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  1. Why is there no fix for the Kuva Lich Defection bug yet? For such a major bug I hoped this would've been considered a priority. EDIT: Undocumented fix! The tile is now Exterminate
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Kuva Lich territory is a Defection mission which only spawns Infested units. Completing the mission doesn't clear the lich's influence since no thralls will spawn, hence a Rank 1 kuva lich won't leave the first planet and the player is stuck. REPRODUCTION: Entering the Kuva Lich Defection mission EXPECTED RESULT: Sources say that a Kavor Defector has a chance to spawn as a thrall, and a successful mercy kill should solve the issue. OBSERVED RESULT: None of the Kavor Defectors convert into a thrall even after going several rounds in the mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: Consistently
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