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  1. Yep, the bug seems to be with the spear itself itseems. I had the same issue the first time when I used it to drop down one of those pods on the infested tendrils, the second time was here in the screenshot, when I was fishing and my spear hit the ground.
  2. had to abort twice since I play in solo and no mobs were in range to kill me.
  3. Nah mine was in a very weird place, up high on one of those big infested clumps and tendrils. I literally needed to use my archwing it got stuck on the wall after tranqing it haha.
  4. It took me like half hour to find one hanging on a wall, hidden behind other debris.
  5. I don't have much of a problem having to look around a little more, but nevertheless I won't complain if they make the highlight a much more obvious and use colour that stands out from the enviroment like a bright blue or green. The more QOL the better, but yeah bad decision in hidsight, making the highlight colours orange in an enviroment like deimos.
  6. So uh is there intentionally no devstream alert, catalyst, forma, slot, riven etc ?
  7. Yep, doesn't work, I did say unstuck doesn't work. I suggest you re read my post as you seem to have missed that part.
  8. Twice now this has happend while in solo mode , I'm fishing when all of a sudden my character gets "stuck" on literally nothing and I can't move. Nothing fixes it, outside aborting the mission and thus losing all my loot not once but twice now. The warframe gets stuck, can't move can't shoot, cant do anything outside look around with the camera, I can't go into operator and unstuck doesn't work either. I figured they fixed this BS with all the hotfixes, but no they missed this literal gamebreaking glitch. Anyone else encounter this table banging glitch ? Cause I'm annoyed that I have to y
  9. Yeah cause they nerfed the shiet out of him pre update, for no good reason.
  10. I agree, when it comes to UI I will always prefer function over "looking pretty"
  11. o.O holy S#&$ perfect world is where games go to die ><. DE stay your own publisher
  12. Why not just make the standard version better? Adding another new version will not fix the problem -.- .
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