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  1. So I use a Kavat that has less survivability in general. Though I play Khora usually in Arbitrations, I'm not talking about Venari. My Linked Armour is definitely not maxed, I should definitely have Pack Hunter at one point also maybe. And yet I have no issues with keeping my Kavat alive past the 40 minute mark in Arbitrations. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the Warframe I pick allows me to be able to keep a Kavat alive. A lot of it also is the weapon I bring with me to Arbitrations also. While it may seem 'Generic', I bring an Arca Plasmor with me to kill Drones since it just allows me to kill a Drone without much need for any real accuracy. I've gone out of my way to make sure I have maximum ways of killing drones super quickly and as part of a result, it lets my pet (and myself strangely) live and stay alive that much longer. I don't use the Kavat as a 'central part' of my build, but I was originally confused why my Kavat, who is far less central to anything has a far more survivability rate than your Kubrow. You want a build that is based around a pet keeping you alive and vice versa? Use Khora. The strategy is not my cup of tea, but if Venari dies, you can just press 3 to do bring it back. You want to do it with Atlas and a Kubrow? Realize the short comings of your build. You do Top Damage in every mission? Last I checked in Arbitrations, most missions don't give a damn about damage or kill output. You could be an Inaros with a whip with the most damage and kills in an Interception or Excavation Mission but it doesn't change the fact that you could have contributed to the mission with better results in other ways. If you really need to keep a companion alive and not want to use Khora, then I suggest using Djinn, unless Djinn doesn't work in Arbitrations. That said in regards to the actual topic: I simply wouldn't care if revivals for player pets such as Kubrows, Kavats and Helminths. If it happens, cool. If it doesn't, I can live without it. However if it were to happen, it should be effect you and you only when that pet dies. Having 7 ways to punish a single player would be far more irritating than helpful at this point. I understand why people would want revivals and I understand why people would not want revivals.
  2. I disagree that it needs to act the same as the others. Here's a reply I did to another thread talking about this explaining why.
  3. First thing to post: I don't necessary agree with what DE has done to Ember. However I'm going to post WHY DE FELT THE NEED TO NERF EMBER. Not that I actually agree with it. Also, while I thought Ember was perhaps a slight problem to low level and that she was probably hurting new player experience, I didn't agree she needed a nerf unless it was carefully done, which in this case it was not. (By the way, I used to play alot of Saryn, Banshee and Ember alot back in the day. So you can imagine this topic is kind of making me sad for those old days also with what people are saying.) People bringing up Ember and comparing them to Saryn seem to forget a few things while others hit the nail on the head perfectly. Ember has had many nerfs while gaining some buffs that have since been mitigated by more nerfs. At the time I started playing Ember (around the time of Saryn and Banshee release), Ember's Overheat was pretty much the second best way to stay alive in Warframe at the time (With Rhino's Iron Skin also being a problem at the time.) She was pretty much kind of a close range frame due to this thanks to Fire Blast which the Ring of Fire has never increased by ability range. (Though the initial cast is.) Really the only ability that ever had any real range on Ember initially was World on Fire which saw quite a few bit of changes in terms of Duration/Toggle and Range. DE felt that Overheat was a problem and changed Ember from basically being a tank to making her be able to do tons more damage with Accelerant. They also started changing certain duration abilities with Toggles. Such as World on Fire and Soundquake (Which ALSO, before Augments was considered a massive problem.) Later on, Negative Duration Saryn was also considered a massive problem as well and thus she was reworked into Saryn 2.0. DE and everyone at the time were super against and hated 'Press 4 to win.' Ember's 'Last Problem' that people had with her was her insane ability to nuke low level/Star Chart enemies from orbit very quickly without thinking about it: A problem which DE stated as 'Press and Forget.' Hearing that people also wanted Ember to be 'more viable in Sorties' and such like, they increased her damage with World on Fire thinking that would be a fix, allowing her to 'be able to deal with Sortie level enemies.' Ember was considered by most to ONLY be good at dealing with 'Low level Trash' and she was brought by many many people to do such as. Infact, many arguments why people didn't want Ember nerfed was because she was 'Only good at dealing with Low Level Trash and that we NEED a quick way of doing those missions.' While many other people argued they wanted Ember to be more useful outside of Low Level/Star Chart content and thus she needed a buff. This resulted in what we got: An Ember that lost range, gained increased energy drain but gained more power. That loss of Range is the most painful thing for Ember and thus DE decided that was the best way to make people 'Not Press and Forget.' It's pretty flawed and DE have thankfully acknowledged it and want to fix Ember. So in the long run (very long run, sadly) we may benefit. Now to Saryn: How does this apply to Saryn? Saryn actually has an opposite problem to Ember, which actually may be the reason Saryn is more fine than Ember actually ever was hilariously. Saryn has only one real mission in Star Chart that she actually 'dominates': Defence, which let's be clear, we need a way to clear Defence missions quickly. Not just in Star Chart, but in Sortie level also. If it's not Saryn though, it WILL be Equinox, Volt, Banshee, Khora, Nova and frames that nuke very quickly. Hell, I'll even make an argument that Ember herself could do Star Chart defence missions to Rotation C with her current World on Fire easily without any real form of challenge. All other Star Chart type missions can be done quicker with other frames than Saryn. Even Exterminate, which again I'll actually argue that Ember can still do quicker and faster than Saryn. Equinox and Khora definitely can. So where does this leave Saryn? The Post Starchart missions. Sorties, Long haul Endless, Arbitrations and SO/ESO. I can tell you for sure that out of all of those, Saryn is only useful in SO/ESO and anything to do with Post-Starchart Defence missions. Hell, the speed at which Saryn supposedly goes through Defence is not enough to make Defence a viable choice in Arbitrations. (However, that's due to Arbitration problems more than anything) which means you'll see more Limbo, Frost, Gara and Khora than Saryn in Arbitrations. So why does Saryn excel more in those than in Star Chart? Simple, because Enemy Scaling, especially Grineer and some Corrupted are insane. No one argues that Corrosive Projection x3 + Coaction Drift is almost a mandatory must/need against high level Grineer/Corrupted. No one argues that the best way to fight Eidolons/Profit Taker you need the massive DPS of Chroma. Yes, Saryn has access to the best elements in the game: Corrosive, Toxin and Viral. They can all proc also. However, it's due to late game armour scaling brokeness that these are basically required. It seems Saryn 3.X was an olive branch to post-Star Chart stuff. She's mandatory because not even DE know how to fix their 'End Game' content currently. This is clear with the fact that they changed Arbitrations around and the way they messed around with ESO (And then subsequently basically abandoned it.) So is Saryn actually broken? Not in the content that DE actually want to balance things around. Is she broken in Post-Star chart? Depends how you think about it, but whether you think she's broken or not, she does become mandatory at really near endless levels in Defence and perhaps in Survival. Whether you think she is op/imbalanced or broken in that regard, you need to release that she is a SYMPTOM of the problems of Damage and Endgame scaling, not the cause. Nerfing Saryn doesn't fix these issues, it just makes it harder to deal with later down the road.
  4. I'm actually fine with the Market Crashing. I actually suspect that's WHY they've done nerfs like these and continue to do so. Take the Kohm for example. People considered it mandatory for a Riven and at some point the market for a 'mandatory Kohm Riven' was just insane. I have one of those 'Mandatory (Mara) Detron Rivens, which was awesome to unveil and roll admittingly. It's what got me to use the Detron and I do fully expect it to get nerfed at one point. The price of Rubico (and Lanka at one point) Rivens was going through the roof as well. They were being considered pretty much mandatory also. It's also fair to nerf the Rubico Riven when the Rubico Prime so happened to exist and just be one of the best Snipers in the game, even before we take Riven Disposition into account. But the thing is: On a weapon that has 0.5 Dispo, it's probably super good enough that it doesn't need a Riven at all to work. Let's take the Tigris (Prime), for example. Whether you get a Riven for it or not (and it's better with no riven admittingly as you've mentioned), this thing basically is a one shot killing machine. Buffing its disposition or making it a 1.0 disposition would put it completely over the edge and thus probably increase the price of Tigris Rivens. It'd probably even increase the price of Tigris Prime pieces also. Personal opinion also here: I don't think Rivens should completely change a way a weapon works. I can understand the upset when a Vectis Riven no longer puts you down to 1 Magazine, but I'm fine with it. I even own a Vectis Riven as well that is pretty good (+MS/+CC, -Reload) and it still murders pretty much everything in it's sight without fail. Though I will admit where I fall on the Shotgun Riven part.... but to me that means really the Kohm probably needs SC buff.
  5. First: Rivens were always intended to change disposition. Sure, DE dropped the ball for not changing them for so long, but it's great they're actually buffing/nerffing Rivens again. I still would prefer an actual buff to some weapons, but the Riven changes are a good idea in general. What makes me laugh is how people quickly brought up the Gorgon. I use the Gorgon, once my most used weapon. I eventually got a Riven for it and got a Prisma Gorgon and was super happy with it. Then the last set of Riven Changes happened and many people freaked out. No joke some of the responses were among the lines of "Supra Riven got nerfed? WHY NOT NERF GORGON ALSO? IT'S JUST AS GOOD." Wish it was the fringe group but many MANY people decided that their weapon certainly did not need a Riven nerf but the Gorgon, a weapon that clearly no one uses they mention should definitely be nerfed due to it having way to high of a disposition. Hell I remember a video where someone complained about the nerf to the Arca Plasmor Disposition, but then used a Gorgon to clear out some simulcrum enemies to 'prove that DE didn't know what they were doing.' And so come around this patch and the Gorgon did get a nerf. I still use it, even with the recent nerf to the Disposition. It definitely impacted my DPS, but it's still shredding everything I see to smithereens. A few of my other favourite weapons have been hit also, like the Sicarus Prime. "Oh, so you're totally against the nerfing of these Rivens right?" Well no. It hurts to have your favourite weapons get hurt with the Riven changes. I mean at the moment for every weapon I like that gets nerfed, another weapon I enjoy gets buffed. I love the Synoid Gammacor, so seeing that Riven go up and up and up is amazing. My Quanta Vandal is also having fun. I generally like Beam Weapons. But everyone knew what they signed up for with Rivens. Doubly so now that this is the THIRD time they've changed Rivens and they are going to change every 3 months. You can forgive those during the time when Rivens stopped being changed that perhaps Rivens won't be changed anymore. But now we're on our third set of changes and people should wise up now: These Riven changes are going to happen again and again and again. If you're worried that the Riven you're going to purchase literally thousands of platinum worth is suddenly going to become useless: Then don't buy those Rivens anymore. If a weapon is super popular: Then perhaps think that buying a Riven for that weapon may be an incredibly bad idea and don't purchase the Riven unless you REALLY like that weapon.
  6. I play a ton of Arbitrations. Get to around Wave 20/30 quite often in pubs. The biggest problem with Arbitrations isn't revives. They're nice to have if you make some changes (which I put a bit below), but that sometimes it's simply not worth doing the Arbitration shown. Defence (Non-Helene/Hydron Map), Defection and Survival are simply not worth as much as Interception or Excavation are. (No idea on Salvage.) Revival is a nice feature. However, it shouldn't be an auto pick up. I suggest it being a manual pick up, like an Ayatan Star. Have a big symbol showing also. Having Vacuum or Fetch will become super punishing if it's like the points in Index. If you ever play Khora in Index with Fetch, you know how far away you can pick up Index points without meaning/realizing it. The main problem with lack of revives is that Corpus can one shot you. It happens way too often to many people, experienced or not. One moment you exist and the next, you're wondering what hit you before you realize it was a Corpus Sniper hitting you both through your shield and your health and your computer screen. I do like the changes all around. Other people may have complaints about the length of a rotation. I can take it or leave it.
  7. I agree with reducing the cost of this mod and increasing the Flight speed. Changing it to 11 Cost + making it 30% Movement Speed would put it in line with Rush, which I would have no issues with at all.
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