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  1. Hall of Mirrors bug doesn't count. It's not easily replicable and speedrun doesn't accept it as legit run.
  2. Now we're running in circles. You're upset they don't fix the bugs in content you like to do but you're saying it's ok for content you didn't play can be scrapped because of bugs. 1 LoR game. You can't form an opinion with a single game you got carried. You form an opinion in content you played like open worlds and you're basically agreeing with them. Can DE fix the bugs? I seriously doubt so. I don't believe they have the talent for that. Should they remove the content they can't deal with? That's for you to answer. Think hard please, instead of mouthing off and calling peopl
  3. That's some megabrain logic there. If you hate bugs you can't like content. Let's kill every single bugged content we can't like them because we don't like bugs. Starting with... ok should we just uninstall the game and get on with it?
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