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  1. Bug Out Ride and Jugger - Not are obtainable, now only need to fix KIl with Fire xD
  2. Sevagot parts drops very often. Other thing is RNG. May be am totally unlucky, but atm. i have 7x Heads 8x Systems and 1 Chassis only xD All are from same places with some % chance.......
  3. must be there, its called "Sleeping In The Cold Below" at least i have it
  4. In general this is most annoying thing in new RJ. I really hope DE will bring back option to start mission from Dry Docks as Host, I have great ship and weapons :D but too often joining other ppl with flying trashcans with Sigma Platings and useless guns.
  5. Earlier we was lucky if 1-2 Railjack Parts/Weapons dropped from mission. Todays drops after 2 different solo Calabash. No ship farming or anything, was doing objectives only. And so all day. PS If i remember correct Lavan stuff even not drops there at all xD
  6. For me they all worked (challenges) after 1st Railjack update, need to do them from 0 tho
  7. as i see not all stats are 100 max, but near Max Zekti is 4800 Hull / 2938 Armor
  8. Seems Zakti Plating is most useless xD
  9. How many u merged? I infused 1 so far and have 4067 Hull And 3688 Armor
  10. so what Plating has best stats? Vidar?
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