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  1. When will the flashbang on Vaykor Sydon get fixed? The thing hasn't been functioning for a good couple of years now!
  2. 1. When is the new Lich personality getting added? The team did show us some of the recordings, right? 2. When can I expect to see the long overdue boss reworks? Phorid, The Sergeant, and the Tal sisters really need some revamps. 3. Any plans on making Grineer railjack missions more alive like the Corpus'? Like, say, a Grineer commander/Lich getting angry at space marines for not doing a better job? 4. When are the modular Archwings coming? 5. When is the Companions rework? +6. Are there any plans on reworking Grineer tilesets like how/what the team did with the Corpus tilesets? +7. Steve did hint a Valkyr rework/touch-up in one of the past devstreams. Any specific plans or ideas on that? I get dragged into 18 months of mandatory military service in two weeks and a half which means I won't be able to play the game for some time. I would really, REALLY like to have at least some of these questions answered before I go.
  3. 1. The boss reworks. I bet the studio forgot about that. AGAIN. Even when the Devstream spotlighted it multiple times. 2. Companions 2.0 is also lost and not found. Please. Give me something! 3. Additional lich personalities. That devstream even showed the new recordings and animations! Where is it now? 4. This one is my personal thought. See I keep telling everyone Grineers are just guinea pigs for future polished Corpus updates. This can be easily proven by how the Grineer tilesets and missions remain at the sate of their initial release while Corpus gets the refined versions with constant updates. Not to mention deeper and stronger lore and the nonexistence of any sort of song.
  4. The vaykor sydon still does not work...
  5. And it has not been working for years now, from what I've read here and there. The UI that is supposed to show the charge does not even show up. The right click + middle mouse button executes the animation of a radial blind but the actual flash and blind doesn't happen at all. Vaykor Sydon is one of the few melees with actual difference and uniqueness. Please fix this! Please!
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