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  1. Kuva liches can be attacked by teammates in a 1-2 second window after being downed, causing your Lich to level up and preventing them from being hit with any for of progress on phrases used to kill.

    Move over, Kuva Liches can steal the requiem relics from floods and siphons, this is beyond daft to effect no only to effect the only 100% chance of the relic, which is intended, and forces more RNG farming which is purely punishing the player for their time. In all this means that progressing to defeat them is counteracted by them having their tithing systems. 

    Kuva liches when assassinated don't fully list their recovered rewards in the mission summary screen, meaning it is impossible to see items such as relics being returned.

    Drop changes for tier 2 and 4 requiem relics seem to grossly outweighs the chances for tier 1 and 3 requiem relics. Myself and others have over 6 times as many tier 2 and 4 requiem relics as tier 1 and 3, if we get any tier 1 or 3 at all.

    By playing the game, I'm given a punishment mechanic, that actively stops you from trying to resolve the mechanic and gain any rewards, let alone from the mechanic. Its current state means that other players can increase the effect of this mechanic, causing increased punishment rates upon resources picked up by the player

    Taxing happens regardless of which tile is selected, either controlled or normal. Whoever has decided to say normal tiles don't tax is wholly wrong. This need clarifying. If it is meant to be like that and is correct, then you need to fix it at you get taxed regardless of what tile is played on.

    By playing the game I'm given a punishment mechanic, that actively stops you trying to resolve said punishment mechanic. For investing my time in the game, I'm prevented from obtaining the rewards from it and even the resources to stop that happening. The system is currently allowing players to force other players Liches to level up, further impacting the punishment on them by no fault of their own, even if their trying to finish their Lich off.


    The concept works. The implementation and actual workings are inherently broken. There is no guaranteed way to not have this happen currently unless you dont play a grineer tile over a certain level. I dont want a punishment mechanic for having played the game. I'll happily not get the Kuva weapons by being punished for playing.

    No one wants that. And thats what we got.


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  2. Granted. But you'll get shot down by a drunk old homeless hipster who cooks and eats you afterwards.

    Your bird family will be brutally murdered by the hipsters hipster cat.

    I wish I'd be as insane as Accelerator.

    Granted, but since your insanity makes you believe your an accelerator, you have no control over your limbs.

    I wish that we had a frame similar to Grimlock so I could use it and say. "ME KING NOW."

    (Realising that i may cause GOT references. PLEASE BE SPOILER FREE D: I'm still reading it D:

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