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  1. And to think, that pink wall got started because i stood outside the door with my ugly arse pink warframe forcing people to look at it before there was fast traveling. Kinda nice something positive came from me offending people's eyes and burning time while waiting for a foundry item to finish. Here, have a nice picture from the beginning.
  2. It's a shame that real life got in the way for this event for me. I was super excited to do this event but after not getting to play for a few weeks and not having enough time to get any of the cool rewards i kinda gave up.
  3. So this is amazing and all....... but how long is it going to last? Am i going to have to complete everything with as much efficiency as possible to get those last few rewards, or is there some amount of grace for people that can't complete everything every day/week?
  4. So did anybody else notice that the new warframe we got a look at looks almost..... Lotusy?
  5. Really iffy on a one frame only cosmetic like a helmet being primed. Every other time it's been an armor set, a syandana, sometimes a sigil. these are great because any frame can use them. But an alternate prime helmet? I won't deny that it's cool but..... i'll never be able to use it with anybody but Mesa prime. I've always thought it would be kinda neat if prime helmets were a thing, and universal helmets would be cool too. if this were both of these things that'd be awesome and i'd no doubt work my best asset off to shell out for it. But just for Mesa? Eh. I'll buy cosmetics even for frames i don't normally use because they look great and they don't cost too much. but $50 for one? Can't say i would be able to justify it on my usual budget.
  6. Never been a fan of Nyx. I think i'll try her out again after this. See what i can do for modding her.
  7. Will operator waistbands be properly sized, or are they gonna stay super huge and unattached?
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