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  1. This honestly, my first thought was "what? save a gas giant? or resource? what gas resource is there? is the gas economy inefficient?", only figured it out once I started reading the post
  2. The most boring frames: the frames YOU (you who are reading this) like and it is your favorite. The most fun frames: the frames YOU hate and won't let you sleep well at night.
  3. this is a valid nekro though, why make another one if there's already one and it can't get outdated but on topic, the entire population of Orb Vallis, every character residing in that memehole is painfully stereotypical
  4. Yeah just try it out, Deimos has a really nice atmosphere
  5. How would a negative use % manifest?
  6. No, the real reason isn't "it's boring", that argument falls flat on its face when you consider the fact that you restart the same mission over and over again, essentially making it endless first rotation. That would also imply that players do what's "fun". Most players do what's most efficient and what gets them the most items, and as someone else already said before, it's all about dopamine rush. Just imagine how quickly would riven mechanics would become unfun if it suddenly the stats it provided were absolute trash and garbage. But I thought you loved farming kuva? It was so fun after
  7. flat earthers win again
  8. And I haven't used anything on this image in years pepehands Except maybe amprex a very little bit. Dual ether always makes me chuckle because ever since I ditched it back then, I wouldn't even know it exists unless i see it on my stats page Also rip immortal valkyr, glad i found this game when it was still a thing And I'm also glad that I got relatively rookie numbers ITT
  9. you mean objectives from 1 to 16k+ hp? that's an insane amount of heal on levels where the game isn't a metafest yet (low to high levels (high level means enemies still can't oneshot and don't have meme amounts of EHP)) unless there isn't a leech eximus/ancient around, it's pretty easy to not to die with less than 30 energy the change i'd really like to see on her is to double the duration of all buffs, with 200% duration currently the buffs last for about 20-27 seconds, it gets old really fast this is a really fun idea, it would force the squad to stay together, if such a
  10. Yeah, there's very little exposition, I felt the same way when I started playing back then. It won't get any better either, so yes, you should do your own research.
  11. Yes, I'd rather instakill myself than delete many other weapon-frame synergies inb4 but that was too OP So? It's not like we don't have many other OP things currently at our disposal that easily rival or surpass self-harm builds. The only thing that sh*tty patch ever did is to reduce build variety and fixed nothing at all.
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