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  1. Ah I see, overall yeah seems we are pretty much in agreement, as of now range stats not affecting wave size, charge attacks being nonexistant in the combos, slide blind being pointless and only existing for extra energy drain, jump attacks basically doing nothing and also have small range. These are the core issues currently affecting EB, and are the issues I would improve upon to stave off the eventual rework Excal needs for a bit longer. Overall though I think getting rid off EB is a bad idea, as a melee weapon it functions perfectly fine, it just needs a rework in it's utility and "exalted" areas. He's not the only frame though with a bad exalted ability and he's certainly not the worst either. His 1 and 3 definetly need signifcant rework and/ or replacement and are things that I think should be changed first, as they are in a worse state than any other ablities he has.
  2. I'll be honest here, I completely forgot about Baruuk and his Serene storm, shows you how much I play him lol. I was wrong when I said it was the best exalted melee, however it's not neccesarily because it lacks in the damage department, but in others as stated, utility and range. I still stand by the fact that it is not the worst exalted weapon currently in game and not as you describe it "terrible," but it could be a lot better for sure. Moving along did you not read the more radical changes I had in mind ? You haven't commented about them at all.
  3. I'm a lower level founder, so sadly no Prime for me, nevertheless I love Umbra and play with him all the time,he's my go do frame for general content that I don't have to metagame for and a warframe I still enjoy playing even many years later. I disagree with people calling EB weak, just cause melee is pretty good now, it still melts 150+ enemies with chromatic blade in seconds, outside of Mesa's pistols, he has the best exalted weapon. The problem with his exalted weapon is that it lacks range, utility and sometimes damage,specfically with the bladewave damage dropoff, a problem all warframes that aren't Mesa have, yes Ivara's bow sucks too. These problems aren't specfic to Excalibur, but exalted weapons as a whole. The changes I listed take all your changes into account, every single one, I even improved upon some, like the melee damage and range buff you wanted to make his 4th, like I said all EB needs is some tweaks and improvements and it becomes really good, maybe not my specfic changes I listed earlier, but improvement nevertheless. EB stays, it doesn't need signifcant rework to become good just some buffs and tweaks here and there. That said I do like a lot of your ideas here and a lot of it works, especially if you implemented the changes like I suggested while keeping EB. I actually like your idea of more powerful waves but with a signifcant cost to energy, in fact I have already thought of some improvements that take your ideas into account for EB as I have been typing. This is just a rough idea I have of how it would function and are more radical changes than previously suggested, so take it with a grain of salt, anyway all that preamble out the way the changes to EB would be as follows : Exalted Blade: Summon a blade made of pure energy, normal attacks shoot out energy waves dealing 50% of the weapons damage, so actually even less than they do now, a literal halving of its normal wave attack damage, however it no longer drains any energy for any of these regular wave attacks made with the sword. Instead these wave attacks now take into account 50% of the exalted melees range stat and/ or Warframes range stat and thus are larger and hit more enemies, removed damage drop off. (Again these numbers are really rough so bare with me) Thats just the first part of the changes, the next part is where the fun really begins. To compensate for the removal of the energy drain, charged/ power attacks now drain a significant amount of energy per charge attack, but have an increased status and crit chance, with 50% flat added to status chance and 100% flat added to crit chance, thats not all either these charge attacks unlike normal attacks take into account both 100% of the warframe's range and melee range stats into account on top of a multiplier to these stats, that increases with power strength. Combos would of course be changed and improved upon to take this into account. So this leads to massive charge attack waves that drain a lot of energy but deal a lot of damage. As for the jump slam attacks, they shoot out energy bladewaves in all directions on landing, these waves don't have any crazy damage numbers or range though, just regular exalted waves with a very short range. However the heavy slam that consumes heavy counter doesn't shoot out energy blade waves instead upon landing swords come out of the ground and impale enemies in a radius around it for a short time, keeping them held there as easy prey for Excal to kill. These are significant changes that I never would expect DE to ever implement, however were I to make radical changes to EB, instead of just a few tweaks, this is along the lines of what I would do. Turn Excal into a complete swordsman, that unleashes huge energy blades with his sword charge attacks, entirely honed in on his sword. Cause lets be real here he hasn't been a "jack of all trades" for years now.
  4. Ahah, was looking at a post about this. The catchmoon primary is absolute garabge, you can't buff the radius since it counts as a shotgun and there are no range mods for shotguns. if you're gonna have a very small radius projectile you need to have a much longer range, you can't have shotgun range falloff and a very small projectile radius on a shotgun, you shoule have one or the other. Honestly it makes no sense why they did this, really does feel like an oversight on their part. It's the only kitgun thats actually worse than it's secondary version, they either need to increase its projectile radius significantly or add an explosion radius mod for shotgun type weapons, maybe both. otherwise the easy soloution would be to just make this a "rifle" since it basically has the characteriscs of a short ranged one.
  5. Getting rid of his exalted blade is a terrible idea, as a founder and long time player, Excalibur is one of my favourite warframes of all time and chosen starter, I would be real pissed off were you to do this and I am sure many else would be, he is well known for the exalted sword iconography and having it removed would only take away what made him so cool and fun in the first place. It's the best part of Excal and only needs a few tweaks if it's having issues with range or utility, since it's damage is fine. What I would do instead is reduce or remove the damage dropoff, like it had in the past before its nerfs and make the wave size based off 50% of melee range and also remove the useless blind on slide attack, that only exists to drain extra energy. Outside his 4th however there are some good ideas here. What I would do instead though is make his blind his first ability and remove slash dash altogether, cause lets be real here its useless and clunky as stated. Then after removing slash dash and replacing it with blind, I would make his 2 your idea for javelin and his third your idea for exaltd blade. So here is how he would look overall: His 1 ability would be Radial Blind, His 2 would be Radial Javelins that pull all enemies within line of sight of Excal to him, just like Nidus Larvae, but centred on himself. His 3 would the melee aura buff, however instead it would be a buff on a timer , he would have blades surrounding him sorta like virgil from DMC, you could have the blades damaging anyone who gets too close, with damage being based of the exalted blade and when recast or the duration expires all blades shoot out, also doing damage based off exalted blade. His 4th would be an improved exalted Blade I think this is a better version of your sugesstions, while keeping what everyone loves him for, his Exalted blade and still reworking and buffing him.
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