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  1. Same problem, 0 toroids per hour
  2. so i bought riven from Simaris and it it turned out to be a riven for Sobek. Does something go wrong?
  3. @TheRealShade the problem with ex blade and monkey stuff is that it is unique weapons that have unique aspects of animations. Even Mesa's Regulators have unique hand holsters. But Ivara's bow is actually just an ordinary bow, nothing special. So why not to share skins with other bows ?
  4. @Test-995 its not actually opposite, i want it too and both options is very desirable if Artemis bow will be just bow so we will get new fantastic skin for all bows and ability to use arrows skin for Artemis bow
  5. Can we _PLEASE_ get it as skin for all bows, not only for Ivara's 4 ? Maybe i played some mmormg too much but IT S DAMN AMAZING BEST SKIN IN THE GAME OOH MY GOD Please ? Ю_Ю
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