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  1. The absolute, number one cripe everyone and their nephews have with the gamemode. The blatant ignoring of almost everyone's wishes to reduce it to 5 waves, 5 minutes et-cetera sends quite an unwanted message. And now we're, getting a NEW gamemode? If Arbitrations aren't fixed and improved upon, adding yet another gamemode and sending an old one to the eternal backburner to eventually turn to forgotten ashes is, I actually have no words.
  2. The screenshot I provide below, shows that EVERY member of the squad has the required ten reactant. Yet the reward screen comes up like this: Two of the players didn't appear to get anything, and this isn't the first time this has happened.
  3. Next hotfix: Fixed Alad V's nose. With that English I definitely can say you're a Grineer spy.
  4. Could you do that to Skyrim too? Or make sure this is fixed in TESVI?
  5. Tysis no longer procs Corrosive if you introduce say, Gas into the mix. It now only procs IPS and Gas but not a tick of Corrosive anymore.
  6. Every time I alt-tab out and back to the game, the game is lacking most of its icons, example pretty much every icon in mod foundry, and the mod icons turn really, really low res.
  7. Would like to point out that pretty much most leg armor on Hildryn clips through the right leg and looks real bad. On a second note, Razer Chroma SDK crashes the game completely without a message if you open your options menu with it installed. Uninstall it if you own a Razer and keep crashing when opening options.
  8. Any Ember retouching in sight? Since she currently is, also being sold for real money and she's.. not really good value.
  9. Any retouches or buffs to Ember? She's still quite lackluster in comparison to say, Equinox. She does everything better and then some.
  10. Any plans to actually fix Ember, and change her 100% useless passive?
  11. "Archwing weapons will likely take up primary and secondary slots, but are normally equippable weapons." Sweet little lies.
  12. Every time you replay a bounty, you HAVE to listen those three dimwits yap the same thing over and over.
  13. Ok DE, real talk here: Will we ever get separate options to mute things like we have with Ordis? I'd love to still hear actually meaningful transmissions and quest dialog, all the while muting the all so annoying dynamic duo of audio spam, Lotus and Simaris?
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