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  1. Is it better for me to farm the lower level version for faster kills or the higher level version for better drop rate? If it doesn't matter I'll just farm the lower level one obviously.
  2. Yay! Thank you @[DE]Rebecca! Any word on when we'll get the tennogen items back that had to be removed? Love your game and appreciate all your work!
  3. Do you know if the bug is still in effect that makes Zaw weapon stats add to the calculation?
  4. I've been doing some research on what are good weapons to go for to get the most out of Atlas's Landslide ability; however, I can't seem to quite pin down what is the best direction to go in. From what I can gather so far, high riven disposition weapons are preferable such as the: Amphis (1.5 Disposition) Mire (1.43 Disposition, +100% toxin damage augment, innate toxin damage that affects Landslide) Jaw Sword (1.47 Disposition and +100% melee damage augment) [Prisma] Skana (1.22 Disposition and +100% melee damage augment) Also honorable mention to: Venka Prime Disposition is only 0.5, however... According to the wiki "Landslide's damage is affected by Venka Prime's modified Melee Combo Counter" Riven could help, but may not be required due to passive effect Lastly, I've seen some mentions of a bug that was fixed involving Zaw weapon stats being calculated when "stat sticking", but I can't find any solid source on that. For now, I'll assume Zaws are no longer to be considered. So with all this in mind, my confusion comes from some people favoring impact based weapons with landslide. The wiki claims that "Landslide is not affected by the equipped melee weapon's stats and innate effects" with the mire being the only exception; so why then do I see some people favoring impact based weapons like War, Amphis, etc.? I know modding the melee weapon in question with impact damage matters because that is Landslide's primary damage component, but would it not be better to just get a Jaw Sword or Mire riven since they have their specific augments and are only slightly lower than the Amphis in disposition? If anyone could shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it, thank you!
  5. Whoops, indentation messed me up. That's embarrassing :(, thank you!
  6. I guess my main confusion is understanding how I was supposed to know WHEN I could start attempting Exploiter Orb. I had scanned all the codex stuff around fortuna during buried debts and tried to go in the cave, but the door wouldn't open. Since then I hadn't checked because nothing in game told me it had changed. Frustrating lack of communication to the player by DE unless I missed something. Anyways, thanks for all the replies everyone!
  7. Past week or two I've gotten this code about 4 times all while being in my orbiter shortly after finishing a mission. Seems to be only warframe related.
  8. Really? I was never notified anywhere when this became available...kinda disappointed by the lack of communication in game.
  9. Generally very confused about how this event is playing out for NSW, I did all my thermia fractures long ago and scanned all the codex stuff but was never able to enter exploiter fight in the cave. Now I see the event is gone and I'm worried that I missed my opportunity. If anyone could clear this up I would appreciate it.
  10. Since I will be buying the prime access, but haven't played much Equinox, I was hoping you guys could throw out some of your favorite ways to play the frame. In my limited experience, I usually just end up farming damage for 4 in day form and releasing it when my brain says "big damage number, me like". Is there any more nuance or underappreciated approaches to playing Equinox? Do any of the augments stand out in particular? Thanks to those who reply. Hope you're all as excited as I am!
  11. @GnarlsDarkley Thank you! I'll check it out.
  12. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just a bit confused by how the buried debts event is being handled for us console players. I'm on Switch and we just got the update yesterday; I can see the thermia fracture side of the event, but I'm not clear if we also have to participate in the ARG, scan the glyphs across Orb Vallis, and whether or not I can fight the Exploiter Orb. If anyone could explain how this all works I would really appreciate the help. Thank you in advance!
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