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  1. --Laughing-Soul--

    Why I think Warframe should use UGC

    suggesting pay to win mechanics makes me wish i could downvote you. As for UGC there is already tennogen.
  2. --Laughing-Soul--

    Unofficial rules of Warframe

  3. --Laughing-Soul--

    Should OG Primes get a redesign?

  4. --Laughing-Soul--

    Why Fortuna lacks logic

    works fine for me
  5. --Laughing-Soul--

    Why Fortuna lacks logic

  6. --Laughing-Soul--

    Why Fortuna lacks logic

    no it justifies gameplay not making story sense since they are separate. did you even bother to read before commenting?
  7. --Laughing-Soul--

    Elite Onslaught should require MAX LEVEL on all gear.

    yes yes taking something to the extreme sure does make it seam unrealistic doesn't it? except this topic isn't going to the extreme, you are. EsO is an endgame mode and as a result players have an expectation that others in the game mod will at least contribute in some meaningful way.
  8. --Laughing-Soul--

    Elite Onslaught should require MAX LEVEL on all gear.

    dont get mad at me. you openly admitted to leeching which is the exact thing this topic is discussing. doesnt matter what you play "most of the time" fact is you do leech some times. also what? eso has close to, if not the highest spawn rate in the game.
  9. --Laughing-Soul--

    Elite Onslaught should require MAX LEVEL on all gear.

    it makes it far less likely to be a leech. case in point:
  10. --Laughing-Soul--

    Elite Onslaught should require MAX LEVEL on all gear.

    eso is one of the most endgame modes. you shouldnt be allowed to go there to level. you should go there for a challenge. i agree anything not max rank should be dissallowed from ESO only. the star chart is still open to levelers and 15 waves of Stöfler on lua is still enough to take any weapon from 0-30. frames need a few more runs we can and should expect people to play and not leech
  11. --Laughing-Soul--

    Console to> Switch migration please

    and what you described is a transfer in every single sense of the word. just play on xbox if you plan on playing on xbox anyway. We did start from MR 0 when we made our accounts, console players were allowed to transfer their accounts from PC. get over your self, this isn't console vs PC so dont try and make it that way. the over arching issue you keep ignoring is that microsoft/sony would have to OK the transfer and they dont want to. Your player data is theirs, not DE's.
  12. --Laughing-Soul--

    Console to> Switch migration please

    chill out and read your own thread. It is not possible because sony/xbox has ownership of the player accounts on their system and would have to allow DE to reclaim them to transfer them. As shown with the fortnite debacle sony is extremely reclusive and basically holds player accounts hostage. Cross platform play isnt a thing because of versions differences
  13. --Laughing-Soul--

    Console to> Switch migration please

    it wasnt for a long time. just because it is now doesnt mean it was always a thing. there was a huge back lash against sony because they wouldnt let you use your ps4 fortnite account on anything except ps4. google it.