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  1. I was expecting another umbra forma Are you gonna put Wisp alt helmet or we have to wait more than a month for it
  2. Just interested on Khora augment, wish we get wisp faster after pc release
  3. Nothing about Def arbitrations taking a lot of time, why dont reduce the drop to 5
  4. I dont understand the standing , what it does in this case, bigger rewards like 2 telleriums?
  5. You could buy the skin individually in 2017's solstice
  6. No DE really put Titania skin inside a bundle only, shame I though it was a bug
  7. Region chat is like all begging , cant convice anyone to for a random gift
  8. I hope we can craft the alt helmet
  9. Will be a begging presents thread?
  10. So the Warframe drops are non existant like the previous Twitch drops? At least let us get one once
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