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  1. 1. Week 3 is a disaster, because it shouldnt force anyone to go and farm things they already have like drift mods or gems 2. Its probably an unpopular opinion but this 1h kuva survival was very fun to me and my friends coz we usually dont have any motivation to do this long runs so one long elite every week wouldnt hurt anyone 3. While you are doing quests for mission types like ESO please think about players that want to go for rotation C coz now everyone leaves at wave 3... 4. Elites should be challenging at least a little bit so my simple propositon is giving restricted mission types like earlier mensioned kuva survival without using syphons 5. Few challenges that were fun to my -1h kuva survival -hydrolyst (what about a speedrun challenge to kill him in less than 25minutes) -PoE bountys coz it was good to go back on plains -all dailys
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