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  1. ...Are required to keep the place relatively clean, therefore their existence is mandatory to maintain the expected functionality of the forum and chat. I'm well aware that this position is voluntary, but even then, I'm confused. Why are they doing it for free? Why isn't DE paying them? If they are essential, they should receive monetary compensation. Just as site maintenance, Is moderation not a job that absolutely needs to be done now? The forum can exist without moderators, but in an absolutely chaotic, borderline unusable state, to the point where DE might even get into legal trouble
  2. Yeah, I use them every day, but for polymer only. If I'm not doing anything that's heavy on the health/energy pods, or not crafting anything, I'm set for life with pods. It's great for maintaining average use of them. Extractors spared me from otherwise many hours of polymer farming.
  3. ahh excavation, i miss farming R5 cores on Triton with public squads
  4. "Will Tencent Acquisition make Warframe better?" The fact that other games would use the word "worse" instead of "better" while putting up that question in such a scenario, certainly describes the current state of this game.
  5. Nah, the 30k playtime forumgod will pop in here soon and tell you that's not true. And he'd be right, but not because of the reasons he thinks it to be. What you're doing while not at work/school heavily depends on what kind of life you're living and how you develop over the years. Countless cogs in a machine create a result, and no machine is the same. It's not only the 5k hours that made you quit, but other things too. The 30k guy still plays because his life circumstances and personality allow him to do so. That's a meme. We're capable of controlling ourselves to some extent, but th
  6. The only thing PE forces is fleeing the #*!% away into an empty room, putting down 1 or more energy pizzas, weeding out the PE only for it to respawn 4 seconds later right behind you from the room you just exited and then parkouring straight to the extraction zone while thinking "#*!% this BS"
  7. Why even get into the mental gymnastics if you can't make up an excuse for Artemis Bow? Bows that work like bows aren't actually bows? Come on, don't stop now
  8. Maybe because his 4th got nerfed? We must research this
  9. the biggest turnoff for me is team assembly apparently this doesn't count as experience boohoo i have failures gtfo noob the team spent 20 mins at that button pressing stage way too damn often, like how are you even supposed to do that without cheesing? even with cheesing my heart rate rises as i see there's only 1 button left to press in a full team, AND GOD @(*()$ DAMN IT SOMETHING GETS #*($%%@ UP, and there are so many things that can go sideways like: - trinity can't supply energy to CC because: there are no enemies in a 58m radius, CC can't move, trin
  10. There are a lot of pretty lights and lasers, but the explosions are extremely underwhelming, and Nova's MP is the most disappointing I also expected a lot of eyecandy from Ember, but if you call those things fire, you haven't seen real fire, especially WoF, looks like geyser fart
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