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  1. Good lord fix your blog page: https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-116-fortuna-base-invaders Why would have 20 auto play videos on ONE PAGE. Geez.
  2. I think the consecutive day rewards are underwhelming. At 900+ days played no one is excited about getting 300 endo. A chance at 3000 end a day though (aside from sorties) after 900+ logins? That's exciting. There's also the fact that some mods require tens of thousands of endo to upgrade and 300 hardly registers as a drop in the bucket. And it's a daunting tasks to upgrade them as a new or returning player who wasn't around when endo was put in the game. This is probably a topic for a different thread though.
  3. Beta player here. Couldn't care less that other people can get those weapons. In fact I'm happy for them, if that's actually true. I haven't looked into it since my return to the game a few weeks ago. Also, I absolutely love when people pretend to be offended on behalf of others. ... No. Wait. I don't. It's so patronizing. So stop doing that. Aside from that you listed one specific thing out of dozens and maybe hundreds of things DE has changed or added to the game in the last year. I hardly call that catering to new players.
  4. You care about your own personal shiny things. You don't care about the overall health of the game. Stop being selfish.
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