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  1. I understand how it can be frustrating for the new players to be spoilered by operators, however, personally, I am too used to the operator mode, there is just no way I won't accidentially use it even if I am aware there are low MR players around.
  2. Regarding the resources, I was under the impression (correct me if I am wrong) that everyone uses his own, there is no "shared' stockpile of resources, so other players can't possibly grief you like this.
  3. GGG (makers of Path of Exile) have been majorly owned (80% shares) by Tencent directly for a decent amount of time, and there were no changes to their money making scheme. And recently they announced PoE 2 on a new engine that will be free, with the ability to keep all your mtxs... very Chinese move. You know who is the publisher of Sekiro? Activision. Have you seen any lootboxes, battlepasses and other crap in that game? No The point is, stop spreading pointless panic and talking out of your a$$. Regardless of its investors, unless DE wills it, nothing will happen to Warframe.
  4. You should probably stop listening to these people because: 1) Most of the game happens under level 80 anyway. 2) Atlas, Gara and Banshee (at least savage banshee, and no, I am not memeing) are perfectly capable of going against high level enemies solo with no issues.
  5. I am afraid that it will be like trying to max out focus schools without trycaps. .
  6. I can confirm that this bug is still in the game. The funniest part was when my tonkor Lich, in one instance, managed to deal 200 damage to my Umbral Chroma at max buffs, then another time (also with fully charged chroma buffs at around 300 strength) one shot him... What can I say, use Valkyr or Revenant, they can't be oneshot like this with hysteria/mesmer skin.
  7. A lot of melee weapons are really good right now (without rivens or even forma sometimes). I guess more and more people are starting to figure it out (finally).
  8. Honestly I think DE's main problem right now is that they are trying to do too much at the same time. They would iron out the nemesis system... Too bad they have promised too much, are running behind schedule, and have: Railjack to work on (and full space combat mode with it's own progression, damage types, missions, resources etc. is pretty freaking difficult to do), New War, Duviri, next Prime, next regular frame, new delux skins, new Nightwave, and god knows what else that they are working on but not sharing it yet...
  9. I have shared my opinion on the system numerous times, and also made some small suggestions regarding the system in feedback forums (link for those who are interested: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1143253-liches-should-be-more-involved-in-the-overall-game/?tab=comments#comment-11170398 ) In short - so far this is just a complicated gun farm, Liches don't feel like Nemesis since they can't really get back at you in any way. This also suffers from the "separate island" problem - once you start hunting your Lich, you stop doing everything else unless you want to grief yourself with resource stealing and ocassional assasination attempts from your Lich. And if you don't want to, the system is opt-in. Normal people who don't like certain content in a game don't engage with it. Now I did like it for the first few times: I killed my first Lich, got my future Lich crew of converted Liches, and will probably buy a Chakkur Lich since I like the gun...But that would be it for me with the nemesis system in it's current state.
  10. Doing solo hour long survivals as endless hysteria valkyr in T4 void was fun. Camping endlessly with a CC group and Synoid simulor in the void was... efficient, but less fun. I miss nothing from the old days, however I did like that Void was the endgame location, I really like the tileset. Since those days, everything in the game was improved in my opinion.
  11. To be honest, the loss of one revive is not that big of a deal. In fact, poor Lich has no way of getting back at you - the amount they steal is puny, unless you overlevel your Lich for some reason before having all parazon mods availabe (even then it's not a big deal, since at this point you would be farming requiem relics and requiem fissures, and both cannot be stolen by the Lich). I believe the Lich has to have some way of getting back at you. Would you take this offer: 1) Lich doesn't kill you on a failed parazon, it escapes or "dies" only to power up and mock you later. 2) However, everytime he actually kills you, you lose some of your murmur progress (maybe like a couple of thralls worth of progress). What do you think?
  12. The thing that primarly bothers me with the Lich system is that it is just a veiled gun farm... Even when they addressed that "we didn't want you to farm a weapon for 72 days"... well how about making the nemesis system revolve around something other than a weapon?? So it would be real long-standing nemesis, not just a guy with a funny RNG name to lol at that you burst down in a few play sessions. Well, at least I can have a Lich crew, this is something. Still, so many cool things could be done with Liches.
  13. They said it will be possible to solo even higher difficulty levels in Railjack, just difficult (so I guess like Profit taker or Triple Eidolon capture level of difficullty). If I recall correctly DE Sheldon said that he played most missions solo. What I am afraid of is that the most viable tactic might be to just park your railjack in asteroids and kill everything with your archwing...
  14. Trust me, if real-life military could produce jet fighters that can instantly nullify inertia without using some crazy thrusters or killing the pilot in the process, they would do it in a heart beat since it would allow for a much better combat maneuverability (which it does in the game as well). With all the advanced tech and "void magic" that are available in the game, it doesn't break my immersion in the slightest that archwings behave this way. In fact, it would break my immersion more if my super advanced futuristic flying contraption behaved like a modern day jet.
  15. Honestly I would love the nemesis system to get extra attention from the developers, since right now it is unfortunately just a well-dressed weapon grind when it can be so much more (and has clearly a ton of work behind it). Made some small suggestions regarding the system in feedback forums myself (link: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1143253-liches-should-be-more-involved-in-the-overall-game/?tab=comments#comment-11170398 Big kudos to the creator of this mini-game, I think some of his ideas are rather cool (and a great practical illustration).
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