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  1. The omni tool shortcut is great, but please de dont make it require the use of the power menu, i hate the power menu, i use the dpad to activate abilities, and i dont have any extra buttons for the power menu, or i would use it for gear shortcuts and it would be great, i also use a external keyboard just for using the tactical menu, fixing these issues would be a huge qol thing, such as remapping external devices,more toggle options, for example if quick progress view and power menu was a toggle then it might be feesable to use swipe for those, also there are lots of controllors that has extra buttons, if we could remap those that would be awesome, just something to keep in mind moving forward, as always thank you de for all your hard work, hopw everyone is safe and comfortable, and thank for continuing to work even in hard times, we really apreciate you guys, cheers
  2. Wish they could just restor it back to the way it was, it was fine, once u equip a spear your gear wheel automatically switches to fishing gear, just give us that system back, if it aint broke, dont break it
  3. Passive - intermittent bursts of taking no damage, which could normally happen if the game breaks 1st ability CONFUSION - causes enimies to be confused and unable to interact with terminals, sound alarms, forget to attack 2nd ability NULLIFY- breaks all enimies abilities including nulliers 3rd ability FRACTURE- breaks enimies bones, makes them stummble and fall over, really cruel 4th ability BREAK- ability to break enimies weapons including melee, if we could see their swords bend or break in half that would be really cool, or see their guns fall apart
  4. so i recently realized that the warframe loadouts and archwing loadouts are not linked together, but it would be much better if it was, so you could have preset loadouts that also changes your archwing gear as well, so for example if i select my eidolon loadout then my archwing loadout will automatically also switch to my eidolon loadout, before this wasn't a big deal but now since we have emperian the archwing and weapons you use really matters, and i dont want have to constantly switch more stuff, i literally have a loadout for almost every type of game mode or situation so i can always just switch and go
  5. oh yea forgot to mention that you also can loose the ability to interact with anything, but thanks for the operator tip, i didn't think of that
  6. not always but usually since the last update, upon failing a kuva lich reqium, you cannot pick up anything, just a big blob following me around for the rest of the mission, pretty annoying when you run out of ammo energy, etc. plus you can't get any relics or kuva, please fix as soon as you guys can, of course i understand that everyone is having difficult times, so no hurry, well just deal with it till you guys get back to normal business, as always thank you soo much for all your hard work and hope everyone stays safe and well, we truly have the best dev team we could ever ask for
  7. i have a kuva karak with 46.6 radiation that has 5 formas and a orkin catalyst, i want to upgrade my bones to 60 % radiation, so i bought a another kuva karak with 47.2 radiation for 200 plat because i thought for sure that would definitely give me the 60 % bonus, but what i actually get is 51.9 %, after i already fed qute a few karaks into it, keeping in mind buying multiple karaks from trade chat, i stopped the valence and decided to keep both until it makes sense to do another valence, hopefully this is just a bug and it should have maxed out way before this, i put soo much work into this gun thinking it would have been a good gun for eidolons, hince the radiation, however its just not enough damage, i know we can't go and just ask for buffs, but i really think kuva weapons are for end game players, as the grind is really extensive, so please consider giving this gun a massive buff, because i always liked the karaks, they look and sound awesome, but the damage and fire rate is just too week for late game content, please and thank you
  8. hey guys i have 2 consoles, one of them has the new ui but the one im on now has the old ui, so im trying to figure out why, im thinking this is a bug that didn't affect every console, i think i might create a support ticket and have de actually look into it, if a solution is found to change the ui back to the way it was ill update this post
  9. keep in mind, this is a free to play game, that gets regular updates, tons of care and hard work goes into making it awesome and keeping ppl interested in playing it more, also railjack is a huge game mode, with tons of moving parts, and the more moving parts the more potential for bugs, which is why the raids are gone now, and i played the raids a lot, the jv was very difficult to complete because of the bugs, many times it was unplayable, taking them away was a huge advantage for gathering arcanes, since getting them the eidolons, they are always working hard to keep the game running smoothly, and to keep it fun and interesting, to be honest the player base is spoiled, we get a premium game at no cost whatsoever, and we constantly ask for more, and sure im guilty of asking for more, but sometimes i think its important to say great job, thank you for all your hard work, to everyone who helped make the game. we are truly greatful even though we don't say it all the time, also when we ask for more, its not us saying were not happy with what we have, its really us saying that what we have is awesome and that we want it to be all it can be, because it has soo much going for it. for example if i download a app but its nothing like it says in the discription i uninstall but if i find a app that is close to exactly what i want then ill send them a msg and say hey this app could use _______ for example. thank you de ill always love this game
  10. is the stasis chamber going away with this update? i really hope so
  11. I like to keep a thousand pieces of each type, so the 100x bps will definitely make me happy, hopefully it will include ciphers
  12. also as for Chroma i think i have a solution, his damage buff would only depend on power strength, so that no incoming dmg will be required to proc the ability, for example if you have 300% ps once you activate his ability everyone will receive the maximum damage bonus, which would make him a lot easier to use and once again be a end game frame
  13. channeld abilities in general needs energize to be effective, it should definitely work differently on warframes with said abilities so they can consistently give energy, maybe reduce cooldown with those active so it can work properly, if not energize will be guarbage and the ppl will not be happy
  14. arcane detox and resistance is the same thing, and electric resistance isn't on here, is this a error? hopefully one of those was supposed to be electric resistance, that kuva defense is a nightmare for those afraid of electric shocks, "this is a shocking experience"
  15. im pretty sure the duplicate rule was canceled out after we got the ability to see what weapons our lich will have before we commit to it, i think i farmed out 2 of the same weapons back to back without doing any trading, not 100 % but im fairly certain that rule is gone, with the old system that rule was good, but with this system it's horrible, so im pretty sure even if it is still in effect it wont stay im sure our community can confirm this so well know for sure, just let us know if you can farm 2 of the same weapons back to back without trading
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