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  1. I mean sadly, the DE support guy refused to help me to solve the problem or at least give me a reason.
  2. Well, I have the pictures of purchasing founder’s package. My original email. My information of purchasing plat in this game. Every time, I choose to pay 4300 to support this game. I am such a fool. Oh, maybe I used some Chinese words in the dialog. So, DE won’t unban me because I am a Chinese player?
  3. I got banned for some ridiculous reason. I ask the support. I proved everything i could. However, the support just simply copy and pasty something which is only convenient for him. Well, if you think i am not the owner. Could you at least send an email to my original email? I will show you how much time and money I spent in this game. I have no idea, how this ends. Maybe this is the reason why the warframe keep losing players after railjack.
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