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  1. Nice now i can farm my Credits again, for the next arrival of Pedestal Prime xD
  2. Habe diesen kleinen fehler heute gefunden
  3. is it possible to get some information about the raids? is the clan king pin system still in work? can we have more possibilitos in clan/allianz chat like chat colors for clan/allianz chat mods ? can we some event we need to do with the allianz ?
  4. R.I.P. Saryn the days with you was nice , you gain a nice place rigth beside my Old Faithful Mirage, i dont forgett you
  5. can nobody wait here for the regular update time ? for me it is between 20- 21 CET
  6. Kuva Survival, The Cell to change the Life Support to Kuva Gatherer is fallen down . This was happen in the Big Room we are Using in the Def Missions too
  7. As the other player say , the ammount of Kuva isent really good for doing endless missions, the sames gos for the normal ones, but for the start its really nice if we can get 50 Kuva more for every one we finish its really great like 200; 250; 300; 350; 400; .......... or a littel bit less like 50 to have this 200; 225 ; 250 : 275 ; 300 ; ........ and scaling Bacons becouse if we have a Baocn with this low health a long run is doomed from the beginning even with a Frost
  8. and again in the middel of the nigth RIP Eidolon hunt Bugs and annouying stuff: Chat Member list is now spongy Eidolon Cores now appering every time and distract in eidolon figth Ignis Wraith has no flames most Beam Weapons dmg got reductet sure dmg/sek is higher and ammo efficizens is nice now, but dmg got reductet at the end Excample: Bevor Synoid Gammacore as Burned his Way trough the Hyena Pack now iam waiting for the first one down (only exception in the list of weapon my squad has testet Cycol this weapon has got a really strong buff) Cats buff dosent work anymore on operator but Mesa Buff still . . . . . . Eidolon still random teleport in the middel of the figth Arsenal bug still is there after you leave the arsenal you get bugged cant go away from it and you dont see yout WF If Operator gets a Magnetic proc and you change to WF the WF get a Energy reduction too Sometimes Lures get in Wait mode even if you dont have ordert it and if you leave the old spot the drone dont comes, most of the time you otice it after the drones have 2 times portet to you but the last one not. Sometimes dmg from Operator dont count on Eidolons you get no nuber not even a 0 PoE Sometimes no Grineercamps get triggert and if you are there there is nobody not even 1 or 2 Lures if its a big camp
  9. Nice, the new UI Additions are really good. Pls Fix: Random Eidolon despawn (i know i need lures for no teleport of the Eidolons but even if i have 6 or 8 lures he teleport sometimes away) Eidolon Shrine dosent work sometimes Lures sometimes dont spawn In Plains Archwing destroyed randomly Arwing dont deploy but consum. Arsenal Bug want to leave the Arsenal but gamestuck (<- its really annoying) Raidgrp bur after leaving the Raid grp and rejoin befor Raidstart sometimes bug the grp and need to disband becouse after start player get lost or the grp is closing it self. And the Last one and for me the most importent pls Fix the Rubedo Skin on Rhino Prime its really disgusting to see Shoulder plates & beck area who not relly match this very nice Skin
  10. Nice, but, It would be nice if we get the possebiliti to make the Raids harder , like to choose one or two or more NM mutators like energy drain or team dmg but in the same time we should get more or better rewards. I hope if you want to make new Trials make them harder , not somting like a group 4 exp player can do with 4 new player to carry more somting a group ne to think over the choise of frame they take like room they can only enter if someone is doing a part in stealth without alarm or if the alarm got triggered you need to wait for ordis to bring you some explosives to open a big and heavy door, somting you really should think about you are taking and somting you need to get peopel where you can be sure they can use the frame. At the moment nearly every grp with every loudout can do LoR no problem its a very nice beginner Raid, JV is a littel bit more difficult bit the biggest problem is the map inside of Jordas it takes for some peopel 10 or 20 Raids to really understand the map (it would be nice if peopel who , if i think how old the raid is its a nice medium Raid but now the game is a littel older we have player on MSR 25 and a lot of MSR 20+ who should know the game the basics and how the frame they use are working (i hope so), i hope we can get a Raid fitting for the long time player somting difficult enough you need advanced player, like protect 2 or 4 traged at different spots in the same time solve a riddel or destroy somting for one part or a Enemy strong enough to take damage from 8 player who isent going down in 1 crit hit from the Opticore. It should not be a bad review, the work you are doing is really impressiv but i wish a littel more content for the long time player who seek some more difficult stuff. I know my english is not very good but i hope the text is understandable
  11. Mh now i dont have any really good weapon i can give low Ranks if the Lex Prime has a hihger MR Tier Is it possibil to disabel the Safe Range from the Tonkor and let the Grenates jump like the old day , i miss the jumping nates Really they have safed me in my eraly game really much.
  12. the msr lock on the bountys is nice but you really think a msr 5 can stand properly agains lvl 60 + mobs ?
  13. yes and now is the time to forma the Archwingstuff xD
  14. Cant finish Operation Plaque star at part 4/4 kill all enemys isent possibel to finish some times becouse no enemys to kill to complet
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