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  1. Back to Leaderboards :) Ok DE recently wiped all with points over 50k. Good. But tell me pls how some can get over 22k (ok 25k to round up) in limited time (36 Orphix) mission without exploits??? So wiping few ppl with points over 50k is close to nothing.........
  2. I think max. possible score is not hard to calculate by DE (enemy spawn etc. stuff)
  3. Even if all team is good as fck and kills all that moves, score cannot be far over 22k, so its clear what scores need to be wiped (or even banned if its really FPS exploit) as some says
  4. Yes it shows only 1 run score (personal best), doing 36 regular way cannot be much more than 22k i think, bonus from killing sentinents and stuff is tiny. I really hope DE will fix this stuff.
  5. Still score on leaderboard shows less than my actual best in Profile :(
  6. Is Deimos Challenges fixed??? If no why to add challenges when u cant do them for ages?
  7. Same here, checking each day after update for new masks and nothing, all old ones was at least twice already :( So its bug or new masks are very "exclusive" in comparison with old ones xD
  8. I have same problem :( After update displays 0% damage to Synovias, but only displays, i do damage as allways and if i play solo dam. displays too ........... till my last run when i did 0% dam indeed. I read that they fixed 0% problem, so after that "fix"all is much worst :(
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