occasional nitain, etc. Even a >1% chance makes it better than a chore. Really missing the race to see who of the team would get the caches open.
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