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    Eventually the alignment will affect certain things. That being said, I do wish the alignment meter was recognized in-game as not being a good/evil meter. The devs themselves have said this but the fact it isn't clarified ingame makes people repeat the falsehood over and over.
  2. PsychedelicSnake

    Given How Godly Paracesis Is....

    As much as I like it I would probably use it more if it got either updated to the two-handed katana stance coming with Melee 3.0 or got a Dark-Split Sword treatment of swapping out stance types. I like greatswords but am feeling kinda burnt out on them.
  3. PsychedelicSnake

    Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    Question: Way back in Devstream #4, Mynki mentioned having ideas and concepts of what the Tenno looked like. This was before Second Dream, which is when we say the Tenno for the first time. How do his original concepts compare or contrast to the finished product?
  4. PsychedelicSnake

    Where is Update 22.14.0?!

    That second narta should be named the "my friends forced me to come to the party" narta.
  5. PsychedelicSnake

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    I'm personally fine with all the WoF changes except the gradually increasing energy cost. Ember already has the shrinking range and fragility to balance it out. She doesn't need a third counterbalance.
  6. PsychedelicSnake

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    It seems to me that, aside from not wanting Ember to do map-wide damage and CC, want players to make more use of Accelerant. I use it very often and have very little need to use WoF beyond that extra bit of damage. That being said, Scott has acknowledged that only changing WoF isn't good enough and he is going to look into buffing up the rest of her kit to go along with the changes to WoF.
  7. PsychedelicSnake

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    A lot of interesting changes, most I agree with as a fairly aggressive, close combat player. Still, there are some things I think could still use some work, which I'll briefly go through below. Atlas Petrify: The changes are looking good but we still face one of the bigger problems with the ability. Visibility. Petrify receives so much flak because it can be really difficult to see what you are doing. It's not that the colors are bright or anything. It's that the visuals for the power are very visually busy and as a result can be difficult for players to parse what lies beyond the cone of effect. Changing the visuals to be less difficult to deal with would probably be the best change you could make. Banshee Resonating Quake: I like that we are getting rid of the augment in its current form, but based on the demonstration shown on stream there still seems to be the problem of range. Yeah you have to recast it, but if properly outfitted the augment will still do tons of damage in an incredibly wide area without denting a player's energy. The intent of the change is to get rid of locking down the whole map and making all the other players sit around and twiddle their thumbs. This change solves the problem of the Banshee player doing nothing, but it doesn't solve the problem of leaving the other players with nothing to do. You still lock down quite a bit of the map and it seems like you do even more damage. Chroma General: The changes to Spectral Scream and Vex Armor seem great, especially the latter which trades a bit of power for more team utility. However, Chroma still has the problem of a pretty abysmal range. On its own the range of Chroma's abilities are already mediocre, but when built with his 2 and 3 in mind his range is absolutely terrible. Buffing up the range of Chroma's 2 and 3 should help with this, especially since these abilities seem to be more oriented for teamplay and moving Chroma away from being a "selfish tank". Ember World On Fire: As someone that uses Ember's full kit, especially Flash Accelerant, Ember's changes seem to be moving in a direction I am okay with. However, I am not particularly a fan of tossing increased energy drain on top of slowly shrinking the range. We'll use Valkyr as an example here. Valkyr also has increased energy drain as well as the growing range mechanic to offset her invincibility. Ember is a very squishy frame and has no damage reduction or invincibility. The primary reason for Ember's change was killing or locking down the whole map and generally being anti-fun as a result. The gradually shrinking range, I feel, is all that is necessary for World on Fire. We don't need a second negative added on to it, since her fragility already fills in as another drawback. EDIT: World on Fire suffers from a less than obvious range. Yeah you can guess the range by when exactly enemies start burning, but it's not enough. Remember the old visual FX for World on Fire? With the rotating fireballs? Let's bring that back and merge it with the current visuals for World on Fire. Retain the fiery explosions when enemies are hit, but also have the rotating fireballs as an indicator of range. It'd be more visually appealing than just having the same old on-ground circle a lot of other frames have. That's all I got right now. If I think of anything else or have stuff to elaborate further on I'll edit this post, but these are my feelings on the changes in their current WIP state.
  8. PsychedelicSnake

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #195!

  9. PsychedelicSnake

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #194!

    tfw new Deluxe Bundle and no plat
  10. PsychedelicSnake

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #192!

    HEADS-UP FOR THOSE SHIPPING OUTSIDE CANADA TO DIGITAL EXTREMES: Be sure to use your federal postal service (such as USPS for the United States) rather than secondary services such as FedEx or UPS. Federal to Federal shipping translates with few to no problems, whereas other services such as UPS can potentially damage or lose your products when shipping to a different country! Use your regular postal service, as they transition perfectly to Canada Post! Better safe than sorry!
  11. PsychedelicSnake

    Warframe Prime Time #186: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    @[DE]Megan Promise me you won't use your cotton candy colors this time?
  12. You could say Prime Time would be a prime time to release PoE
  13. This is a good point as well. Sacrificing some of your mobility is bad in and of itself, but also having to keep up with your very mobile teammates makes the situation more aggravating. It's already a pain trying to use targeted abilities on allies that can go from 0 to Blur at the speed of sound.