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  1. Have you tried updating your drivers, sir? Please do the needful and update your antivirus, sir. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ A proud weapon of Durgasoft
  2. I don't stalk, I just show up from time to time to cause trouble and make some agreeable comments to passively mine reputation, that's my new game
  3. self damage/stagger only makes sense in games where you can cycle through 9 weapons, i.e doom, quake, serious sam normally you wouldn't use a rocket launcher vs an enemy that's right in your face, you'd switch to a schotgun or auto rifle but what are your options when you can't carry 9 weapons? the time it takes to pull out your secondary and kill that enemy, you might as well jumped away and used your primary instead which would perform better and would be faster your melee is stronger and faster than your secondary, but again, you must perform a normal attack first to execute a heavy attack, which pretty much takes as much time as jumping away and using your primary bunnyhopping gets tiresome quickly, and it's not an option in tight spaces secura penta
  4. They can appease me by doing things. Saying won't do anything. But sure, if they said "We're nerfing this [thing]... with no survivors" while wearing a mask, I'd laugh
  5. Conclave is dead mainly because it only takes 1 ignis kid to ruin the entire game (or some other weapons and abilities)
  6. That's because that's where the enemies "exist". Enemies from what I've noticed have 2 hitboxes, the first one is the aforementioned. Imagine it like a ball that levitates above the ground, that's the enemy. The 2nd one is its body that you see as any corpus, infested, grineer, etc unit. If you hit the 2nd hitbox then the 1st one is hit as well. However there are ability mechanics in the game that scan for the 1st hitbox in order to be executed, but ignores the 2nd. The 1st hitbox in most cases exists either on the 2nd hitboxes feet or crotch area, this is most observable while using Peacemakers with exhausted line of sight on an enemy that's about 1-3 meters away from you. It doesn't matter if the targeting reticle is encompassed by the enemy's model and it's clear that you're aiming at it, Mesa won't shoot if you aim the the torso or head. But if you aim at their crotch area or right leg/feet, she will start shooting. And in this case, Diwata hits enemies where they actually are. Again, I merely assume that this is what's happening because it makes sense from my experiences, don't take my statements about the hitboxes as facts.
  7. Sovyul


    YouTube page load is 5x slower in Firefox and Edge than in Chrome because YouTube's Polymer redesign relies on the deprecated Shadow DOM v0 API only implemented in Chrome. https://fossbytes.com/google-accused-of-sabotaging-microsofts-edge-browser-by-ex-engineer/ https://www.zdnet.com/article/former-mozilla-exec-google-has-sabotaged-firefox-for-years/
  8. Or better yet, they should search for pools of water inside SS ground missions and start fishing in order to get fish oil, which will work as fuel for our archwings so we can launch ourselves into space. oh i forgot to add, these are special sentient fishes so other types of fish oils won't do 250 sounds like a good number
  9. That's because none of these threads matter, be it rivens, companions, weapons, frames, abilities, none of it. That's why it always changes subject evolves into drama , because it doesn't matter, and watching Zimzala in action is quite entertaining
  10. Impact on melee weapons is another story, I personally use Ohma most of the time with an elemental combo that keeps the electric damage and so its status effect can proc as well. Shocked+impacted enemies are practically stunlocked for eternity as long as you keep hitting them, Impact is very useful during melee combat no doubt. However, OP pointed out how counterproductive it is on guns, and that's where Impact is absolutely trash. Unloading Soma into an enemy's head and 1 second later they are spazzing out is simply annoying and useless.
  11. Impact is objectively trash though
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