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  1. Definitely not fixed yet! Just had this happen on my new Windows 10 installation. I wasn't even able to agree to the open beta terms & conditions on a new OS even though I had my installation migrated. The buttons are completely missing with more than 115 % of scaling. Setting "Windows 8 compatibility mode" on the launcher as recommended by someone wiped my Warframe installation on Steam, by the way, it asked to point to the installation folder and wouldn't let me do anything except point it. After that, it redownloaded the entire game again, ruining my session.
  2. TYPE: Orphix Venom/Nightwave DESCRIPTION: Picking up rare mods while in Necramech do not count against Nightwave mission. REPRODUCTION: Spawn Necramech in Orphix Venom missions, pick up rare mods. EXPECTED RESULT: Rare mods should count against Nightwave mission. OBSERVED RESULT: Rare mods are not counted while in Necramech. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100 %
  3. "Ironbride" doesn't do Codex scans with the "Astral Autopsy" mod from Simaris.
  4. It's still possible to seal fissures too fast in the "Source of the Mist" Deimos Arcana mission stage. The enemies are killable in sub-1 second! Take that into account please.
  5. TYPE: Deimos Arcana Vault Missions DESCRIPTION: All Deimos Arcana mission stages with trigger areas fail to begin if players are already standing in the mission area when the stage changes. EXPECTED RESULT: Stage should begin proper even if players are already standing in the mission trigger area. OBSERVED RESULT: The mission stage change trigger area fails to account for the player(s) if they are already standing in the area when the stage changes. All players have to exit the area first and then return for the stage to begin. REPRODUCTION RATE: 10/10 (Grou
  6. TYPE: Deimos Arcana Vault Missions DESCRIPTION: On the "Defend the Area" mission, at least playing solo, Nekros' Shadows count against the Control level. A good cast will ruin the mission stage. EXPECTED RESULT: Nekros' Shadows should not be counted as enemies. OBSERVED RESULT: Nekros' Shadows count as enemies and as such against the Control level of the "Defend the Area" mission stage. REPRODUCTION RATE: 2/2 (Solo)
  7. TYPE: Mission Scaling DESCRIPTION: Deimos Arcana Vault mission "Emitter" stages do not scale down for 1 person. REPRODUCTION: Play a Deimos Arcana Vault mission solo until an "Emitter" stage. EXPECTED RESULT: The "Emitter" stage should scale down for 1 person. OBSERVED RESULT: The Emitter stage still has 5 fissures to seal solo. It should be 2 or 3. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100 %
  8. True Master blessings in the Relays sometimes (about 50/50) fail to show the blessing UI element to pay respects to the blesser with F, and the buff only populates after going back to the Orbiter.
  9. When Nora's transmissions begin (either in missions or in the Nightwave UI in the orbiter), they still make a "transmit" sound effect even though Nora is muted.
  10. The new Deimos Isolation Vault Arcana Bounty mission "Source of the Mist" breaks and becomes unfinishable at any time during the mission if you do not wait for mission dialogue to complete before beginning to work on the mission objectives - this includes a) picking up the emitter, b) using the emitter on fissures, c) killing enemies spawned by the sealing of the fissure. Each time, if you want to make sure the mission works, you have to wait for long stretches of dialogue to complete. Leaving the squad after the mission has bugged out (i.e. host migration) breaks the mission even worse. This
  11. TYPE: New Deimos Vault Bounty /w Daughter DESCRIPTION: On the Emitter stage, it seems if you don't wait for Loid/Otak to first completely finish speaking his dialogue before sealing a fissure on the Emitter stage, enemies won't spawn properly and the fissure can't be sealed with the emitter. REPRODUCTION: After using the emitter, kill the first spawning enemy immediately while Loid/Otak is speaking. EXPECTED RESULT: Killing the first enemy while L/O is speaking should be normal. OBSERVED RESULT: No marked enemies spawn for the stage to finish and the Fissure fails. Furt
  12. Take Otak's "Mining Expeditions": When you "Evaluate Yields", you get a prompt for "Give" and "Cancel". "Cancel" maps to ESC already, so "Enter" should map to "Give" to speed up the process.
  13. This is a big one! There should be guaranteed drops of something new in there. A chance for a forma blueprint. An extra Necramech fight. Something! Anything?!
  14. The Emitter bounty stage takes about 4X longer than other stages, and the fissures sometimes bug out so the mission cannot be completed. Should definitely be halved. The Emitter bounty stage also scales too much with four players. The whole point of playing in a full squad is playing faster and more effectively, not spending more time. The "Fluid Sac Encounter" works poorly in some of the new larger vaults. Enemies spawn either very well or very poorly, making the stage very hit and miss. Loid/Otak takes at least thrice as long in several vaults even with the increased speed due
  15. The new Nora Shut Up slider is great, but every NPC (Ordis, Nora) that can be silenced with the volume slider in Options / Audio should be completely disabled at volume 0. The transmissions should be completely disabled at 0.
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