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  1. 1.6 the .6 is a large ammount in the context of birthings when the absolute minimum is 1 and almost never goes higher than 4. in the context of plat prices which range from 2 plat to 10,000+ plat makes it insignificant. if the min price was 1 and max was 4 then the .6 would have much more meaning
  2. thats a bad answer but its an answer. you still haven't said how anything past the decimal or comma or what ever bloody radix system you want to use matters since fractions of a plat are non existent in game and those fractions if used in rounding only affect the price one plat up or down. it doesnt matter what radix point is used or what countires use it because for the second time in this post i say, you cant get anything less than a single plat in game. and conversion rates between multiple currencies literally do not matter because you cant get fractions of a plat in game, for the third time in this post because you cant get it but willingly insult me over it. im not going to force an answer out of some one so willing to go to such great lengths to avoid answering even a simple question i wont waste my time on you anymore. good bye and have a good life.
  3. you straight sidstepped the question. What conversion rates? what other currency in the game is plat able to be converted into and why do the prices of rivens have anything to do with the conversion rate of plat to this other currency? Mods (rivens included) are not a currency, they are goods that are bought and sold with plat. Plat is the currency. If its such a non issue why are you defending it to the death? Ill say again because you seem to be willfully ignoring it at this point (and ironically you also claim its a non issue), why not axe all the numbers past the decimal/comma since they have virtually no effect on anything?
  4. ok ill bite, whats the conversion rate for plat? really? like that is the exact situation we have and that im talking about and you some how still try to spin it like its not happened or very rarely happens. something tells me this conversation is a waste of time since its the second time you have done such.
  5. the entire point of my comment (which you seemed to have skipped over so as to imply that im in favor of ludicrous prices and culturally uneducated) is that there is no need to display data after the point where a comma or decimal point would be needed. Platinum is the lowest possible dividend. There are no fractions of platinum. The bot should round to the nearest whole number, because everything after the decimal is meaningless fluff data that has no informational value. It will change nothing on the operational scale of trading.
  6. theres no need for convoluted technical data to be displayed user side either. The data says the price is "288.01492537313" with whole number rounding the price becomes "288" yet they only round to a decimal point that would never have an affect in trades in the first place and change the decimal to a comma? Sounds like either questionable practices or bad bot development. Either of those choices still tells me its best to avoid that bot as its info may not always be accurate
  7. Love the new drop in effects added with the "vent duster" mod. anyone else enjoying this as much as i am? EDIT: my recording software glitched so I cant record a gif of the drop in. ill try and get it to work
  8. ooooh nice, i only remember them saying they wouldnt do it in a dev stream. well when i start playing again it'll be time to dust off my excal prime and bring him up to umbra's level of power. As for the post topic, id be against the suggestion since it makes no logical sense, umbra frames have sentience because of the way they were produced. polarizing a mod slot wouldnt add a mind into the frame.
  9. did they add the ability to add umbra formas to non umbra stuff? i havent touched warframe in a long time since my friend got me hooked on destiny
  10. Will the gladiator set, bloodrush, and weeping wounds be changed or will they still stack with combo counter? one of my builds relies on all three and id hate to see it get nuked.
  11. wish i was in germany. if you ever stop in kentucky though ill be there
  12. regular account creation used too many server resources?
  13. Im not going to lie, that account creation system is atrocious
  14. red text requested rule 34 fan art so here it is
  15. never. DE has said they dont intend for normal frames to be able to use umbra mods to their full ability
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