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  1. If you wont restart an account, all you can realy do is keep with mag and your current weapons. and then farm the Jackal and get parts for rhino. When starting out, its mostly a case of getting the exp up and unlocking the star map as much as possible, the more bosses you can get to, the larger your selection of frames to get.

    However, as a bit of nagging, just going a "few levels" and deciding you dont like the frame is a bit silly to think about at just a few levels in. All frames come into their own once they're maxed out, especially with the new leveling system. Of course you wont exactly like your mag's current state, but once you start getting more high level mods and abilities available, you can get the "intended" the proper feel of the frame. im currently with a oberon at rank 10, and its currently rubbish but i know how to sorta play him but i will know fully once i get him fully modded

  2. So as some one whos failing to get an egg due to the stupid RNG(>.> we're looking at you, DE) on them and hearing all these lovely stories of "i got one on my first try :D", im wondering what they actually appear as when they drop.
    Do they drop as a Nav cord? A material pod? A faction material pod(blue one)? An affinity orb? An old pink blue flashy orb(old school BP item)?
    This way people like me can actually know what the hek their looking to pick up and help waste less time slaving away for this thing.

  3. Questing bug:
    Howl of Kubrow


    1. Kubrow Egg drop can literally be impossible due to generation not letting feral dens spawn in.

    2. Kubrow Egg drop RNG seems to poor(i dont know how to describe these things), reports of getting it after 2nd or 3rd attempt of the mission whilst others report of completing it 20+ times yet not recieving one. i have made over 15 yet still have not had one.

    3. Upon completing the Howl of Kubrow mission to obtain an egg and not receiving one, Lotus and Ordis dialogue appears for both if you didn't get an egg and if you were to recieve an egg. Dialogue procedes up to point of Ordis asking you to drop the egg as you approach the incubator area in the lower deck of the Liset. 

  4.   Would mercury not also be unlocked due to having the Mercury Comms?





    Quest Marker is not to be seen

    DE Megan was our lord and saviour for this point, and most people have missed it even after yelling and waggling it at them in zone chat.

    Go kill the jackel. Then go to your codex and go to your missions tab. A new Quest will await you.

    For this information you owe me 200 morphics for the new pistols ;)


    1.if mag for whatever reason was given a pink slip and forced too live among normal non augmented humans,and lets say one of them were too give her lip about her one piece,would she be able too magnetically crush them?



    No, the person operating the mag frame wouldn't be able to if they werent sent with their frame, however if they did have the mag frame with them then yes.


    2.most tenno i assume have too go through some pretty nasty body modifications too enhance there purpose/abilities like the wings on zephyr,rhinos bulk,or even mag's coil arms.

    if vaubans abilities only consist of throwing grenades,why the need for an entire specific warframe too do just that?

    can't normal or even lightly modified people do his job without the need too be a warframe?why can't other frames just carry his grenades for him and free up another slot on the team for someone else?

    As far as i can grasp current lore(god help me i need more of it) its currently not a possible thing to create a frame or "modifiy" it that heavily to change its systems like that(prime simply improves already existing things and then . Currently as tenno, we are just getting back on out feet in terms of gear and since the updates are technically how we're "coming back" to the system, we dont have that capability to create a frame since we're not even in full control of our own lisets yet. Neither do the corpus for that matter in the case of zalkyr, thats more of a case of conditions and "experiments" happening and creating something that caused her to alter her own frame. Plus Vaubs abilities from him creating them from energy, not from physically stored grenades :P


    I was under the impression the frames aren't human, just shaped like them.


    Are frames just humans with batman suits on? Are you joking?


    I thought it was more interesting than that. That's lame.

    Tenno are "human" in the sense grineer are humans after many years and a crap ton of cloning(although the tenno didnt do the later of the two), theres just been a ton of crap between us(users) and current warframe times that tenno not the same as now in our time... 

  6. Granted. But you'll get shot down by a drunk old homeless hipster who cooks and eats you afterwards.

    Your bird family will be brutally murdered by the hipsters hipster cat.

    I wish I'd be as insane as Accelerator.

    Granted, but since your insanity makes you believe your an accelerator, you have no control over your limbs.

    I wish that we had a frame similar to Grimlock so I could use it and say. "ME KING NOW."

    (Realising that i may cause GOT references. PLEASE BE SPOILER FREE D: I'm still reading it D:

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