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  1. I searched on the forum and on the internet but I couldn't find anything about my same problem so I decided to make this thread, basically the enhanced graphics engine glitches the colors on some of the characters during cutscenes and in the dialogue box, this happens only with the enhanced graphics engine active, if I change the graphics engine to classic everthing fixes, but this problem doesn't reappear if I change the engine from classic to enhanced while in game, so it only happens if I start the game with the enhanced graphics engine active. I don't know if it is for any help but I play on DirectX 12 and I had this problem even with DirectX 11. Here are some screenshots, SPOILER WARNING ABOUT THE NEW WAR CHAPTER 3 CUTSCENE Enhanced engine: Classic engine just for reference: Also if it could help, I play on a laptop, drivers are up to date and here are the specs: CPU - i7 6700HQ GPU - GTX 970M 3GB RAM - 16GB OS - Windows 10 Home 64-bit
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