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  1. For one to become a real god,they must face the hardest challenge.T H E C O N C L A V E
  2. volt1 /vəʊlt,vɒlt/ the SI unit of electromotive force, the difference of potential that would carry one ampere of current against one ohm resistance. Mach /mɑːk,mak/ noun the ratio of the speed of a body to the speed of sound in the surrounding medium. It is often used with a numeral (as Mach 1, Mach 2, etc.) to indicate the speed of sound, twice the speed of sound, etc. you're a bunch of idiots.
  3. you know there is an auto play option right?can't be any easier
  4. As the others said,its do easy now.You had to do 12 in the last nightwave and it was still something very easy
  5. What happened to that big infested sword that you showed us several devstreams ago?
  6. Ok,after this one can you stop delaying every single devstream? This one might have a reason but please stop delaying them ffs...
  7. Speaking of tatsu,can you please consider buffing it?
  8. Remove the slow on her 1,give her 3 some damage reduction to make it worth to cast,make her aegis storm faster and let her use both of her balefire in her ult at the same time.Its all she needs.
  9. are you serious?? you put her blueprint in the last rank of vox solaris?? i already skipped baruuk because of that,which wasn't such a big problem for me cause i didn't like him but this again?im not going to farm her untill you replace her blueprint thanks.
  10. and you need shadow rank in vox solaris to unlock her blueprint???? YEAH no thanks im not gonna play this warframe i guess.
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