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  1. And! If the developers eant thay can make us all clowsn and ghake the warframes away and make it just 3 classes! One is an attack class, another a support class and the one more a tank class, just 3 classes, and each class has a set of skills! #*!% 40warframes! I want 3 generic classes cause the developers can do that!
  2. Did 30min arbitration survival then i had to leave to get food, only got 2000 endo on the 30min mark, no other rewards were given, besides the vitus essence
  3. I didnt think about the 2nd one till after, guess i should've edited it in, woops Once again, this guy, big brain.
  4. Mmmm I'd prefer water, but thanks.
  5. Just going to leave this here. https://www.warframe.com/news/dog-days-tactical-alert-now-on-all-platforms
  6. I can't drink, I'm sober for a year now and dont want to ruin that.
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