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  1. PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (LIVE!!)

    Just wait, they'll post when it comes out. Also updates never come out this early in the morning so be patient, it's probably going to be 6 hours or so until it comes out, maybe more.
  2. Favens Doodlebox. Nekros done

    I'm thinking something like the horns in the previous image with some added detailing would be perfect as they're a lot bulkier. Having it be more similar to the detailing on the rest of the helmet I think would work a lot better as the spiral on the horns doesn't really fit the graxx style imo. But other than that I can't wait for this skin.
  3. lukinu_u's Workshop - Volt Cerberus is out !

    Curious as well as Chroma is one frame I'm interested to see how you'd make a skin for him.
  4. Oberon Prime Access begins May 30!

    Just wondering why there so much of a difference between the platforms this time around.
  5. PS4: Octavia's Anthem: Update 20.0.9 [+hotfixes]

    Could barely wait for this
  6. PS4: The Silver Grove Update Status [Live Now!]

    It Just came out :D
  7. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    It's only 9:15 AM here.
  8. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    Probably in around 3-6 hours. That's when updates are typically released
  9. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    Probably coming later today maybe in a couple hours for all I know. We just know its sometime today.
  10. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    I hope as that's the only weekend I'll have time for awhile. Gotta get dem mods.
  11. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    then through a wall, then into space, then back again. Ikr
  12. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    East Coast in the US for me. They're not always there but they are it makes me want to give up on selling x item.
  13. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    The problem is knowing what the item is worth half the time. Especially those inexperienced with trading (I'm still kinda inexperienced so I know this to be true) its hard to know item's true value. When they see the true price a lot of the time they think its absurd because they don't know it's real value and how hard/easy it was to get. I tried to sell a sayrn prime set 5 days after it came out for 200p. I got many replies giving offers for around 80p-100p saying I'm overpricing it and one telling me to give it to him for 10p because I probably have like 30 sets so how can it be worth that much. It was my 1st and only set. I decided to start trading after having played for months and stopped a month later (a week ago) because stuff like this really turned me off.
  14. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    No one knows (yet) but people think sometime next week, maybe on Friday.
  15. Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    Being impatient will only make the wait worse. Go play a different game or on pc while you wait for the update. It will make the wait more bearable.