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  1. Passive: Viability Testing Platform Can equip any Warframe ability augment. Equipping a different Frame's augment replaces his corresponding ability slot with the augment's ability. Enemies killed with a foreign damaging ability will drop Core Components. Additionally, gain 50 base Health, Shields and Armor for each augment equipped. 1st: Rebuild [10 energy] Deconstruct and reconstruct yourself in the place of a dead enemy, losing aggro and staggering enemies next to the spawn location. Activating within 1 second of killing an enemy spawns you at that enemy's location, and accumulate Core Components. Activating with no valid target will proc the ability on the next killed enemy. 2nd: Reallocate [15 energy/kill] Toggle: While active, killed enemies drop pieces of their armor as Core Components. Teammates can pick up Raw Material for temporary boosts in armor rating. Each enemy killed drains energy. 3rd: Recombinance [75 energy] Break down to the void synapse, and insert it into a target enemy, taking control of them entirely. You've all been itching to play as a Scorpion, admit it. Reactivating leaves the enemy, reducing their armor and acquiring Core Components. If the enemy dies while being controlled, Warframe is ejected and staggered. 4th: The Prototype [0 energy] After accumulating 100 Core Components, activate to replace all abilities with random Warframe abilities. Each ability can be used once, at no cost, before reverting to the original ability.
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