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  1. It was kinda weird as after completing 1 mission, it would take you to a whole new level and it did that about 2-3 times, then you went to the boss level and got your prize! In means of transition it would say mission complete then take you to the liset loading screen and drop you off in the next mission. If you failed any mission, you would be taken back to your liset and have to try all over again. If you beat the boss, you would get your prize in the items received in the mission complete list and drop you back into the liset.
  2. One more thing, the end boss was pretty cool too. Felt like running towards the finish line. (not to mention the bosses themselves were pretty unique!)
  3. They had some pretty cool puzzles like the pads one and the rewards felt nice to achieve (as well as the regalia you get for beating one for your first time.) They also had a harder mode with high leveled enemies which dropped better loot. Overall, it was just a fun experience to try out with friends!
  4. This is awesome! If even one thing from this was added to the game, I'd be SO HYPED! (Get on that DE!) Anyway, good job on this, it's amazing!
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