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  1. I am indeed made a mistake: it appears that the problem is not with Fracturing Crush, but Polarize instead? Despite my testing few patches ago showing that the problem was with Crush and not Polarize? I don't even know how it works anymore, but the issue remains, Mags armor stripping abilities are bugged.
  2. !!EDIT!! - i made a mistake, and the problem is related to Polarize not applies its armor strip correctly, best seen on high level Corrupted Butchers, who has very low armor amount. Still, the problem of targets being randomly un-affected by Mags abilities remains. Armor reduction is applied to certain random targets, but **never** to all units affected by Crush. 100% reproduction rate, not simulacrum specific (confirmed to behave in the exact same way in normal missions too). ~~Painfully easy to recreate & observe: build mag with nothing but augment and enough strength for a
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