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  1. good job man you said exactly what I said in the actual image
  2. Even after the "nerf" glaives are still EXTREMELY powerful, way too powerful even, at least, in the case of the glaive prime and cerata. The glaive prime and cerata both exist in a state that is essentially "if you have this equipped do not bother using your other weapons", meanwhile every other glaive with the exception of one is practically garbage. The glaive in question is the pathocyst. While it still largely oneshots corpus and infested, on bulkier corpus units and grineer it is the literal only glaive in the game where combo potential with a secondary comes into play. At risk of angering the brainless inaros players I think it's safe to say that glaives could stand to be hit a bit harder. They aren't being used as melee weapons, they're a throwable bomb that coats a room in slash/toxin/viral procs. And going back to secondary comboing, I think it would GREATLY aide other melee types to receive the same utility. Single daggers and machetes come to mind. With their unique finisher mechanics, daggers would make for an extremely dynamic playstyle if given the ability to combo with a pistol like glaives do. Meanwhile machetes suffer from mediocre stats across the board almost wholesale, with the machete wraith being the only "good" one, but with the nerf of CO and the migration of melee more towards heavy attacks over sustained combo, machetes have greatly suffered for their lack of good crit stats. Giving them pistol combo potential would not only help bring them up to par, but also further separate them from longswords in usage.
  3. nah I forgot about him. I was more just thinking of like what the water cooler talk must be like. "Yeah you hear about Tony in HR? Beheaded by ninjas, real shame"
  4. This is a thought I've had several times and a thought I'm sure many others have had, probably even posted about on these same forums. Take a look back and look at the factions in warframe, look at how they work, who they are, what they do. We have the biggest enemy faction, the grineer. Mass produced mostly mindless clones subservient to their queens, who essentially exist to mine the resources out of the system for pretty vague reasons. There's the semantics of how killing grineer could be wrong considering their mental state and what not but I mean end of the day they're the most generic kind of evil force and also this game does have a quest where you kill an autistic child so it's not exactly the worst warframe has done. Then there's the infested right, evil space fungus. Extremely generic and once again evil concept, no real question why we kill them. Sentients are also just evil angry robots who want to kill all humans, totally generic black and white evil faction no semantics about it. What about the corpus though? I mean sure the big names like Nef Anyo and Alad V, yeah those dudes are evil, totally man without a doubt. I mean that's without question. But then crewmen? They're just like, amazon employees. These are just dudes working on what is essentially a space warehouse. The only difference is that instead of working for Jeff Bezos for financial reasons, they're working for Alad V for religious reasons. You really think each and every crewman is evil? I mean each and every grineer is by design, the ones who aren't get euthanized or run away to join steel meridian, they're considered faulty. But I mean, crewmen are just regular office workers, I mean yeah they have guns and what not but considering how many of the corpus weapons are "repurposed tools" or just standard issue self defense stuff it seems that it really just comes down to "The tenno are an ocupational hazard take these for self defense." Now like moas, ospreys, jackals and whatnot I mean those are robots, programmed for hatred and murder, yeah whatever. But then the just, amazon fulfillment center crewmen make up so many of the casualties in corpus missions and they're literally just employees. That's kinda messed up man, like I get the tenno are a not so subtle terrorist organization but really there's like not even any attempt to convey that "hey, those people with the funny rectangle helmets are just forklift operators and accountants"
  5. I swear I'm the one person on god's green earth who actually LIKES the k-drive, but there are two glaring issues with merulina that I cannot stand. 1. Merulina controls terribly in basically every mission. K-drive was designed for open world and that really shows in this frame. Hallways are too cramped and ceilings are too low for this to be functional as is. It also breaks on certain mission geometry. Attempting to activate an elevator on merulina causes you to fall infinitely with no escape. Unstuck does not work and all abilities are disabled. 2. Merulina for some reason DOES NOT EVEN COUNT AS A K-DRIVE. YOU CANNOT DO RACES WITH MERULINA, WHY? So we have an exalted skateboard that can hardly be used in normal missions, and can't be used in open world either. It really is baffling how poorly designed merulina is. My immediate suggestion would be, of course fix Merulina to have it count as a K-drive for races, but furthermore maybe something like the following. Don't make merulina disappear on dismount, instead on dismount place merulina on the ground. Tapping E remounts merulina, holding E allows you to grab merulina like one of volt's shields. When used as a shield Merulina would only provide the defensive bonuses it has, it would not alter movement in any way and your 2 handed abilities would remain a stationary cast. This is the only way I can see to give Yareli actual reliable survivability without it being immensely frustrating, short of redoing literally every single tileset in the game to accomodate k-drive.
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