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  1. back when he was revealed in dev stream 112 he was originally intended to be a vampire themed warframe they even called him "vlad"
  2. yeah .. i didn't mean that they should turn him into a full vampire , i was just talking about his 3rd ability (reeve) because it's just not very useful at the moment and that being able to air cast in any direction would be cool , just like what they did with the other frames, i just happened to be watching castlevania at the time and thought that " hey i'd be cool if revenant's reeve worked like that" .
  3. I've recently started playing revenant and i think i'd be really fun to be able to cast reeve in any direction instantly , just remove the casting animations and lower the energy cost or maybe restore some energy if you reeve through one of those flame pillars . being able to reeve while in the air will just unlock more gameplay possibilities .
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