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  1. Marty McFly couldnt ride his hover board over water.
  2. Ok... doubtful that they saw your frame and left. I've clicked opn the wrong mission and ended up aborting on entry. And Zephyr is known for being a weak frame since it got nerfed pretty badly. And it might be they want to be in the kill count lead and think you'll take it all. Dont worry about it in any regard. If they leave, good. More room for some one new. Or maybe they were after something specific and forgot to hit the solo mode and are leaving to do so. I've done that one too. Dont worry about what others do. You do you and you'll fiond plenty of people doing missions to play with. GL.
  3. What about your contribution to the clan? Do they have everything? Are you helping to farm the remaining things? Maybe they're waiting to see if you bring anything to the clan first. But I get your point. Im in a small clan and most of us are in different time zones around the world so we dont do a lot of stuff together. We have lives outside fo the game. (hard to believe but true). And the only reason any boots happen is if they're out for more than 30 days. And in that regard, we let em back in when they return with no hassles. Only 1 person ever got perma kicked and this clan has been around since alpha. And you're right. The only real clan tie is the stuff you cant get outside of being in a clan. But that shouldnt stop you from trying to do stuff. Took a while to get set up to do it, but I solo most content and have fair success at it. But when clannies are on, I ask them if they want to join me for x, y or z. It's about a 50/50 shot. But I've become friends with them, busted butt to get the materials for clan tech so I have a tie here. Some of the people in my clan I've never partied with. But most of them are fairly new and have invited their friends and play with them. It's not an issue. Would I like to see clan rewards besides the occasional NW missions to do with friends or clannies? yup. Have we visited this issue before? yup. Will we see it again? yup Does DE have a ton of pressing issues on their way to MR30 and the step out of Beta? yup. This isnt your usual game where you get a finished product and they make addons and expansions, and so on. This game is still in development. Something a lot of people forget and dont stop to realize. There have been mentions of clan upgrades in dev streams, but is not currently a priority. I can wait.
  4. Infested of some sort. We have PEO and OV with Grineer and corpus. Infested or Corrupted on an open world is my guess. Then the other after that. And then for the grand finale, Orokin.
  5. My first comment was wrong weapons. My MAIN primary is an ignis Wraith with blast and corrosive. Blast knocks em over(cant hurt you if they're laying down) and corrosive to melt their face. Secondary is a crit moon with radiation. Melee is a Zanistar with 2 more statuses. Throw the Zeni disk, hit em with ignis and if that's not doing the trick, crit moon smacks em down in 3-4 shots. And be sure to line em up so you hit multiple targets at one time. Oh and dont stand still. Move. They cant grab you when you're sliding and dashing around. 3 weapons, different statuses, using all three in tandem. They arent that difficult.
  6. Wrong weapons for it. One of the weapons I use makes them look like E Prime Earth Grinneer against an MR50. It's all about having multiple statuses and damage across all of your weapons- PERIOD. If you're using all of the same statuses thinking it's universal, you're doing it wrong.
  7. Look at how long it took for Skyrim to come out. There was no online component. This game is still unfinished. Step back and look at the game as a whole from a point of view of never having played it. I can see these types of comments if the game were at lv 30 and they were struggling for new content, but you arent taking this into perspective. It's like judging a Lamborghini they're testing out that doesnt have the rear fenders yet as being boring. This kind of discussion shouldnt be a thing before MR30. Ok, if it's outright crap, I get it. But the game is developing and changing all of the time. Look at just the recent updates to POE and OV. Look at what's coming with Railjack. Stop looking at the missing fenders before the car is complete.
  8. Like I told the OP. If you're bored, dont create drama so you can storm out. DE isnt your GF/BF and isnt gonna be mad if you're seeing other games. Login, get your daily, go play something else. I took a 2 year break from WF and Im having more fun than ever. Tho I do feel boredom creeping in and will prolly take a shorter break this time. But I'll log in every day. Would have Zylok and Sigma & Octantis if I had done that thru my break. I still play my consoles and some single player PC games and am getting the urge to focus on one of them. Content for DE is slow. Faster than it used to be, but slow. AND they're johnny on it when it comes to fixes. Best in the industry IMHO and I've been playing PC games since they were text only. (5 1/4 ftw).
  9. #1 Cya #2 I've been playing for 3000hrs + and still find it enjoyable. #3 Instead of WAAAAA, how about some suggestions? Like the one Im trying to push. NPC start level selection(excluding public) #4 If I see you post again or play again after what you've said here, I will respond with "Just like a mad girlfriend to leave and then storm back in to say, "... AND ON MORE THING!" 😀 The game is officially Beta until they get it to MR 30 and slightly beyond. On a graph of player populations of several games over the span of 5 years, Warframe was the most consistent. There were ups and downs but it always had a predictable average. And was in the top 10 for most of it. That smacks right at you claim of not being sustainable. So if you're bored, stop trying to create a drama that gives you an excuse and go do something else for a while. That way when you come back, you can ask, "miss me?" There is no need to create a situation where you can storm off. DE isnt your girlfriend and isnt going to get mad if you're seeing other games. Take a break and when you come back, see what's new and if it excites you. I took a 2 year break. I'm having more fun now than ever.
  10. Im not doing "loot whore". I like to play, I have fun playing. That's my incentive. Yes, I use reward as a motivator for some things, but for the most part, the only loot whoring I do is Kuva farms and arbitrations so I can farm Arch Rivens. Outside of that, I just play. Im MR27 and only have 2 weapons to get. Zylok(event locked) and Sigma & Octantis(login locked). And it's been that way for months. My current focus is getting stuff for guildies. If it can be traded, I'll grab it. I dont do missions Im not fond of as often as others, but Im running around and having fun. It's strangely liberating not having to farm for anything specific. I can solo most content and will do it when the public groups have been repeatedly bad, but I dont like playing a multiplayer game by myself. I guess what Im getting at is that content will only keep you playing a game for so long. I have the entire Elderscolls collection and still play all of them. Ive done all of the content but I have fun playing it. I've restarted the game with several races that focus on every class. I like the eperience of playing it. The same with Warframe. Not saying I dont get bored now and then. But I dont need incentives like you OPd to keep me interested. Im not downing you. Im just offering my perspective and what keeps me logging into the game.
  11. Pardon for how long this is going to be but I need to set it up first. info... Margulis is blind hence the helmet. Now we're up to date. And to answer your question, I would kill Natah like I would kill a roach tryin to get in my house.
  12. Newbies need easier access than vets. Ever notice how easy it is to get an item that all four pcs are on lith? Neo is a little rougher and Axi usually requires you have good stuff modded well to do those modes. Im currently farming frames for guild members. I use the abundance of lith relics to replenish my traces and have things to sell for duckettes. This gives them the bug to try and farm stuff themselves. Should they get low on a specific relic while farming them, Im like... Meet me in Dojo. I have an extra. Keeps low to mid level players from getting burned out on the farm in a farm in a farm that is prime farming. FYI- I take a fish or a junk mod as trade for those items. I have everything in spades and when they ask if Im sure, I tell em to pay it forward. Keeps the cycle going that way. But I digress. The amount of relics require splitting it up. And you have to do it in a way that doesnt favor any one player level group. The only problem I see is that there isnt a coherrent list of what frames, primaries, secondaries and melees are found at each level and ones that cross multiple levels. With that sort of list would be a way for low levels to find out which items they have current access to without the confusion of the current system.
  13. Incentive? I like the game. That's my incentive. Sure... I dont like some things. Lua rescue, the organ puzzle on Lua, public mission where people forget to PROTECT THE POINT YOU'RE ON, gimmicky weapons and frames and a few more things. But the overall experience is fun. If you need incentive to stay and play, you arent having fun any more.
  14. You say that like it's a bad thing 🤣
  15. Lith mission, Linea Venus Corpus 10-12 Rescue. Not only did the rewards bug but so did the mission end. It wouldnt exit the mission even tho we made it to the end with the captive. After the other 3 aborted, I tried running back a ways and trying to exit again but wouldnt exit.
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