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  1. Could barely wait for this
  2. I recently had this happen to me as well and was very confused by it. No one else has even mentioned this so it must be pretty rare for this to happen. I might try to test if I can get this to happen again.
  3. It Just came out :D
  4. It's only 9:15 AM here.
  5. Probably in around 3-6 hours. That's when updates are typically released
  6. Probably coming later today maybe in a couple hours for all I know. We just know its sometime today.
  7. I hope as that's the only weekend I'll have time for awhile. Gotta get dem mods.
  8. then through a wall, then into space, then back again. Ikr
  9. East Coast in the US for me. They're not always there but they are it makes me want to give up on selling x item.
  10. The problem is knowing what the item is worth half the time. Especially those inexperienced with trading (I'm still kinda inexperienced so I know this to be true) its hard to know item's true value. When they see the true price a lot of the time they think its absurd because they don't know it's real value and how hard/easy it was to get. I tried to sell a sayrn prime set 5 days after it came out for 200p. I got many replies giving offers for around 80p-100p saying I'm overpricing it and one telling me to give it to him for 10p because I probably have like 30 sets so how can it be worth that much. It was my 1st and only set. I decided to start trading after having played for months and stopped a month later (a week ago) because stuff like this really turned me off.
  11. No one knows (yet) but people think sometime next week, maybe on Friday.
  12. Being impatient will only make the wait worse. Go play a different game or on pc while you wait for the update. It will make the wait more bearable.
  13. There's still a chance that they might bring it our this weekend and have Baro come in for a day or 2. They have forced him in before so its a possibility.
  14. Something I would Love to Know as well.
  15. Space engineers has a small to big update every week.