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  1. On the latest patch, we had blueprints despawn from the map! We were playing Gian Point and wanted to make sure we receive our potential end-of-mission reward BP, so we left enemy blueprint drops behind so that we could pick them up later to make sure good BPs aren't scrapped. However, after we completed the mission objectives (ships and crewships), my teammates noticed the blueprints were no longer there. The blueprints had despawned, all of them, from the entire level! It seems like we had lost them earlier in the mission, too, and not just at its end, as one of my teammates was wondering aloud whether the blueprints were there as he couldn't see the markers. It's possible they despawned with the rest of the enemy attack vessels when we completed the first part of the mission. In any case, the fact that the blueprints were cleared from the map is made even more serious given there are only 30 wreckage slots. The only way to play several missions in the row is to mind your BP pickups, and now we can't even do that for fear of losing the blueprints due to despawning.
  2. When I ran completely out of energy restores (which I had equipped in my gear wheel) mid-mission in the Empyrean missions, the Omni tool was loaded and positioned in their place in the gear wheel instead of the very last spot (first to the left) as usually. It seems to me like the omni tool is coded to be positioned not in the last slot of the gear wheel, but rather in the first "empty" slot that can be found in it. This in turn is supremely counterintuitive as having bound the specific gear wheel slot I ended up using the omni tool instead of energy restores.
  3. The Shipkiller Platform can target and shoot your ship through Void Cloak.
  4. (At least) Pulse Turbines keep on sending ramsleds even after they have been destroyed.
  5. All other Warframe cutscenes can be skipped with two keys: the space bar and ESC, but Railjack's cutscenes can only be skipped with ESC. An example would be entering the Railjack from a Clan Dojo. The cutscene with the Warframe entering the Railjack can be skipped with ESC but not with space bar.
  6. Even though Void Cloak is on, ramsleds will home in on the Railjack.
  7. Having completed a Profit-Taker bounty, going back to Fortuna seems to splinter our party on the servers somehow. After voting to start a new Profit-Taker bounty, the party is supposed to enter the elevator for the next mission to start. However, the chosen bounty mission never begins even though the whole party is waiting in the elevator for the bounty to start. Players leaving and re-entering the elevator does nothing. Neither does going into the operator mode which usually re-syncs player positions to the server. Each party member can see the others standing in the elevator, but the mission doesn't start. Even though we can see each other, player positions are wrong: other members of the group seem to be either in the wrong spot on the elevator, or not in the elevator at all. This leads me to believe the party member locations aren't being updated often enough, or there's something wrong with the instancing. Either way, the game no longer knows when the whole party joins the elevator after coming back to Fortuna from a bounty. This makes replaying the bounties extremely irritating and time-consuming as we have to disband our party every time and someone has to re-take the bounty and others need to join after someone has already taken the bounty and exited to Orb Vallis. In the case of completing Profit-Taker bounties for Nightwave rewards, this means that almost all is lost - bounties don't count towards the Nightwave missions unless the whole party joins Orb Vallis at the same time.
  8. The "Co-action" Hall of Ascension tile in Lua missions currently has missing effects for clients: Most of the platform lights (sans two, I think, the first and the first of the "final" four) that indicate the correct platform sequence for the puzzle are currently not lighting up for clients. According to my host, the light effects were visible over several runs of the Hall. As a client, however, they were not visible, so this seems like a host/client issue. The animations of the moving platforms do work. I'm not sure when this bug has been introduced to the game. Bug was tested on the PC build of the game.
  9. Nox Thralls cannot be mercy killed at all. They just stay in the downed position. No prompt to use the parazon on them appears, possibly because the enemy unit is not open to finishers in the first place. As such, whenever a Nox Thrall spawns, it cannot be killed for murmur.
  10. Nekros, Khora, Hydroid or Chesa do not seem to have any effect on Carbide or Cubic Diode drops. I assume no loot frames work on them at the moment. The drops are also buggy in that they cannot be marked for other players.
  11. It is currently impossible to mark Carbides and Cubic Diodes to other players because they currently do not leave a trace behind when they are picked up. As such, they cannot be marked for other players.
  12. Cats (including Venari) still often block vein hotspot markers by positioning themselves between the player and any mining hotspots the player attempts to mine. A fix for this issue has been attempted in several patches but seems to have either not worked or has regressed over time.
  13. Ore/Gem vein markers are cleared slowly from the minimap. They seem to be cleared only after the UI popups for all "Acquired Ore/Gems" have been shown to the player. This can be up to three different popups, which in turn can take several seconds to clear. After mining a vein, the marker should be cleared instantly from the minimap to avoid confusion between closely positioned veins.
  14. While mining, the "Acquired Gem/Ore" UI popup temporarily hides mining vein markers for the duration that it is visibele on screen. This makes mining slower than it should be. The UI popup should not interfere with the vein markers.
  15. Hawk Eye isn't a pistol exilus mod! Whåt!
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