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  1. Ember is my favorite frame. I have built and forma'd and modded and reworked for WoF. Im only going to say that I'm not happy with that change. However, If Im able to get all of the forma back from the build so I can work her again, I'll be placated. I've already had to rebuild her twice at my expense so getting the 7 forma returned sounds like a fair enough trade off to me.
  2. Real life armor. The ceramics in bullet vests dont melt to fire but they do heat up. Translate that to the game and fire always makes the NPCs panic. Maybe not for very long, but you'll see them change their actions just long enough to reload.
  3. The suggestion was that more nodes = more places relics can drop and thereby thinning out the number of relics per drop table
  4. Actually, there are armor types that dont effect the armor but do effect the body inside. To the OP: Fire already makes enemies panic. If they are panicked, they arent attacking you. Same as AC reduc IMHO. How? Less time they're attacking you means more damage you can do before they do. It's so easy to get multiple damage types on all 3 weapons that you can swap to a different weapon to use that. Cor/blast on primary, viral/rad on secondary and mag/gas on melee. Then then there's CP+ your abilities... Im thinking there's no real reason to change anything. Maybe a better balance of the types but no changes to how they work. Even with the nerfs that have happened to Ember, she is still my most used. I run her a LOT. It's called adapt and overcome. Instead of changing the game, change your tactics.
  5. With as many relics as there are, the drop rate seems to be diminishing as a result of there being too many per loot pool. Is it time to creat more nodes on planets or even having a new planet altogether? I understand a new planet or new nodes on existing planets would mean having to re-open the Arbitration. Im good with that. Anything to lighten the loot pools from having 20 items. While I think 10 items is too many, I would be ok with that as a cap. I also realize that an easier solution would be to vault more at a time. Im personally not in favor of more vaulting. It takes long enough to wait on unvaultings as it is. I dont know what would be the best idea, but I feel like something should be looked at. What say you all?
  6. I have 5 guitars. And there are SO many styles of electric guitars. Flying V, Hollowbody, Les Paul, etc etc etc. Any consideration toward making skins like that? I would probaly buy all of the ones that look like my actual guitars.
  7. Dont get me wrong. If they improve her at all, I wont be disappointed. It's just that I was able to rework my mod set up so I didnt feel as much pain as most. I just dont want to see them change so much that it's not even the same frame. While Wukong needed that, Ember doesnt. Tweak here, tweak there and she'll be fine. And yeah... Changing Limbo more than shrinking standard bubble size would torque my cork. I think Limbo may be compensating? =D
  8. It's not this mission... it's nearly EVERY mission. Didnt used to be this horrible the room ahead of this is a dead end. I had to go through 3x the map already shown to find the exit and the green dot stayed pointing to the same place thru most of it. This needs serious and immediate attention.
  9. 1 agreed 2 No. Setting up frames is about choices on which abilities to up and which ones you dont. So no. 3 No. You can already block well enough and hide behind it well enough as is. Does it need help to be more interesting? ABSOLUTELY! I dont play it because it bores me. I dont do support unless it's my turn. And Atlas just isnt "I KEEL YOU!" enough for me. Never been much of a tank, healer or other support type player since I've played so many single player games where you HAVE to be DPS. Make it interesting. Right now, it's just ok. Nothing dazzling. Give the Rumblers a mod like "Guass Speed". That would be HILLARIOUS!
  10. That's not a bad idea but Im not sure they can do it with the Ropalolyst bing a part of the star chart and needing the node unlocked. However, I believe he was able to drop an extractor without the Rop so... could be doable.
  11. Ember is fine. Ember is and always will be my favorite frame. Still my most used. Even non prime is still in my top 10 of most used. The numbers may need to be shifted a bit, but outside of that, Ember is good. The 1, if you have duration is a great blockade on doors. Light em up as they enter. I've never understood the mentality of Change it" when you can maximize the use of it and go with the idea behind it. I LOVE to use sonicor as my example. Impact weapon that everyone tries to make into something it's not and then walking away calling it garbage. Blast is an impact. Impact mods are nice too. With Impact and blast, I leveled everything in the game except secondaries. 75% of it solo. I've knocked NPCs out of the map with mine WITHOUT a riven. And now that I have a riven for it, it's better than it was before the nerf. There arent many frames where you cant maximize them for all of their skills in one loadout. Hence A config, B config and C config. Different skills for different mission types. Exterminate is DEFINITELY 4. Defense and mobile defense is 3. Farming for 'stuff' is finding a hidey hole and blocking the door with 1. (2 is an always thing) Instead of having them adapt the frame to you, why not adapt to the frame and it's abilities? Again... I do just fine with my favorite frame. It doesnt need all of what your talking about. And I dont hate your suggestions. What Im disagreeing with is the point of view that implies that you want the adaptation to happen for you instead of you adapting to the frame.
  12. Fair points. On end game: The fact that we dont have MR 30 yet means there wont be end game for a while. Only 3 more MR to go, but that's still a long way off. And DEFINITELY agree with, " I do pray it becomes more easier for players to navigate it unassisted and more focus is placed on the story quests and other areas which help newer players understand the core game. " The whole post started with the fact that I was startled by how difficult and painful it actually was without focus and a good amp. And with that, the realization of how much we miss or forget from being at top MR and/or having it all. It's going to change my look at forum posts by newbies having issues for sure.
  13. They have revisited old content. What about the update to POE? I mean... they're working on an updated engine. Cut em some slack and give them time. They have revisited a LOT. The best thing that DE has going are devs that play. Devs that play (especially the one that's always on about the shadows) see things in the game and think "Ooo... idea!". And sometimes the revisits take less priority. But they have made mention of revisiting enough that we just need to realize how much ADHD is involved here and that it may take some time before "OOO SHINEY!" gets out of the way of "Hey... I could revisit that this way".
  14. Rail Jack is coming... content drought? Let's see, things that are planned before the end of the year and things that we've had this year Ropalolyst Gauss with new mission types Plaguestar Wukong rework Wokong Prime Rail Jack Altas Prime And a couple other missions. It cant all be new missions. There HAS to be frames, weapons and other MR nabbers. How else we getting to MR30? Im over halfway to 28 and have 1 login weapon to get to have it all. If you're that bored, get a friend to play and do all of the content over with your friend. I would even suggest(dunno if DE approves of it so just an idea) of making another account and starting over. When we have all of the best it gets too easy and we get bored. Starting over gives you a new perspective of how good we have it(only if that's ok with DE- I dont recall anything in the policies about having a second account but that doesnt mean there isnt) Double up on a frame and build the second one with something edgy that no ine is doing. Double up on a weapon that you've wanted to try something else with but cant because it will mess up your meta build. At some point, the devs arent responsible for your entertainment any more. There is only so many devs you can hire before it's not cost efficient. You are responsible for your entertainment. If you're done leveling everything and done with everything there is to do in the game including rivens for all of the weapons you use, Maybe you need to play an additional game. Beating your head against the keyboard because there's nothing for you to do doesnt help your attitude toward the game. I think DE does better than most with content. Im not going to say 'best' because I dont play enough other games to make that statement. But I've played most of the biggies and DE is better than them about good content vs just throwing something out there. I want good, not rushed. I've watched games die over bad content. No clue how DDO is still running. It's had so much garbage that I'll never go back. Dont wanna see that happen here.
  15. Well, you're wrong. The nerf was so that frames cant dip together IE- Hydroid+Nekros+Pilfer dome=3 guaranteed shots. Now it's I take a shot then you take a shot then he takes a shot. I have been in kuva farms where 3 batteries and 2 air pods pop from one creature. but more often, all three fail. Instead of all 3 getting the guarantee, on top of each other, it's more like I get a shot, then you get a shot and maybe the other guy gets a shot. There is still a chance that everyone will pop something, just not the same thing and not at the same time. I dont feel like this is making sense but suffice it to say, you're wrong.
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