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  1. could we please get platnum elite alerts, maybe 10 to 20 plat, or on really rare occasions 50p, now that would get everyone excited for these elite alerts, and of course the better the rewards the more difficult it should be, im taking even more difficult then sorties, say level 200 enimies in a survival that goes up to lv 300
  2. What will happen to rivens with channeling stats, as well as all of the other channeling mods? Also combo counter? Also since this system will be heavily focused on charge attacks can attack speed, speed up the charge attack animation please? Also ive asked for this for a really long time, performing slam attacks is a bit difficult to pull off in rapid succession, so Wouldn't it be much easier it was hold quick melee in air? Also i think the melee arcanes will need updates as well. Maybe make them better please. Hey Rebecca please try to get to some of my questions in the dev stream
  3. i noticed that the warframe modding screen doesn't have arcane slots, whats the deal with that? i really love having it the way it is now
  4. to me the solution is simple, give us the same functionality we had before, and the new cursor, once we start using the dpad the cursor goes away until we move the cursor again, it comes back, so we could switch back and forth easily, i think this would make everyone happy
  5. all i really want is to be able to use the dpad to navigate again, right now it can only navigate what's on the screen, and when trading, we have to select there name, then hit square to trade, used to be just 1 button, once we get that i think we will have everything we want, also the cursor is a bit slow, so maybe a cursor speed setting? now there is something i just realized recently, we can now hover over ppls names in the chat window and select talk, so now when trading we don't have to find them in the player list anymore, im super exited about that
  6. im about to blow some minds, ok so there was a seceret feature, now you can hover over pps names in the chat and click on them, so whats the big deal you ask, if someone posts in trade chat you now don't have to look them up in the player list, just hover over there name and click talk
  7. they could have both, for example, if you start navigating with the dpad the cursor goes away, and its exactly like what we had before, until u move the cursor then the cursor is used to navigate, boom problem solved, we would have the new and the old, leaving it up to use which one we like better, easy solution that would make everyone happy
  8. oh yeah, the player list options, and even selecting the letter to skip to, i press x and nothing happens, i have move the cursor over to it, after i find the name i have to use the cursor to select talk, idk im thinking the system was fine before, the only thing i really wanted was to have full keyboard and mouse support, so i could use a mouse for minning if i wanted to, please give us full dpad functionality, we will still use the cursor for some stuff, but in general navigating the ui with the dpad was fine and was smooth and easy to use
  9. oh and it would be helpful to have a cursor speed setting, the cusor seems a bit slow
  10. please bring back dpad scrolling, actually please bring back all of the functionality we had before just with the added functionality of the cursor, it was much faster and easier to navigate before, for example choosing a loadout, before you could press dpad up and start from the bottom, now you have to scroll down, the other problem is scrolling with the joystick can only scroll whats on the page, example in the modding screen before you could hold dpad right and get to the end of the mods very fast, i am really enjoying the added functionality, but with the functionality we have lost, it doesn't seem worth it, don't get me wrong i applause your efforts, but we have to be honest at the same time
  11. at first i thought the dpad was not going to function at all, and i was oh no, what if i hate using the joy stick, but i was relived when i saw that the dpad will still work, also i really want full mouse and keyboard support on consoles, so every player could have all the same options, pc can use a mouse for minning and i want that on console, also be able to scroll through menus with a mouse, now that would be the absolute best thing to give us
  12. hurry up and land on console, i want my saryn rework please, oh and please don't nerf her, shes perfect the way she will be
  13. i may start using saryn, she was just too complicated for me to use
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