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  1. I play Mesa a lot, even put my first umbral forma on Mesa prime. I run with reletively low power strength myself, the reason why is because most of Mesa's peacemaker damage comes from her exalted weapon itself and how you mod it, firing rate being the most important stat that has the biggest impact on her DPS, rather than raw damage per shot. This is important as most of your damage output will be coming from them rather than power strength itself. I personally run with high duration (250%+) and relatively low power strength, (150 %), because it not only makes my shatter shield last long for a nice safe buffer, you can't recast till its duration ends so the extra bit of duration really helps, but also to make my peackeepers last as long as possible while costing as little as possible, without cutting into my other stats of course like duration. Thus your main focus on the warframe itself, should be high duration and relatively high efficiency( do not use fleeting expertise), if your main focus is DPS with peackeepers and not a niche shooting gallery build. As for her peacmakers themselves your main focus should be as follows: *Firing rate: use anemic agility as this is the most fire rate you will get out of a single mod and the 15% damage loss is negligent as it is entirely outweighed by the extra fire rate this mod provides. *Crit chance and crit damage: use the prime mods if you have them, primed target cracker and pistol gambit. *Necessary damage mods for pistols: Hornet strike, lethal torrent and barrel diffusion. *Elemental damage type for the appropriate enemy type: do not use dual stat mods, but the full damage 90% ones as those give the most damage output and peacmakers are not a status or hybrid weapon and most of your damage will nto be coming from it. *Side note: you can also use arcane velocity for that extra cherry on top boost in firing rate, if you have those arcanes. This is the way I build my peacmakers and my Mesa for the most part, it is the best way to build her peackeepers for DPS,without sacficing other important mods. Hope this advice is useful to someone, unsure of how to build Mesa for peacemaker DPS.
  2. I still think another slot for augs specfically, would be better, but that isn't a bad solution either. Especially if you rebalance the augment costs accordingly like I stated before.
  3. i agree, cause as it stands they're quite literally useless mods that clog up the loot tables.
  4. This is why I wish to seperate certain augments into different catagories, one for direct power increase augments and ones for quality of life augments. Augments are not created equal in warframe, some are straight up more useful or have more powerful effects than others. The only problem however I might see with my solution is which mod would be put into which catagory. It has to be done right otherwise some augments are going to be put into the wrong catagory, if done incorrectly low power mods could end up costing too much and vice versa. In case anyone didn't see my post earlier or forgot this was my soloution: "I put forth the the idea of indeed having a warframe augment slot however, the slot would go alongside the sorting of augment mods into different catagories." "Ones that directly increase power and ones that offer more of a utility and QOL change to the said Warframe". "The utility augments would have a lower energy cost, meanwhile augments that give a boost in power or both utility and power should cost double the energy of a utility augment, for example".
  5. The exception to the rule, doesn't make it the rule. Doesn't change the fact that 99% of augments suck.
  6. The thing is why would you ever do public eidolon hunts ? You should know better, everyone I know that is serious about hunting eidolons does not go public, they head to recruiting and find players there, to get the kind of players they are looking for. going to public for your hunts is just asking to fail at that point.
  7. Well here is hoping it stays on track lol and it doesn't end up with people talking about thingss that are completely unrelated. Anyway, yeah the syndicate system is a tad outdated at this point, should be better ways to obtain these augments. Honestly the entire augment system is borked at this point, but besides on ways to better obtain them, I made a suggestion earlier for a way to fix the augments themselves or rather a way to sort them and place to put them on the Warframe. It was kinda skimmed over cause the thread got a little derailed, but nevertheless I'll repeat my sugestions here. I put forth the the idea of indeed having a warframe augment slot however, the slot would go alongside the sorting augment mods into different catagories. Ones that directly increase power and ones that offer more of a utility and QOL change to the said Warframe. The utility augments would have a lower energy cost, meanwhile augments that give a boost in power or both utility and power should cost double the energy of a utility augment for example. Now this is just what I can think off of the top of my head, just a rough idea of how we could clean up the system, nothing concrete so its not like I have everything planned this all out or anything, it's just some of my ideas on what could be done to improve upon it.
  8. Aaaaaand its gone, the thread has now fully derailed, here I was hoping we could have a genuine discussion over augment mods.
  9. I am sorry but there will always be power creep in a game like this and thats not neccesarily a bad thing, you just have to make sure the power creep is over time and that it is a steady and slow increase. As long as you aren't making certain items completely useless, powercreep isn't neccesarily a bad thing as long as it is done correctly.
  10. Except most augments simply do not work like that, they are either so good you're gimping yourself if you don't use them, IE excalibur's chromatic blade aug or they're so bad they're not even worth considering sacrificing for a mod slot, which is 99% of them. DE has to rework the entire augment system if they want it to be more well rounded and balanced system. There needs to not only be an augment slot, but a rebalacing of augments into two catagories ones that directly increase a warframe's effctiveness and ones that are more of a utility and QOL change rather than power. The QOL augments should cost signifanctly less energy to slot in, meanwhile direct power increase augments should cost double the energy capacity in exchange for the extra power they grant warframes.
  11. funny cause even now, these changes aren't even worth sacrificing power, very few of these changes make these augments usable, they're still just as meh as they were before, besides the rare few exceptions
  12. What a load of poopoo, "pride" is inherently political and "pride day" is inherently exclusive, it celebrates certain sexual preferences and excludes others but its very nature. Saying it's "inclusive" when it really isn't in reality will not change that, that is hypocrisy at its finest. I know this is strawman, but I will debunk itneverless. Gaming is incluisive but not when when there is real life politics involved, this is why why all devs and videogames should try to be as politically neutral as possible, less they wish to divide and split there very own community.
  13. Everything, that stance Inherently comes from a certain political side, "pride day" is leftwing celebration in of itself and is most definetly a political statement. Either way, it should not be put into our videogames, all it serves to do is split a community that had no quarrels with each other, that were friendly and amicable with each other over a hobby they both enjoyed. Videogames bring people together, meanwhile politics inherently do not, regardless of what side you support. Thus you want to keep politics as far away from videogames as possible, people come here to get away from all the crap of real life, it is escapism.
  14. How about...... No, keep this bullS#&$ pandering out of our videogames. Not everything needs to be political and I would like to keep it that way thank you. You do not speak for the vast majority of the warframe community, you only speak for yourself just like me and others only speak for ourselves. You do not represent me and niether do I represent you, so do not act like you represent the millions of players that play this game.
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