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  1. Here's a fun thread, what weapons Frome EACH syndicate do you think are the best or like the most.
  2. Is it a kid or a squid though?
  3. Its burnout. Happens to literally ALL of us. Some more than others. Some may dilute this with communities or simply just playing other games. Playing Warframe for hours and hours WILL lead to burnout the game is repetitive and you will get to a point where you feel like theres nothing worth while to do. I play Warframe on and off. It holds me off between games I am waiting to be released. Warframe is always contantantly adding things, so its worth going back to check out what DE has started. I will always come back to it but never donate my hear and soul to it.
  4. Male Operators could use some love. They are finally getting a few hairstyles after the 3 waves of female ones.
  5. Yup I hope they remove the map nukes. Watching your screen studder contantly and sitting around for the whole mission is just bad af for the game. People are currently abusing it to speed up defense missions to a monstrous degree specially Arbitrations, Arbitrations have a 40% to encounter a Synoid Mirage to amass endo and scultures out their buttchecks. I like Mirage with the Synoid, but this....interaction saddens me. That and after Fortuna part 2 buffed the Simulor...it also brought that awfully blinding effect to the simulor, I loved the simulor and was happy for a buff to it but...the brightness of it makes me not ever want to use it, it used to look like vaubans 4th but with the Suda symbol but now its... a massive cloud of smoke, NEVER use anything thats not pitch balck on its energy color.
  6. Ever since release Ive had contant crashes everyone in a while on Warframe on switch. Sometimes it lessens in some missions and increases somewhere else. For example a big place to be expecting crashes right now its Orb Vallis, los of crashes in Vallis atm. Whether its at random in the field when u moved quickly in a direction or when your loading in and out of it. Kinda like the plains before the Fortuna.
  7. I doubt DE will touch this corpse of Game mode again anytime soon, they seem to just wanna put a rug over it and focus on relevant content that will suck up new players. Lunaro is such a shame its interesting enough, a little shallow on due to lack of maps and mechanics but fun, but its utterly pointless. Conclave Rewards are lackluster and feel like a complete time sink due to the lack of valueable rewards for your time put into it...not to mention you cant rely on the game mode feeling fun either from how gross and specific "good" pvp load-outs are. The appeal of playing Conclave is as appealing as playing earth missions with a low level MK1-braton with a host using Mc Donalds public wifi for hours on end, and even that sounds much much more fun thing to do to pass the time. As for something that I would think would be kinda fun, being to play a pvp game mode where your not using your Frames...alot of pvp issues boil down to Warframe's guns, mods and Frames not being appropriate for this scene. Being able to play as enemies or idk just something else that not something from your arsenal would smooth out balance a bit. Maybe a Frames (You use certain weapons you get provided in said gamemode) vs infested players (that can mutate or something) or something. Corpus vs Grineer. Playing as Syndicate representatives. Fricking Moas on a abandoned Corpus ships attempting to whipe out infested enemies taking over. Theres alot more potential to make fun player vs player game modes with ideas like these. But what I said above matter non if theres no good rewards and they dont fix the way Warframe handles online lobbies...this affects pve too... Host Migrations anyone?
  8. Stalker is edgy Excalibur with a different head...kinda like his acolytes are warframes with the stalker head. He even uses Excals 4th... Dread, Hate, Despair. Being Primed would imply they are copies of an Orokin version?? War Prime... yeah, no. That would make no sense given its Sentient Nature. We don't even know what Stalker is, or what his deal is. Transference gone wrong? Another Umbra Excal situation? A tenno who is just extra edgy? Who knows!
  9. Nightwave made me make a Zaw at MR 22. Its my first Zaw, and I love how it turned out. Yes I ignored Zaws for this long. Challenges might be annoying to some(or most) but they serve their function.
  10. Kavats be selling nowadays though? People are addicted to Smetta Kavats...for good reasons free loots.
  11. Mesmer skin is very good.... if they add a very minor invincibility between a stack getting taken it becomes an crazy good ability. But I do like the whole eidolon scream thing would be very awesome.
  12. Stadias trailer is literally "Look we want to make this thing it has potential" but they don't show you something concrete.
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