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  1. I would like to also add that once you should break the containers inside Crewships. Those drop good amount of loot and it only takes a few seconds to do so. A method I use is to once I board the Crewship directly run to the its gunner and shoot him once so he gets up from that turret. After that, since that Crewship is mostly harmless against my team and if Im sure there is no other Crewships outside either, I start killing the grineer in the Crewship to farm some intrinsics for my team. Do at your own risk and read the chat for your teams callouts.
  2. I agree with this and want to add that, for example in Carcinnox case Zetki only has around 50% more damage than Vidar variant but it heats up 3 times faster. Additionally Vidar can get a damage bonus % while Zetki gets a fire rate % which worsens its heat up even more. So I would say Vidar Mk3 Carcinnox is superior to Zetki Mk3 Carcinnox. But in Cryphons case, since it is a high damage per hit weapon which is used mostly like a Semi Auto, if you combine it with the Polar Coil avionic, which increases heat capacity, Zetki version of it would be the superior one with its highest base damage. It all depends on the weapon I guess.
  3. The containers inside points of interests do drop archwing mods. I have already gotten 2 System Reroute from them.
  4. What I mean by the title is, for example, a Zetki Mk3 Carcinnox will always have a fire rate bonus, a Vidar Mk3 Carcinnox will always have a damage bonus, Zetki Mk3 Cryophon will always have fire rate etc. Just something I thought was interesting. EDIT: I have tested this in about 20 weapons. If anyone has gotten something different please post it.
  5. I see what Steve's point in the stream was with how there should be an enemy that kicks our butt for a change, but in the current system there is no way to avoid this. If you want to find the correct Parazon mods, you HAVE TO get killed. I like the Lich system in general but this isn't a fun or engaging mechanic in any way. Also I don't think anyone realized Liches also die when they kill you until Steve mentioned it in the Devstream today. I think that should be more emphasized.
  6. The tutorial which appears in The Archwing Quest right after you equip your archwing for the first time shows the old Afterburner controls (Forward Arrow + Spacebar).
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