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  1. I take complete umbrage with both the premise and the wording of this. Complete. Why couldn't a feature have two completely different functions depending on how far in the game the player was? The Necramechs are incredibly slow (hard to use in a team that's moving with archwings and k-drives), weak (die in 3-4 hits), and deal no damage without upgrades and mods. The discoverable Necramechs were exactly what you're now removing - loot! There was no other usage for them as of right now until people get their Necramechs upgraded! That's why they clearly had a great dual function; o
  2. Notes have no mention of scintillants! And frickin' Latrox Une is still broken!
  3. Latrox Une's upload stage bonus cannot be completed successfully in a four-man group - his upload speed seens to slow on the basis of group size, but the upload time remains the same as with just one player, rendering the bonus completion impossible with 4 players.
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