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  1. Hostile Mergers golden trophy color still looks terrible :(
  2. Its definitely not golden color, recalls small child diharea color sooner xD Pls fix it.
  3. Just noticed that those tubes works if i jump xD no idea is supposed to be that way or no
  4. In arsenal i see flames form mask "pipes", but its only in arsenal. Tried with different energy colors, all same :(
  5. Too was stuck at 29/30 for long time. Recently got achievement when my newbie teammate found bugged cave i need for 1s time for him (i was not even close).
  6. Am still hoping of some instruments to monitor clan member activity (how long in clan, how often and time online etc.) Only thing i know about clannies is "last logged in" its veeery poor info xD
  7. still buged Vallis Spelunker achievement, still 29/30, all caves on map and each visited 3-4+++ times
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