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  1. sometimes i get a bug were the start is unresponsive and i can't try unstuck and also it stops me from letting the players know that im bugged, i was doing isolation vaults and they selected a mission and i couldn't accept it or let them know what was going on, please take a look thanks
  2. umm what, care to explain, cause i don't know what back route you're taking about, also its pretty confusing for most players since they don't know that you have to jump in the portal after every hack to test the vault, and not to all hack at once, like i said its very confusing, and there isn't a detailed guide to how the vault works in there anyways, they removed the sortie spy on lua i think because it was soo complex, so can't they just remove the rescue on lua too, or maybe make some qol improvements to it, like maybe lock the other hack consoles so only 1 can be operated at a time, and f
  3. ok i guess ill explain myself, if you shoot a rocket and and it kills you i consider that friendly fire, in early days of warframe if a teammate used a toxin cloud gun it would kill other players who stepped in it, that's also friendly fire, if someone fires up a lazer and kills his whole squad that's also friendly fire, so once they removed self damage from rockets or any explosive weapons i described that as removing friendly fire, so to put into context i can shoot off a rocket right in front of me and i just stagger and roll backwards, but if i turn on a lazer and stand in front of it i di
  4. i am mr30 and i have also purchased every loadout slot possible and i still don't have enough, please let us buy more
  5. so after we got the major change to friendly fire, yesterday i thought maybe the lasers void defense wouldn't kill our warframes but yes it still instantly kills us, that has made void defense unplayable if you get mad easy, i like doing fissure defense missions but always skip void defense because you just know someone is gonna constantly turn on the lasers and continually wipe out his entire team and not even bother to pick them up, de please stop them being able to troll soo many people, ty soo much and happy new year
  6. why are almost every sortie rescue on lua, i really hate those missions, just think they should constantly check to make sure its all randomly selected
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