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  1. Disastrous_Luck

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

  2. Disastrous_Luck

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.1

    I'm getting the worst FPS drops I've ever had in my entire time owning this game. It's chunking down to like 10 frames a second sometimes, and the resolution goes to 800x600 as everything blurs together. Anytime someone joins my game while in mission, a huge lag spike occurs when they get dropped in.
  3. Disastrous_Luck

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

  4. Disastrous_Luck

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.3

    My Eidolon fight issues summed up: Shrine will randomly not accept 4th shard. I've had this happen a couple times and it seems like it's requiring shards to be placed in a certain order or it auto ejects the 4th shard until the whole squad pulls shards out and places them back in. Sometimes this doesn't work at all and trio hunt has to be scrapped and restarted. The Eidolon will randomly sink in the ground and spawn elsewhere with full shields. There's seemingly no rhyme or reason for this. At first it happened 3 or so times when it touched a body of water. I've had it happen 5 or so times since where in the middle of a fight in an open field it sinks in the ground. Having just done a trio kill and loading into cetus, I went back through the gate asap to attempt another trio with my group. We got duo within the time limit and went back to Cetus to disband. Now in my liset I went to spend my shards on focus to see only the shards from the duo kills were in my inventory. I can't recall which arcanes I got from the trio kills but if I didn't get the shards I likely didn't get the arcanes either. I guess the trio rewards didn't get correctly logged upon entry and exit so quickly from Cetus, that really sucks to lose an entire trio of rewards. Will edit with more as I remember...
  5. Disastrous_Luck

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.3

    eidolon fight fixes?!
  6. Disastrous_Luck

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.1

    Twice in a row now within blowing the first or 2nd limb of gantulyst the game locks and crashes. This made everyone crash and we lost all rewards from both earlier terra fights as far as I can tell. Lame.
  7. Disastrous_Luck

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.1

    does this address the blurry screen issue?
  8. Disastrous_Luck

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0

    why does my screen keep randomly going blurry and staying like that until I extract? This is twice in a row upon launching into neo defense.
  9. Disastrous_Luck

    Chains of Harrow: Update 21.4.0

    Tempest Barrage Tempest Barrage can now be charged for longer Duration (more explosions) and more Damage for more Energy. There's no indication in the UI as to the state of the charge when charging it. At least when casting tentacles Hydroid will throw his fist up giving an indication that he's charging it, but there's nothing to indicate the min/max charging when doing this with barrage. Give us an indicator of some kind so we can time it correctly to enemy movement.
  10. Disastrous_Luck

    Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.3

    good now fix the black hole of energy consumption that is Oberons interaction with Nekros and his Shadows of the dead.
  11. Disastrous_Luck

    The Pacifism Defect: Hotfix 19.12.2

  12. Disastrous_Luck

    Hotfix 19.0.6+

    I'm 6 out of 7 for getting rivens for a sortie reward so far...
  13. Disastrous_Luck

    Hotfix 19.0.6+

    Nobody else? I'm the only one to have a (maxed! grrr) riven mod disappear from arsenal? I sent in a ticket, but I can't be the only one...can I?!
  14. Disastrous_Luck

    Hotfix 19.0.6+

    I just logged in and my ignis riven is gone. I don't think that's supposed to have happened? Anyone else run into this problem?