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  1. The game is becoming a waste of time for me. So....
  2. They have the resources. A test server isnt that expensive. Especially when you can rent the space needed.
  3. Adjusting what was there would have sufficed. This isnt about Ember. This is about the 7 forma and not actually the forma but the time involved in doing that. This was before SO and ESO. Now I have to start over and spend the time to make the adjustment when I could be doing something like... I dont know... actually PLAYING the game instead of grinding that out. Thousands of people that play this game have jobs and families. They dont have the time to rebuild a frame 17 times. Your myopic view of what I said needs to expand. And if you dont get the connection of those people to the survival of the game, I'll make it plain. Make the game annoying for the people who spend the money and the game wont survive because they will quit playing. Well, It may survive, but not at the level it is currently.
  4. Im not asking for anything specific. Im asking them not to waste my time. My time is the issue.
  5. Where in that did I say "Favorite"? My TIME being wasted is a problem. It makes me not want to play for fear that they will do it again and make MORE time wasted. If I CHOOSE to reforma something, that's on me. But being FORCED to spend the time doing it is what bothers me. I dont build a frame or weapon a certain way only to have them adjust it in a way that makes it pointless. Forma and favorite is NOT the issue. My TIME is the issue. I would rather spend my time after all of my adjustments, playing what I want to play. Not restarting. Passing me 3 forma when I've spent 7 of them is an insult to my TIME. If you're going to change it, give them the number of instant lv 30 tokens it will take to fix it. Otherwise, LEAVE IT ALONE!
  6. I decided to step back from Warframe. Why? Because of changes no one asked for, because of the exponential grind DE has equated to game longevity and DE having allowed the riven mafia to rule the day(because some one has to buy plat to afford those prices) The one that bugs me most is the idea that grinding = longevity. I have every NES console, PS2-4 and a jacked PC that can do full grafics on any game including VR. Game favorites? Glad you asked. ALL of the Zelda games, ALL of the metroid games, Myst, Riven, BG, IWD, NWN1 and 2(not online) The entire Elderscrolls collection(except online) and even pikmin. Why? Because those were great games. And I still play them. Up to and including Guass, I only needed login weapons to have everything in the game. It was great. No grind. And I still played, still had fun and just enjoyed the game.... because it was a great game. Over the many years I have played, the game has gotten more and more and more grindy. Constant grind is NOT fun. I prefer my purpose to whoop the tough guys. I challenge myself with trying to figure out how to solo everything. And I dont copy meta builds. I work on what's meta for me. Improve my frame to suit my play style. I make what's meta for me. I have frames that most people stop at 4 forma that have 7. I spend a lot of time making sure that the frame is the best I can do for what I enjoy. Im sick of spending all of my time grinding out the new parts longer than it took before Warframe turned into Grindframe. Grinding, while a needed part of gaming, should NEVER be the focus of longevity. None of my Nintendo NES thru Cube games get updates or new content and I still play them. Cant get online to play Diablo 1 on a windows 98 machine and I still play it. Better and more interesting content. I've never spent money on this game to avoid the grind. I've spent money on this game because I like it. If I want to avoid the grind for something I want, I take something I've got in inventory and sell it for plat. My $$ is spent on slots, cosmetics, materials for dojo(used to ) etc. I support the game financially because it's good. And I cant do that with the current state of things. The main issue for me is that it annoys me to work as hard as I do to build meta for me and then have all of that time turned into a meaningless waste. I put a lot of time and effort into keeping my Ember relevant to the game. Whether or not I like the changes means nothing. What Im whining about is the lv to 30, forma, lv to 30, forma, etc etc that has to be repeated because DE decided to make a change. It's not the forma. I have 50 forma and 109 BPs. It's the waste of my time. And wasting my time isnt fun. It's what makes me leave games. It kills the intensive to do anything because I know at some point, DE will do it again. So, Im taking a break. Im hoping Quality and Content get held up over what squeezes money out. Quality gets more money than forced longevity.
  7. Wow.... Amazes me the patience of the player base these days... I mean, a whole 3 weeks of delay. BRUTAL! You and others like you are the reason that we get bugged out content. You push so hard for new content that they rush things and then we get issues. Seriously... break out the microsoft card games and relax. Push for FINISHED content, not fast content. I prefer quality to quantity.
  8. Ok... Baro is just baro, look is (or was) [ff So what is the filter to stop seeing songs? I tried song, [song, [song: and I still see them. Anyone know?
  9. Ember is my favorite frame. I have built and forma'd and modded and reworked for WoF. Im only going to say that I'm not happy with that change. However, If Im able to get all of the forma back from the build so I can work her again, I'll be placated. I've already had to rebuild her twice at my expense so getting the 7 forma returned sounds like a fair enough trade off to me.
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