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  1. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Chroma rework

    He's talking about having it so you can infinitely charge vex armor and that it would just be really slow. I don't personally like the idea as that means going through my entire health bar for an 8% damage buff. I could only see this working if it was a passive ability and he had an ability that healed himself. It would also mean Chroma going in a direction I don't want him to.
  2. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Chroma rework

    I mean he's also a team damage buffer now but it's few and far between that I see another Chroma with positive range.
  3. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Chroma rework

    An issue with that though is that I doubt DE likes having to make new augments because they completely change an ability but I do agree that this needs to be a thing which is why you could merge it with his 1st ability just like I suggested with his 2nd ability. Wait now that I think about it adding it to his first ability would make a lot more sense to than to add it to his 2nd
  4. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Chroma rework

    Well wouldn't you want his 1 and 4 to be changed in a way that you'd actually want to use them?
  5. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Limbo Prime.

    I'm most likely going to stop playing the game for awhile because Limbo is by far the most annoying warframe to play on a team with and I'm not looking forward to seeing him in every squad.
  6. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Chroma rework

    Like I said I"m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to this game. It probably doesn't need the damage buff to the extent that fury would give it but I do feel it is a bit lacking compared to most frame's 4th ability that primarily deal damage.
  7. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Chroma rework

    I seriously feel like Chroma's "rework" needs to be done again and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this. With Chroma Prime potentiality being up next I know DE will be looking at his abilities and potentially doing some tweaks again so I'm just posting what I think would be good changes a lot of which is based on what other people have been saying should be changed. I'm not the most knowledgeable individual when it comes to this game so I don't know if any of this would work so I just mainly want to know how more people feel about how Chroma currently is and if they want him to change in some way. Passive: Chroma's weapons are given bonus elemental damage based on his current element 1st Ability: Keep Spectral Scream but buff it's base damage a bit and have it deal more damage the longer it's active 2nd ability: Cycle between the 4 elements just like swapping arrow types on Ivara. After cast Elemental ward will activate for it's normal duration, make it re-castable so you don't have to wait for the entire elemental ward duration to swap elements (EDIT: Instead of having the cycling elements for this ability it would make a lot more sense to be for the 1st ability along with spectral scream) 3rd ability: Keep Vex armor 4th ability: Keep Effigy but make it affected by Vex Armor's fury buff just like spectral scream and increase it's range. "Cast and Hold" to toggle it to start following you around ("Cast and Hold" like how the augment works) (EDIT: Having it affected by the Fury buff might be a bit op, I haven't looked into the numbers so it could be too much when mathed out idk) EDIT: All I really want is to be able to change elements in mission, for Effigy to follow you around and for his first ability to not be completely useless, this is just my half assed attempt to come up with an idea of how they could do that. Again these are just some of my ideas based on what other people have been saying and I just mainly want to know how more people feel about how Chroma currently is and if they want him to change in some way.
  8. (PS4)TacoTech239

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (LIVE!!)

    Just wait, they'll post when it comes out. Also updates never come out this early in the morning so be patient, it's probably going to be 6 hours or so until it comes out, maybe more.
  9. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Favens Doodlebox. Nekros done

    I'm thinking something like the horns in the previous image with some added detailing would be perfect as they're a lot bulkier. Having it be more similar to the detailing on the rest of the helmet I think would work a lot better as the spiral on the horns doesn't really fit the graxx style imo. But other than that I can't wait for this skin.
  10. (PS4)TacoTech239

    lukinu_u's Workshop - Chroma Morkai is out !

    Curious as well as Chroma is one frame I'm interested to see how you'd make a skin for him.
  11. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Oberon Prime Access begins May 30!

    Just wondering why there so much of a difference between the platforms this time around.
  12. (PS4)TacoTech239

    PS4: Octavia's Anthem: Update 20.0.9 [+hotfixes]

    Could barely wait for this
  13. (PS4)TacoTech239

    PS4: The Silver Grove Update Status [Live Now!]

    It Just came out :D
  14. (PS4)TacoTech239

    Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    It's only 9:15 AM here.