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  1. I play a ton of Arbitrations. Get to around Wave 20/30 quite often in pubs. The biggest problem with Arbitrations isn't revives. They're nice to have if you make some changes (which I put a bit below), but that sometimes it's simply not worth doing the Arbitration shown. Defence (Non-Helene/Hydron Map), Defection and Survival are simply not worth as much as Interception or Excavation are. (No idea on Salvage.) Revival is a nice feature. However, it shouldn't be an auto pick up. I suggest it being a manual pick up, like an Ayatan Star. Have a big symbol showing also. Having Vacuum or Fetch will become super punishing if it's like the points in Index. If you ever play Khora in Index with Fetch, you know how far away you can pick up Index points without meaning/realizing it. The main problem with lack of revives is that Corpus can one shot you. It happens way too often to many people, experienced or not. One moment you exist and the next, you're wondering what hit you before you realize it was a Corpus Sniper hitting you both through your shield and your health and your computer screen. I do like the changes all around. Other people may have complaints about the length of a rotation. I can take it or leave it.
  2. OH, no I was merely saying that 'Endgame' needs incentives. ESO's incentive at the moment is Focus and that's it. A better analogy here though would be that the endgame is a donkey and the Incentive is the Carrot on the Stick. You need that donkey to transport you, but you need a reason for that donkey to start plodding along. (Sidenote: Personally, if I were to fix SO/ESO and keep it for Focus/Affinity, I'd make it so that SO now has the Radiant Relics + Khora and ESO has the Lato/Braton/Fire Steps + a majority of the rewards being some kind of Eidolon Shards. You still get Focus, but now you get more focus on top of that focus. Something for people to do while it's Daytime.. oh and make it ABCCCCC and fix Efficiency so you can at least perhaps get to wave 12.) While the creation of ESO WAS to facilitate Endgame, the rewards at the time also needed to suit and match. Thus bringing back Braton/Lato Vandals as well as those Peculiar Mods, which really no one seemed to want. I still think Arbitrations does this very well with Endo/Sculptures and some decent Mods as well as a token system to buy more stuff that can be added to that store later on. The complaint from many 'Endgamers' before and after ESO was that there's no real reward for longer than C rotation aside from the 'feel good' factor of being able to do such a challenge. Agreed. However it's also pretty insane watching Corpus die from anything with just a Gas Ignis Wraith, a weapon that Saryn indeed carries alot with her but also carried by many people still. Shields generally tend to die super quickly outside of Shield Enhancement anyways, so generally it's usually a non-issue. Actually, I seen Garas solo Excavation Arbitrations up to at least wave 20! Only at this point I decide "You know what, I can't solo these anymore without threat of dying/Excavator dying, so I'm going to hug my new best friend." Gara and Khora alone can definitely handle 30+ before both die from supreme boredom or a Corpus man getting a lucky hit on anything that's not Inaros (I think Inaros might even die to that. Not sure yet.) Definitely seen 30ish on Interception with No Saryn either because enemies are more of a nuisence then an actual threat in those missions. These are also pub games, so I do wonder how non-pub can work. Talking Corpus here also. Corpus enemies need a nerf at high levels I swear to god because I feel they can get past damage reduction thanks to their insane Puncture damage. (50% Armour Ignore + 50% Bonus Damage.) But this really shows where DE want to balance their enemies. Grineer can become insane bullet sponges and Corpus can one shot you because these aren't the levels that DE are wanting to choosing to balance the game at. Plus Corpus Bubbles + Drones make it much much harder to start spreading spores everywhere. (Ever seen 1+ Arbitration Drone protect 2+ Energy Leeches and 3 Nullifers, all ontop of each other with one of those Nullifers being a Ice one? NOT FUN.) Arbitrations (and previous actions) shows that DE want to balance their game mostly around Star Chart. If Saryn gets nerfed because of Starchart, then ESO, Sortie Defence and perhaps Arbitration Defence probably need fixes also. I can agree with this. Well, 'Useful' might be the wrong statement in some regards. This was before Augments and even before the Void became a thing and this was years ago at this point, but I remember going into defence missions (The Corpus one that's inside the ship) and just basically going into groups of Infested and never dying to them. I remember we were supposed to have a max of 97% damage reduction, but I also recall never dying to them + Never taking any damage (though this was many years ago now, so I could be wrong. I do remember though thinking it's weird taking 0 damage.) The problem is, the enemies would also take a long time to kill also after getting to high waves. I basically just existed at that point to distract enemies while my DoTs and my melee weapon would take care of them. Melee was no where near as good as it was in those days either. Plus later on: Nova and Valkyr would be released while Overheat still existed. Wanted to do what I did with Ember? Just play Valkyr instead at that point. Nova was also considered the frame to play for super high damage glass cannon gameplay. Giving Ember more damage was a good idea, but ultimately it came at the cost of losing most of her defence. She didn't even get armour increases until much later after they removed overheat (from 15 Armour to 100 + more in Prime) and her augments are trying to make her into a more supportive role with extra casting speed/knock downs while trying to make her increase damage by Fire and increase more damage by Fire. This is why I wish people are careful about Saryn nerfs. The whole argument about Ember is EXACTLY why people need to be careful. "Ember was nerfed because of X, so why isn't Saryn." can EASILY be followed up by "Look at how they overdid Ember nerfs." (Sidenote: I get people actually telling me Ember is fine because they can do X. Just because I can bring Ember to Sorties solo or that I can do long survival runs with Ember doesn't mean she's "fine.") It's easy to look at kills/damage done and think that's the only thing important, which in Exterminates, Defences and ESO, it is. None of the other game modes care about those figures. All but one Arbitration definitely doesn't care about those numbers either and I would consider Arbitration a better and more 'proper' version of an Endgame than ESO. Though, as I mentioned before, ESO definitely needs a lot of fixes.
  3. You may keep pointing out the reason, but I also pointing out that there is no reason to do ESO though if there's no real rewards to it. If you want people to do your 'Challenging End Game Content' it needs to have something to it to make it worth playing. Arbitrations are played because people either want Vitus (Which in the future is said to have Archgun Riven Mods), Want a ton of Endo or want to get the Mods from it (or to get Seeding Step.) It also, in my opinion, does the 'Challenging End Game content' far better than ESO does. Oh I agree with this. I like the IDEAS of Rivens, but I don't like their implementation. Though I find it hiliarious that people are getting mad now that DE have continued their promise on how they wanted to balance Rivens in the first place. However we have Rivens now and we have to learn to live with them. But this was my point exactly. Oberon can remove armour and can radiate enemies. I never said ANYTHING about his damage because I know his damage is also not the greatest. (I like using him quite a bit.) My point is that Oberon can appear in more content because of his ability to do more stuff to enemies and help support a team more than Saryn. Oberon can appear in far more Arbitrations, can appear in a lot more sorties and even appears in Profit Taker. He even has a niche use in Eidolons, though Harrow or Trinity may be better, Oberon is definitely a very good fifth choice behind the main four. I never said anything about his damage because I know Oberon is never played for damage, but for his utility. He also can keep teammates alive when you're doing an arbitration and someone decides to do something really stupid. (Come on DE though, remove his interaction with his 3 + Nekros already please. You make playing Survival Arbitrations very difficult.) Here's the thing. At pretty much all levels of Starchart and to Sortie level, bringing Saryn can actually be slower than bringing another Warframe for the meat grinder. Say we're up against Corpus Exterminate with Shield Enhancement level. Saryn definitely has her uses here, I agree. However I can also tell you modding certain weapons with Gas or Toxin can also get the same effect. But when it comes to other 'defensive mission types', aside from Defence, none of those require you to actually kill enemies. Go into a public mobile defence mission and I can assure you almost most of the time you'll come across a Limbo. On Excavation (+Arbitration), it'll be Frost or Gara. On Interception (+Arbitration) unless it's a farming (people still do Bere Farming? Most likely not) then you'll find people just bring whatever they can with good survival. As for Defence Missions... oh boy. Things can go very slowly without a Saryn or Equinox. Like, slower than Interception for sure. Plus bonus: If I'm doing a lot more killing on Excavation/Interception Arbitrations than other people, like say I'm 70% of the damage (which happens quite a bit as Khora for me on those missions), I'm still not in a position where I am actually helping. My Strangledome and my Ensnare are the parts that are helping, with the damage being icing on top of the cake. Well, I think I can certainly understand this. First, you mentioned it was Steve in a earlier post, but that was actually Pablo. Didn't want to correct that because it's such a minor thing, but here it's important. Pablo found a way to make Saryn's kit 'mesh better', despite the fact that I too found no real reason to change her from 2.0 version. (But if you ask me back in the day, I'd also tell you I found nothing wrong with her 1.0 version where negative duration basically made her a press 4 to win frame. But now I definitely see why they changed that.) Ember was 'reworked' and was... just bad. She wasn't reworked by Pablo. A lot of Pablo's reworks have seemingly made Warframes more played/more fun, such as the Nezha Rework and the Saryn rework. Ember is pretty outdated and has changed a lot since her original time that I remember her. If you don't know, her 2 used to essentially make her near invincible and gave essentially an aura that dealt more fire damage. She played more like a Close Range Mage rather than a long ranged Mage. She got up close and with her Fire Blast allowing her to panic if enemies started actually hurting her and her world on fire constantly also dealing damage, she could stay thick in the fight. With Overheat gone and Accelerant taking it's place, she changed from that to now having to stay longer range so she doesn't take as much damage. Yes, they increased her armour, but she never regained that damage reduction. Overheat was removed because it basically allowed Ember to stay alive for a very long period of time. These days though, we have Nova, who not only has an easier damage reduction, but has a far more better thought out kit. Strange though that Nova was definitely out and released long before Ember lost Overheat. Not only that, but with some abilities now changing from set duration to toggle (Sound Quake and World on Fire) as well as World on Fire gaining several changes even before the last one, Ember basically became the go to frame at the time to super clear low level content trash. Now we're left with a frame that lost its identity years ago and then keeps getting changed because they want to keep whatever shred of identity she has now. Plus back in the day, Ember was literally marketed as the Warframe of Choice to deal with Infested. And this also ties in to the problem of damage types. Fire is just weaker than both Electric and Poison. (Fire is also good V Cloned Flesh, but that means you need to strip all the armour from the Grineer just to actually get that extra damage.) Once again, coming back to the problem of Damage Types and some needing buffs and nerfs. Saryn got reworked well because someone found a way to make her work again. DE were clearly tired of people spamming Spores on Molt, but then felt that would weaken her too much. (I never really played that way except to put Spores on SOMETHING.)
  4. Never denied there was NOT a problem with Saryn currently, just that the places she's 'OP' in kind of requires her to be at the state they chose her to be in because ESO needs changes. As I said: Change ESO, Armour Scaling and Damage Typings, then work on Saryn. No one in their right mind can think Enemy Armour Scaling is in a good state at higher levels of the game currently (Just look at what Wolf is like without anyway to shred his armour during a full squad Kuva Flood Mission.) Saryn's 'infinite damage' does need a while to build up still. I did actually want to use Ember as a big example of what happens when a Frame who was designed for basically a different part of the game ends up not only getting a complete ability change (Overheat to Accerlent) but also how changing how her other three abilities have ended have ended up making her pretty much not used by the rest of the community. But yes, let's take a look at Loki and Inaros. Loki, once probably considered the best all-round warframe has definitely fallen off hasn't he? But at one point he was pretty much a good pick for everything. Inaros, on the otherhand, is always a welcome pick to any team for anything outside of Eidolons and perhaps ESO and no one complains that Inaros essentially doesn't die so there's no real risk/reward factor for him in Arbitrations. Damage is only king in one place: ESO. Then what is the point of ESO if it's not about Focus Farming? It's certainly what was used originally and how DE wanted to balance ESO. Their first change to ESO even points this out. Is it for the Lato/Braton Vandal Pieces? Because 15/20 minutes for a 1-2% drop rate is pretty atrocious. Is iit for the Radiant Relics? Because, again, while they are nice to have it would be better to wait for a Endless Fissure or just do something like Xini or Mithra. I can at the moment max Focus daily cap in 2 runs which also gives me Radiant Relics or a chance for Lato/Braton as well as perhaps flaming steps. You say it's a 'non point', but if it's a non-point, then what IS the point of ESO at this point in time? Remove the levelling of weapons and focus from ESO and you're left with a game mode where once you got the Lato/Braton/Flaming Steps, there's nothing left for it. At this point, I think we can agree that ESO needs to be changed. The thing is, we have problems in general with armour and damage. A lot of damage types need to be changed or reworked. Physical Damage Typing, aside from Slash, just seem to plain suck also. We're coming to a point where people want Negative Impact/Puncture in Rivens. We definitely don't want to see Magnetic since it's resisted by the most tankiest stuff in the game and just generally doesn't do anything except V Shields. We don't want to see Blast because status wise it makes it harder to kill enemies and damage wise everything weak to Blast (aside from Machinery enemies, which are only four things like Rollers, Latchers, Regulators) are MORE weak to Corrosive. Again, we bring up Ember and look how bad she was treated. And finally Oberon. Oberon can be used in more content. Oberon was never made to be a damage dealer on the same level as Saryn or Mesa. But his 'lack of damage scaling' is made up for the fact he can radiate enemies and entirely strip their armour as well as blinding them. He is almost like Inaros in a way that he is a safe pick for the majority of content. Aside from ESO and Defence, where else is Saryn actually important? Her damage does not matter in any other Endless Mode. Exterminate? As you said, anyone with a whip can clear that out easily. Arbitrations don't need her except in Defence and we can say for sure that Arbitrations are broken when most people just rather want to wait for Excavation or Interception to come up. (That or the Hydron/Helene Map for Defence.) Sorties? Again, Defence. Again I point this out: Fix the damage/armour problems, since this is something that many people do complain about. Most of the time we're building for Status/Corrosive and having to pretty much equip Corrosive Projection all the time. Saryn allows people to use their other weapons. As I said before: Saryn is at the moment definitely a symptom of problems. If after changes Saryn is still a problem, definitely nerf her. Otherwise: We may end up with another Ember, who has been changed so many times and nerfed many times due to both content that no longer is relevant to her and for her ability to turn low level content into a bullet jump/walking simulator.
  5. I disagree: ESO has a magnitude of problems that isn't just from the 'Overpoweredness' of Saryn and Equinox. ESO's mechanics need to change because SO/ESO itself is fundamentally broken at this current time. Plus Saryn was changed, TWICE, during the time ESO was around. The only frame this statement refers to is Equinox, since at the time the best way to farm focus was Adaro. ESO is mostly used for two things currently: Focus Farming and Weapon Levelling. In a majority of pub games, many people end up usually leaving at Wave 2-4. Many people even end up quitting ESO at Wave 1 or just quitting as soon as they get in because there can be 0 Saryns or Equinoxes in a pub game. This usually ends up meaning that people need to rely on Saryn or Equinox to be able to level up their weapons more quickly. Not only that but if you do end up going into a group game because you used recruitment chat, people mostly want Saryn because she has the best way to clear out ESO quickly enough and give a substantial amount of Focus. Even better: When I go into both Pub and Solo ESO without a Saryn when I'm playing Khora, I actually get more Focus from the solo ESO rather than the pub unless there is a Saryn around. It's a test I've done many many times. Not only that, but you can tell ESO (as well as Arbitrations) have basically been basically abandoned by DE for the time being. If you want more difficult content in the form of ESO, you need to reward people for staying and doing the more difficult content. Arbitrations is very good on this because it either drops Endo, Tradable Endo or very interesting mods (even if only two of them are actually worth using) as well as adopting a ABCC recurring reward structure. There's still plenty of things wrong that people can argue about Arbitrations, but the rewards are probably the one thing I have never heard people complain about aside from a bug that can happen with the display of C Rotation Rewards. ESO needs to change before Saryn and others need to change, otherwise you completely nerf ESO for other warframes also. A lot of the 'Nerf Saryn' threads look at the Symptoms and want to fix the Symptoms, not the problems. Saryn and her dominance of ESO is a Symptom of ESO having problems, not the cause of ESO having problems. We had about a week of ESO with Saryn 2.0 and I can tell you there were basically no complaints about her. We got to Saryn 3.0 and ESO and she was laughably overpowered in ESO and pretty bad everywhere else. So they changed her again to where she was still great in ESO, but also allows her to be used in other missions. And finally: Damage Types in Warframe are broken also. To be fair though, this is a huge issue. We need Corrosive/Radiation to be able to break through insane amount of armour that Grineer can have later. But when people are wanting Riven Mods which want -Impact/-Puncture, dislike the Blast Status and find that Magnetic is pretty much next to useless. We're pretty much forced into Corrosive Projection against Grineer if we're going to be doing End Game and, once again, Saryn has answers to that solution. It's not as immediate as Oberon or Mag, but it costs far less energy and can spread out quite far. We're in a game where we favour mostly Status over Criticals. So yes, I don't think I have the 'Cart before the Horse.' There's a lot of problems that need to be fixed if we ever truly want a 'End Game' experience. ESO has problems, There's a reason we were going to get a Damage 3.0 (and still need it in my opinion) and many MANY other problems that need to be fixed. Then, after those changes and if those changes are good, if Saryn STILL dominates you can then nerf her. But her 3.X Version was already changed mostly because of ESO because at the time, THAT was end game. End Game at the moment is Arbitrations, which even that has fallen flat.
  6. I play mostly Khora, Nova and Saryn at the moment, so I think I can contribute something to this topic. I've been playing Saryn since her release, been through her multiple builds and generally haven't found a frame I liked more than Saryn since getting Khora. I also generally like playing frames like Nyx, Banshee, Ember, Oberon and Zephyr. Lots of variety in my opinion. Sometimes you just need a frame that is super good at killing. Saryn shines in quite a few places, with one of those being one of the 'Endgame' options that DE has put out. These are (Elite) Sanctuary Onslaught, Exterminates and Defences. Out of the three, only two of those really matter for Saryn to do actually anything: Those being Elite Sanctuary Onslaught and Sortie Defences where sometimes you just want to get through waves super fast. Now, I actually play Khora through pretty much every content Saryn is good in, except for Sortie Defence. Like @Datam4ss, I can also outkill and outdamage Saryns on ESO to a point where I just actually play solo ESO. Less Host Migration issues and all that. However, when I'm in a team ESO, it's because I'm lazy and sometimes just want a Saryn so I don't have to keep my attention focused all the time. The other problem is ESO itself: There's no real reward for going past zone 8, Efficiency and AABC Rotation scaling make it not worth doing. You want to nerf Saryn and Equinox? Fine, but these two issues certainly need fixing before that can really be a thing. It is good that not every frame is a pure DPS monster, but the is that Damage is king and has to be king because of what the game is: A Horde Shooter. I'm not suggesting to nerf Saryn. I'm not even suggesting that every frame needs to be buffed to Saryns level. Some frames definitely need the buffs to help out with their problems and perhaps put them on par with Saryn (Ember, looking at you. 😞 ) But someone has to be good at some stuff and Saryn is just very good at ESO. She's also good at Sortie Defence where, again, killing mass groups of enemies quickly is important. Earlier in the week I remember doing the stage 3 Defence (Elemental Enhancement iirc, though might have been Eximus Stronghold) sortie in the Void as Saryn. It still took us a good while to get through it due to how insane the enemies started getting. It was still far quicker to bring Saryn to that and you would want to nerf this? The only time Saryn is a problem ever is in Defence/Excavation Fissures where sometimes people don't realize you need to slow the killing down/not put in fuel cells instantly and the enemies are dying quicker than they can become corrupted. That's not a Saryn problem though, that's user problem and means we need to buff reactant on those two mission types. tl;dr: The Mechanics of the game as well as the game itself needs characters like Saryn, Equinox and Mesa. This is why I like Khora by the way: She has insane damage as well as very good CC in her hit. If we nerf Saryn, Equinox and Mesa, then we have to also nerf a character like Khora to which the community is still split in half if she's actually good or not. (Which she is, despite what some people might think.)
  7. I agree with reducing the cost of this mod and increasing the Flight speed. Changing it to 11 Cost + making it 30% Movement Speed would put it in line with Rush, which I would have no issues with at all.
  8. Trouble is, I think some of the challenges are either too easy or too boring. The regular Weeklies just need some small tweaking, especially the Forma, Sculptures, Gilding and Bounty ones. If the Forma was reduced to Forma 1 Item, Sculpture down to 1 Sculpture and just remove the Gilding one, I'd be fine with that. That way I still feel like I gained Four Forma from the rewards. However as both times I got the 'Forma Three Things' challenges on the same weeks that I was getting the Three Forma prize, I felt like basically there were two stages where I basically gained nothing. As for doing 8 Bounties. I thought it originally meant 8 stages of a bounty. No. It's long and tedious and only serves in making people simply do the three stage bounty in PoE/Heist 2 eight times. I can do all three Spy Missions + Perhaps even get some bonus with Nightmare Missions in the time it takes to do a five stage bounty in PoE/Orb Vallis. This is the most time consuming regular Weekly in my opinion. I would fix it by making it 10 STAGES of a Bounty. That way people will do two full rotations. The Dailies are usually too easy. It's not difficult for anyone to, for example, go into an Exterminate Mission on Mercury with Exalted Blade modded with Magnetic damage. You'll still one shot enemies and it will count to it. However I'm kind of fine with the Daily Missions being this easy also since it's good for the much newer players. What I mainly have issues with though is the Elite Weeklies. Everyone has probably gone over the 'With Friends/Clan Mates' to death at this point. While I don't really play with any friends, I do play them with Clan Mates and almost all the time it's either do it Monday or do it Sunday on the last days. Between the weeks, no one seems to want to do it in our clan and I have no idea if that's true for anyone else. No, the real problem is the one hour challenges. They're not challenges, they're boring. Not only that but you during that mission you will get the message 'You've been playing over an hour" message as if reminding you that this was actually a bad idea in the first place. Remove the 'With Friends/Clan Mates' part of some of those challenges and reduce the time down to half an hour. Now, one of my Clanmates did have an idea for those who enjoy the hour stay. Add on an extra 3K Rep if you stay the whole hour. 5K for Half an Hour, 8K for the full hour. Now they did fix/reduce some of these already I know. The Sculpture one went from 5 to 3, but I still feel that can be a luck of the draw. People are STILL wanting to buy empty Ayatans because of this challenge. I'm fine with cracking 10 Relics, because Void Traces and items to sell for Ducats are always going to be useful and everyone has access to Relics. Plus, again just to prove the point of how ridiculous completing 8 bounties is, you can probably crack 10+ relics before you complete 8 Bounties using a 3 stage PoE Bounty. Also to address the issue that 'If you don't like a challenge, don't do it', it's not that. Formaing Three items is MEANT to definitely be something newer players who can't do some of the other challenges are meant to do. They'll be forced to pick that as one of their '60-70%' completion rate if they want everything. Might as well help the newer players out and give them some profit of Forma after the end of it.
  9. The common complaint about Khora (aside from lacking her Exalted Whip) is that Venari herself doesn't actually do much aside from occasional Heal/Gives passive Movement Speed Buff/Just a dumping ground for Kavat Mods and yet you removed Ensnare of all things. The one skill that allows Khora's Accumulating Whipclaw to become super busted with it's damage. The one skill that CC's enemies multiple enemies that does not make it inconvenient for allies to be unable to kill. Look, everyone was super excited for Exalted Whip, I get it. I was also. But the point of when she was going to use the Exalted Whip was during a time when IPS changes were going to happen also, something that may still eventually happen. Plus she doesn't need both her Whipclaw and her Exalted Weapon because I can assure you, while Accumulating Whipclaw exists, almost no one will use her Exalted Weapon outside of those who just wanted an Exalted Whip for the sake of an Exalted Whip. ESPECIALLY with your plan on keeping Strangledome as her only form of CC which will only encourage to only use Accumulating Whipclaw. You ironically point out that ' I will talk about them regardless and even if a warframe has 3 out of 4 good abilities in my eyes, that’s not good enough all abilities should be fun and useful', BUT your 'Rework' of Khora will actually make it so only her Whipclaw and Strangledome are actively used. Khora currently can use ALL of her skills extremely well... well those that are actually active skills. Even Venari can be used to take out singular targets or heal people. (I'm looking at you Auditor from Index.) However Khora is at the moment in a very good place aside from Venari who if you ask different people have different opinions on why Venari is bad, whether on poor AI, Whether she's actually useful or not or the fact that people just generally forget she exists outside of healing occasionally.
  10. Odd, because as I said, I go into Arbitrations and ESO very often with Khora and as soon as the dome goes up, one or two whips later and everything in the general vicinity is dead whether host or not.
  11. I've been non-host many times and I can hit all the enemies in the dome when I'm not host and when I'm host. Constantly doing Arbitrations as well as Khora also. Try jumping and whipping the floor near enemies that have been hit with the dome while in the air. That generally what I do and it seems to work.
  12. Been hunting for Seeding Step Ephemera for a while now. (Might have over 100 Vitus from hunting it.) At one point I was also after Vigorous Swap and after extracting to receive it, it gave me Rolling Guard.Many MANY times got a bug that gave me the wrong rewards, which included the following: Sharpshooter turning into Vigorous Swap Vigorous Swap turning into Rolling Guard Rolling Guard turning into Adaptation Was told that Adaptation turns into Seeding Step Ephemera. Got 'Adaptation' at 16 Excavations. Extracted at 24. Got rewarded with... Adaptation. A nice consolation prize, for sure. This bug isn't even consistent. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind getting more and more Adaptations. But I can't trade for the Seeding Step Ephemera and makes me worried that Seeding Step Ephemera may end up turning into Sharpshooter. I've even gained over hundreds of Vitus at this point also. As of right now, me hunting for this reward is wonky because I may or may not receive what I actually want.
  13. I play a ton of Khora at this point. I usually forget that the spikes are meant to change when Venari is in different modes. I would love the spikes to be optional so that people can have more fashion frame choices for Khora. I mean personally I would keep the spikes. I like the spikes. They work with my fashion frame in my opinion. But I feel others should have the option to turn them off. The spikes are BARELY noticeable in the gameplay and infact I find it's easier to keep track of the UI for that sort of thing.
  14. Having a unique problem. Yesterday during the mission the rewards told me I got Vigorous Swap. When in the Orbiter, the Rewards instead told me I got Rolling Guard and was rewarded Rolling Guard. Today in the mission it said I got Rolling Guard. However when in the Orbiter the rewards said I got Adaptation and was awarded Adaptation. It seems so far to be affected by the Mods. I have no idea if it has something to do with the adding of the Ephemera to the rewards table of Arbitration but it's how I feel it may be.
  15. Inaros and Nidus are pretty good to help with Arbitrations. Personally think Nidus may be better here since he can grab enemies and control them from a much further range than Inaros can. Weapons: Bring something that can deal with Drones super quickly. Arca Plasmor, Catchmoon and Ignis Wraith are really good due to innate enemy punchthrough and have Radiation/Modded for Radiation very easily which not only deals with Drones but can force enemies to fight each other. If up against Corpus, you also want something to get through Nullifer Shields quickly. So I generally bring Arca Plasmor and either my Gaze or a Synoid Gammacor. Gaze is probably better due to, again, innate Enemy Punchthrough and can quickly take down Drones. Synoid Gammacor however has the ability to give energy to you and can take down Nullifer shields a little quicker. I like using Khora. Her 2 can be used to control enemies at great distance that aren't near you. Her Cage can be used to grab enemies that aren't affected by the drones and can sometimes grab enemies when the Drone is barely in range to affect them. Venari also means you have a nice QoL with Fetch and if you're not as confident you can use Venari to prevent Death with an Augment (Though I don't recommend it.) Not only that, but you can use her Cage to guard points (in Interception) or Extractors (In Excavation) and get in an area to help a teammate who may be struggling. Not only that, but if that teammate seems to have to AFK for a bit, you can help them out since you can have 2 cages at any given time. I also use Magus Repair to help out with healing also. Finally Oberon is really nice since you can confuse multiple enemies, strip armour, blind enemies and keep you and your allies alive with Phoenix Renewal. Though everytime I seem to go into an Arbitration with Oberon, there's ALWAYS a Nekros, so you have to watch out for Nekros if you do Arbitrations. I've seen the occasional Hildryns, Valkyrs and Nekros all survive pretty well in Arbitrations. My last pub Arbitration Interception we went to 20 rounds V Corpus with 2 Nidus, 1 Inaros and 1 Khora. One of the Nidus had to AFK for a few minutes and he never died with this set up. We only stopped because a) I died getting near the end of Round 19 getting complacent and b) we were going to extract at Round 20 anyways since one of the Nidus' guns were starting to drop off. Most dangerous faction in Arbitrations are Corpus due to their Puncture Damage which can ignore some of the Armour, Nullifers and the fact that a single Sniper can even seem to ignore damage reduction entirely (Which is probably due to the Puncture Damage.) So if Corpus is causing massive problems, see if going Grineer or Infestation helps you. Though V Grineer you'll want basically 4 Corrosive Projection and against Infestation you may lose all your energy eventually.
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