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  1. A link to this thread or the actual links for each platform should be displayed in-game for everyone to be aware of this, maybe put it between the information that you get when clicking on trade chat, or have another trade chat entirely dedicated to rivens. Also maximum prices I think should be limited by the developer, so that people dont even have the chance to ask for astronomical amounts of plat. Maybe the amount of plat you can pay for a riven should be capped at 1-2k.
  2. Yes, these need to be fixed if DE intends for Hildryn to be played. Currently she is very fun but the elevation difference bug today prevented me to do the sorties in solo. Not being able to pilage shields from enemies that are a centimeter below or above you makes her kind of unplayable if you are alone.
  3. My life will have so much more quality when I'll finally be able to have that incredible Limbo Deluxe skin. Please tell me it's coming this week too.
  4. What is up with the Nyx deluxe skin that you showed during Tennocon? Also I really enjoy how Wisp looks, can't wait to see what she does.
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