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  1. Even in the most capable hands, Limbo can still have some slight issues for players. Sometimes it's hard to tell which side of the Cataclysm I need to be shooting, for example because the enemies can sometimes be completely inside and stasis'd while other times enemies can be outside but still frozen. This is a lot of the time due to the Cataclysm itself shrinking. If the argument for this is: "Just use Warframe Abilites/Just use Melee", then you have to realize/understand that you're taking away from another player. Other times Limbos who do a dodge probably don't mean to accidentally send people into the Rift. I have had a couple of occasions recently where in certain maps, I've not actually noticed I tripped into the Rift and then spent my time shooting targets (Such as Condrixes.) Though, I swear sometimes those Limbos have been sending me to the Rift through their abilities instead of dodging since sometimes I don't even see the rift portal at all. Also, ever tried using Nova's Antimatter Drop in the Rift with Cataclysm? You can't charge it. At all. If I'm playing Nova (and at the moment with Scarlet Spear, I've been playing A LOT of her thanks to her 4 being very effective against Sentients) and a Limbo is around, I've also lost my Antimatter Drop. That's just one example, I'm sure there may be a couple of more I don't know about. Limbo can also be frustrating to play with because a bad Limbo experience can REALLY spoil a regular mission. My best examples would be when Limbos decide to use Cataclysm early at a Mobile Defence Mission before I even put the datamass in. The first time a Limbo does this by accident? Yeah, it happens. But the amount of times it does happen, plus Limbo being VERY common in Mobile Defence is very... souring at some point. "You can just use Operator Form..." Right, here's the problem with this statement. You pick up the Datamass pretty much instantly at the beginning of the mission. Get from that point to Point A. Limbo drops Cataclysm early. Fantastic, now I have to drop the Datamass, go into Operator Form, pick up the Datamass and then insert it. Or I have to tell the Limbo not to use Cataclysm early OR I have to tell them to drop it. That's a lot of extra steps to take just because a Limbo made a mistake/didn't know that was actually a thing/had a brainfart. I've seen it happen many times, but that's anecdotal. Reward of me seeing it four times in a row in a day for Nightmare AND Sortie all from different Limbos. Also for me: If a Saryn or a Mesa (Or other Nuker) kills something before I do, that's fine. Enemy is dead. I might have wasted a bullet, but at least I know that the enemy is DEAD. But what I dislike is trying to shoot something only to find I'm not actually doing damage and sometimes wondering if it's because of a) I'm in the Rift, b) The enemy is in the Rift or c) That thing I mentioned with Cataclysm earlier.
  2. I'm up for allowing Banshee and Oberon using both their original and primed armour pieces.
  3. Not true. Chaos is pretty soft CC. It could still stray and hit the Defence Pod. Remember, people at the time were also doing Endurance Void Key Runs, wanting to stay in Defence Missions as long as possible. Nyx would simply become very unsafe. She was among the most popular defence and used frames at the time, then that one change simply happened and then she was basically no longer seen. Chaos doesn't stop enemies from shooting you or defence objectives: It just basically makes enemies into legitimate targets for the enemy. It DEFINITELY killed Nyx back then. UltraKardas point was that Nyx was a really good frame years ago, something you then tried to attribute to one thing but had nothing to do with it at the time. Nyx recieved a nerf because you could sit and AFK. You are correct on one thing though: Even if Nyx never got that nerf, Nyx would be outclassed as you said she would. BUT at the time she got nerfed while Crowd Control was a big thing and still was even a year or so later after that change. If you were around Void Key Meta, Vauban basically became the must have Frame because staying for long periods of time to farm for many many Prime Parts was the meta at the time. But the point UltraKardas was making was when Warframe was still more relatively new and not when it had it's big changes at the time.
  4. Warframe back then =/= Warframe right now. It's very different now. You didn't read my whole post clearly. The best part was when I agreed with you partly and you ignored it. I don't think you understand what killed her THEN and what is killing her NOW which is very different.
  5. Because the main nerf that made Nyx go from 'Playable' to 'Unplayable' while in a metagame that still revolved around Crowd Control and such like was that specific change. Nyx could no longer absorb that much damage, even more so when allies could 'contribute' to add to that damage also. When that nerf happened, Vauban was still going very strong in Defence Missions. The point was that you mentioned 'Damage' and such like killed Nyx, which while certainly would have been truth if that particular 'Buff/Nerf' never happened also, it was the fact that Nyx was changed and nerfed way before. What killed Nyx at THAT time was different to what killed pre-currently reworked Vauban and was not what UltraKardas was referring to at the time. Now, granted, I would say that Nyx kind of deserved a nerf at the time since it was very possible before hand to go in Nyx Bubble, AFK for several minutes, come back, collect Energy Orbs and rinse and repeat. That was definitely not something DE wanted. But the 'Need for Correction' was the fact you mentioned what you thought killed Nyx as opposed to what ACTUALLY killed Nyx. By the way, I disagree with the way UltraKardas types and how aggressive he is. Clearly you both have disagreements and I don't think either of you will ever agree with each other. It's probably best to stop the 'argument' and long as hell replies and debates honestly. But you are also clearly being quite hard headed as well.
  6. There was a time where the allied shots did not drain the shield, nor did enemy shots infact. It was just a flat out absorption. Which was the 'nerf/buff' I believe that (PS4)UltraKardas was talking about. It was also the time where Nyx was used pretty much extensively in every Defence Mission. Then Excavation became a thing during the Cryotic Event. Thus this change here which can be found on Nyx's Patch History on Warframe Wiki. Update 14.5 Nyx’s Absorb has had it’s passive energy drain significantly reduced from 10 energy per second to 4 energy per second, and instead now has an energy drain based on incoming damage. This drain is 8 energy per 1000 damage. These drainage values are affected with the use of mods. Which, by the way, DE never stated the drain would be affected by your allies also and thus people would go into missions and shoot and troll Nyx Bubbles. I should know: I played Nyx during that time and during Operation Cryotic front. and then a friend of mine at the time shot huge damage into my bubble making me lose all my energy all at once. Though, I can understand if you thought of a different rework, but as I said, I believe UltraKardas was talking about THAT particular time and I certainly was talking about it.
  7. Actually, it was a nerf disguised as a buff. Before Limbo, people would just play Nyx, use Absorb and sit at the defence objective not really doing anything and allowing people to go further into Defence missions at the time than DE wanted to. So to give her 'More Damage' and to disguise it as a 'buff', all shots done to the bubble (including allies) were done to make her explosion stronger BUT in turn would drain more energy, meaning that Nyx could no longer just sit at an objective and tank all the damage all day. They simply didn't want people to press 4 at an objective and then just AFK, which was quite prevelant when it came to pre-made squads for Defence objectives. EVEN AFTER THEN Pure CC was still desireable for a couple of years after. Hell, after the 'Nyx Buff' changed that, people were still using Vauban for pure Defence Missions in the Void when Void Keys were a thing.
  8. You're actually comparing two weapons here that do actually quite remarkably different things. The Tigris Prime has a much higher pellet count than Exergis. This means that it can hit far more times than the Exergis. Great if you need to apply multiple status effects all at once or want to apply two Status Effects to a group of enemies (When combined with Punchthrough) OR want to stack and apply multiple status effects to one or more enemies (Such as Slash Damage due to it's ridiciously high damage) Meanwhile the Exergis has a base pellet count of two, which means it's more useful for perhaps taking out single use targets. The Tigris Prime isn't meant to hit a single target with raw damage output. It's meant to hit a bunch of enemies with an incredibly high status output. If you can somehow mod it for mostly Corrosive + Heat and can still hit 100% Status pre-multishot, you're sitting there with a shotgun that applies a ton of Slash and a ton of armour strip. The Exergis' goal is indeed a single target shotgun, which is VERY different to the Tigris Prime. That's just one example. The game isn't just Eidolons or stuff like Wolf of Saturn Six. People don't go in with a STATUS weapon versus things that are IMMUNE to Status. People bring in Saryn to do Defence Missions and ESO, but they don't bring her to Eidolons. But if you want to strip Grineer Armour in a solo mission entirely? That Corrosive high pellet count Shotgun looks far more appealing than the two pellet Shotgun. Extra points due to Duplex Trigger on the Tigris also. Sure, I'll take the challenge. Lenz has a higher crit chance. Lenz can Orange Crit with one Point Strike + No Riven. Lenz also has guarantee Status in the form of Cold also, meaning more damage if you plan to use CO for whatever reason. Other Bows, like the Dread and Rakta Cernos, are silent allowing you to use them without alerting the enemy for certain missions/nightwaves/Riven Challenges. Dread also actually does quite a lot of damage. Lenz and Bramma are meant to be bows that can deal with massive crowds while the others are more single targetting. Hell, if using your earlier example of 'Raid Bosses' such as Eidolons and I was forced to bring a bow, I'd probably go with Paris Prime or Dread. For Liches? Definitely a Bramma, since I like the bow. Hey look, different reasons to use different weapons for different options. Hell, many people I know seem to still prefer Lenz over the Bramma. But ultimately certain weapons and tools are needed for certain things. You don't bring a Slash based Build into Lower level Missions and You don't bring a Status Weapon to a Eidolon fight. But you do bring stuff like Toxin and Gas versus Corpus (espcially with Augmented enemy Shields) and Corrosive versus Grineer or Slash + Viral against insanely high level enemies.
  9. I know how Ignis still works. I know it no longer has infinite Wall Punch, but it still can hit multiple enemies all at once. And yes, while +Flight Speed Mods also increase DPS, what it does is change really where you can/cannot stand. The Maximum amount of damage you can do is still the maximum amount of damage, just that Fall off means you can stand further away. But yes, it would work the same way in this regards when it comes to Plasmor/Catchmoon. However: Look at the amount of extra range you'd get. If I recall, Heavy Calibur also adds quite heavily into it also. Due to Projectile Speed being percentage and not flat, the amount of bonus that Plasmor/Catchmoon get from it is a lot less than Sinister Reach. The Ignis could still hit many many MANY more enemies leading to an even more insane DPS with no absolute fall-off. Compared to Damage Falloff of Plasmor where it gets far less range from the exilus, but eventually you'll get minimal damage again anyways. Now, I only said I assumed that's why +Reach is probably not Exilus due to that. But I'm assuming that the extra amount is far more than Projectile Fall Off. Whether DE should implement Reach Exilus I'm not sure and don't sway either way, but I'm only saying why I think they are not Exilus, rather than saying they shouldn't be. I'd assume DE just want people to sacrifice the slot for Ignis Wraith due to it still being one of the best weapons in the game.
  10. Sinister Reach would increase the DPS of the Ignis(Wraith) since it would allow you to hit more targets at once, which is the main strength of the weapon in the first place, which is probably the main reason that one is not a Exilus Mod.
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