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  1. Specically the survival and excavations needs improvements, most of the time i avoid thse types because i constantly do not get any prime parts, time after time i have to say let them turn, somehow most players are still in the dark as to why you have to wait for enimies to turn into corruptes before killing them, because then if the corruuption cloud spawns there will no enimes to turn, and normal cant drop reactant and you have to collect 10 reactant in order to get special rewards, ive even had trouble from joining a mission in progress and most of the enimes are already dead and they won
  2. Im pretty sure i had a wf disappear from my foundry, i was about to subsum nidus but hes gone, and i remember getting his parts when i was building all of the frames
  3. So the infested is finally gonna get to eat some warframes, we will feel bad for them as they take the plunge and become flowers
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