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  1. Corpus Coildrives used to spawn all around the Orb Vallis, even without a mission. After the latest patch, they no longer do. I have not seen any spawning or driving around after update 30.
  2. Elytron Core Vent no longer avoids archwing disablers. Earlier, it used to block them reliably in open world content, now it does not seem to work at all.
  3. Hello, does scrapped or fused wreckage count as "completed" towards the Early Adopters tiers? "Your crew will help keep your Railjack operational when flying in squads of less than 4 players" does not sound very enticing for full groups. Do make sure we clannies get a fair boost from the crews as well! Our own crew, with liches of our own, was the main thing we were all grinding for.
  4. If a Fosfor affinity range enhancer deployable is used, it does nevertheless not affect Simaris target scanning range even though it is also "affinity".
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