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  1. Ok after a lot of time Experimenting, reading the Support side, a lot of Forum post, i got a working fix for myself. I wirte it down in case this can halep Someone (if you Delet "EE.cfg" and "Editor.cfg" make a backup just in case) 1.Delet and reinstall the Game + manuall delet leftover folders 2.Delet RazerChromaSDK 3.Unistall Razer Synapss (All of it) 4.Delete the Data in Folder [User]\AppData\Local\Warframe , "EE.cfg" and "Editor.cfg" (In my Case the Steam installer has Loaded Broken EE.cfg and Editor.cfg) 5.Restart Warframe and let the game restore "EE.cfg" and "Editor.cfg" 6.Open Nividia GeForce Experience and Set all to the Min possibil Setting. 7.If "EE.cfg" dont has the Line "Graphics.AutoDetectGraphicsSettings=0" place it inside (at the Second place in the list with Graphics) (i dont know why but somehow the game has loaded again some missmatching settings ..... very frustrating and i only have found this line becouse i have asked a friend if i can take a look on his EE.cfg and Editor.cfg .) 8.Now the game was Runnning on the lowest possibil Specs, without loding some missmatching Specs and it was possibil for me to Enter my Options an Change everything Back to normal. If possibil can someone Close this for me , ty
  2. Like the Titel is saying, ever time i enter the Options Menü (ESC - Option) after 3 - 5 sec my Game Crashes. This is happening since Patch/Update: Saint of Altra 25.7.0 Since this time i have testet a littel bit after every Patch/Updated/Hotfix Updatet all my drivers. = Bug still happens Deinstalled and Installed the game (Deinstalled with Autodeinstall + manually deletet leftover files in install directory) = Bug still happens Installed the Game on my Second Harddrive = Bug still happens DeletingData in %Appdata%/Local/Warframe = Result in LogIn Crash Bug (Deleting the new createt Data from starting WF and restoring my old this bug was fixed, i think the Login crash bug was triggerd becouse of the very unmatching Resolution Settings) Tryed to open Options in Mission = Bug still happens Grafix API change from DirectX 11 to 10 = Bug still happens Restarted PC/Router and Warframe countless times = Bug still happens Praised Clem = Clem did not hear me and the bug still happens Sold my Soul to Baro Ki'teer = Bug still happens (after some very aggressiv barging with my Catchmoon i got my Soul refunded) Asked in Clan/Allianc/Regio Chat peopel in hope someone knows a fix = Nobody knows
  3. My Game Crash bug is still remaining:
  4. ENG: Hello, since the update "Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0" my game crashs after about 1 - 5 sec. every time if I go under ESC - Options, whether in a mission or orbiter. When I enter a mission and it crashes into options and crashes the game, I get nothing, it would be like I never entered the mission. GER: Hallo, seid dem Update "Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0" stürzt nach ca 1 - 5 sek. das Spiel jedesmal ab wenn ich wenn ich unter ESC - Optionen gehe, egal ob in einer Mission oder im Orbiter. Wenn ich eine Mission betrete und ihnerhalb dieser unter Optionen und das Spiel abstürzt erhalte ich nichts, es wäre als hätte ich die Mission nie betreten.
  5. Hi, since update Saint of Altra:25.7.0 my game crashes every time I want to go into the options . If i do this in a mission i gain nothing it is like i never have startet this mission.
  6. Thanks for the update! Is it possible to get a discount in the market on packages in which we already have individual parts? (skins only)
  7. I have simply calculatet the time someone need to get all the stuff (with mods and without mods and only buying everthing only 1x) 1.Without Mods Only with 50 per round (idel) 4050/50=81*5=405min/60= 6h 45min 2.With Mods (idel) 5850/50=117*5=585min/60= 9h 45min Ideling (AFK at least hopefully in Privat lobbys) cost a lot of time doing only 1 singel game mode. Now if i add the kill, and i thinking about 25Ø per mission: Without Mods 3.4050/75=54*5=270min/60= 4h 30min With Mods 4.5850/75=78*5=390min/60= 6h 15min The time reduction is not small , for me i am really lucky i dont need the mods becouse i got them already but if someone is in need to farm the mods its a really big time eater. If we spread the work over 10d , the time someone need to speend is around this much: 1. 405min / 10 = 40,5min each day (~ 8 matchs per day) 2. 585min / 10 = 58,5min each day (~ 12 matchs per day) 3. 270min / 10 = 27min each day (~ 6 matchs per day) 4. 390min / 10 = 39min each day (~ 8 matchs per day) But we need to think , not everybody has a good internet connection or has enough luck to get god Host, sometimes Lobbys get Broken , Missions wont start, Missions get Broken in the Loading scrren, and i havent calculatet the time we spend in loding for loding in the Mission and out of the mission (this takes around 40-45s each mission on top for loding in , out and let the NPC Speak until we finnaly get out but only if the connection is good and someone isent loding long) PS: This is no excuse for afk players in public groups
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