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  1. 1 minute ago, Burnoutmaster123 said:

    How about a Martial Artist Warframe? Let's call him "Kata" for now. Kata is modeled after a monk/martial Artist.

    Kata's passive would have 3 distinct effects:

    1. A true barefisted melee option (outside of Conclave) when no melee (or weapon) is equipped. 

    2. The ability to equip multiple stance mods on one weapon.

    3. Conclave in normal missions

    For effect 1, youd have a higher mod capacity (beyond the normal 60 for exalted weapons) on the fists, as the frame would come with very unique and powerful stances would come pre built into Kata.

    For 2. With a weapon, multiple stances can be equipped (whether mod capacity also adds on or not may be a source of discussion). 

    The way that the multiple stances would work would be with Kata's first ability, which rotates between stances. In the case of barefisted fighting, each stance provides buffs in certain stats (as in one might buff attack, while another buffs armour, while another buffs health, etc). 

    Ideas I have for how the stances should be unlocked are:

    A special side quest, in which the player, using the frame has to complete trials.

    Stances are unlocked by defeating a certain number of certain enemies/bosses. They can also be upgraded the same way. This way people will stop rushing Hydron (for a while at least). 

    The 3rd effect would allow conclave stances and mods to be equipped to weapons and the frame, while Kata is equipped. This way, I feel more people would pay attention to the Conclave, and get into it more, I think.


    Alright there's also a 4 ability which I have an idea for:

    An ability which uses a stance, that drains energy, and then Shields and health. But provides all of the benefits (along with a set of new kick-ass animations) of the other stances for that limited amount of time, after which Kata will be unable to do anything for a given amount of time. The ability itself is only unlocked after the other stances are unlocked, and will upgrade with the other stances. 


    I know we weren't supposed to give this much info, but I hope it recieves consideration anyway.

    The martial Monk: Kata.


    Um.... Wukong


  2. Lizard, Scorpion, Tiger, Bear

    You already have tinkerbell(titania) and a whole host of other human characteristics. Some story line that goes on about how the human enhanced were being figured out and starting to have difficulties so the option to use animal traits in the hopes of creating feral warriors of the tenno... but then things(lore) happened and the frames were never put into service.

    Oh and Im not in it for the contest. Just throwing out idea starters. Would love to have a scorpion Frame with a tail that is used with 4th ability.

  3. Ember is my favorite frame. I have built and forma'd and modded and reworked for WoF. Im only going to say that I'm not happy with that change. However, If Im able to get all of the forma back from the build so I can work her again, I'll be placated.  I've already had to rebuild her twice at my expense so getting the 7 forma returned sounds like a fair enough trade off to me.

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  4. There needs to be a REMOVAL of the *Slow down Cpt Capslock* or a code that works off of % of the caps in the post. I made a guide on Rescue missions and it got spanked by the bot for having caps in it. Really?  And of course Im on a chat ban because the idiot bot PO'd me and I told the bot *FU bot*. 

    You make plenty of money. Hire Moderators and get rid of the bot. PERIOD!

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  5. On 2018-12-14 at 4:25 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:



    If you're on PC you'll be expecting Fortuna Part II: The Profit Taker soon!

    We are aiming to launch it next week - we'll keep you posted on that progress. Deploying before the holidays is always tricky, so thank you for your patience as we work toward this goal!

    Now... say you wanted to prepare. Some tips for you:

    You must be Old Mate to participle in the Heist Bounties. So if you're not there yet - you've got a new goal for the weekend! Once you've gone through a full Heist - including the finale of taking down The Profit Taker Orb, you'll be able to freely access every stage of the Heist... this will make more sense once it's live :wink:.

    Stock up on Toroids - Little Duck's Vox Solaris Syndicate has 5 Ranks coming and will be home to Baruuk and his Components.

    On the live version of Warframe, Vox Solaris has:


    The Update will include continued ranks of:

    Agent -  (Baruuk's Blueprint)
    Hand - (Baruuk's Components)

    C) And everything else?!
    We are already at 12 pages of Notes for Part II. We have new Conservation species, new Amps & Arcanes, new Lore Fragments for our Fortuna Vendors, new Mods, new Operator hair, new Cosmetics, and much much more!

    See you soon, Tenno!

    Im not seeing anything about a 4k rep cap for VS. Is this a bug or WAI?

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