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  1. I have Testet the changes from this with the 3 Archwing Weapons iam Currently Using in Railjack missions. The Changes: The Weapons i am Using are: 1. Cyngas: Status Build + Riven The Needed Amount of Bulltes are: Befor Patch: ~21 - 24 After Patch: ~ 27 - 39 2. Imperator Vandal: Status Build The Needed Amount of Bulltes are: Befor Patch: ~140 After Patch: ~290 3.Velocitus: Crit Build Befor Patch: 3-5 Max Charged Shots (3 ist best Case all Crit, 5 no Crit) After Patch: 4-9 Max Charged Shots (4 ist best Case all Crit, 9 no Crit) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sure, it would be very nice if all Dmg Types are equal usefull but, if we are true the only 2 Dmg Type are really Usefull for this: Slash/ Particle - for Dmg Stacking becouse we are doing not enough Puncture/ Plasma - for lower Enemy Armor/Shield becouse we need more Dmg Before Patch the Most Efficent Build are mainly using this two Typs of dmg for dmg generating, still now its fare more reliabel than the other Type. Ballistic - from all this is the most useless Typ, we are staying far to short on Crewships and even if we bring a crewships HP down with a lot of this Procs the dmg output from the enemy is still High Incendiary - The dmg from it is even after the Patch nearly a Joke i have Tryed weapons with Heat Build,, befor i try to Kill a Enemy with it i Pick Up MY Archwing Melee and Hit the Enemy until he is to Booring to Live and Dies bevor the Generatet Heat Dmg hs enough to do something. Ionic - Nice for Support but as long as we have a Good Amesha we dont really need it becouse the Enemy is slow enough to not kill us in Seconds (most of the Time) Chem - its nice and Very Usefull on Crewships , if the Crewship is shoting his mates 80% of the Danger of Dying is annhilatet becouse Crewships still killing Ameshas sometimes in seconds. Frost - As long as we have Amesha's Slow we dont Really need it, try to hit the Enemys and Proc Cold if they are Flighing on normal speed with a Archgun, is alsmost as Funny as shoting on a Funfair with a rigged Gun on your Marks ........ I know Railjack is still in the beginning and not nearly Balanced and Finished, but we need to consinder, we have a lot fewer Archguns, Archguntypes and Archgun-Mods as for the normal, weapons, in the eraly Days i had luck and its was Possibil, sometimes to use my normal weapons with my Archwing (Melee,Secondary,Primäry) in Railjack, the Differenc in dmg is big like Day & Night. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If iam on it i can state the next thing, i think everyone can thing about the Problem: Sure it is a Bug, and yea i have used it a littel too, but on the other hand now we have to Deal with a other Problem, if we now Start a Mission and Seeing someone Playing Ivara we can say alsoms 80%+ save this guy is going to a Galleon or a Platform to Farm, Intrinsic Points. An the first sigth , its ok for me the Guy is going using the Stealth Kill Systems Exp Multiplier + Ivaras Sleep Arrow, its complet ok but on the first sigh. If he is going on a Galleon only Teammates who are even on the Galleon gaining exp for his doing and , only the normal ammond and he is gaining up to +500% and my fear here is Peopel coming in doing exactly this and in the same time (~8 - 12 min) they are killing all figthers and crew ships and this lone ***** gains the points fo the figthers too and all points for his solo tour on the Galleon (the same is happening on Crewships or on the Railjack the guys out gain nothing) it is really frustrating if you know this person is abusing the hard Labor of the team. At least it should be possibil to share the EXP to all teammates, even if we dont gain his +500% Stealth exp we deserv the normal exp. I hope my Eng is read- and understandable. MfG Sokker
  2. Currently the Reload Speed for the Imperator Vandal is very Slow
  3. nice, but currently a lot of Crewships spawn so normaly a mission has around 3 now it spawns and infinity ammount of Crewships (if we kill normal ships) and after around 10 the Game Crashs. (Posit Cluster) Now this happens if we start the Railjack missions with a closed grps, spliting the grp and every one is joning a RNG grp, happens only if we start the mission from the Orbiter. If we gain this in Missions and the see how much we can improve the avionic, that would be very very nice.
  4. Just tryed and we still got Credits on Earth Next: We got a "MK I LAVAN CARCINNOC" from a Veil Proxyma Crewship
  5. All my Listet Bugs actally are not Host sided only Client sided 3 of 4 Times the Insed of the Crewships is bugged, currently i have seen 2 Dierent Typs o it: First, you enter it an still have the Archwing Equipment on yout Warrame (Gun/Melee) and its possibil to walk in the Air and it is not possibil to shot the Ship Reaktor. Second, you enter the Crewship and the first room is locked and its not possibil to open the door, but its possibil to shot trougth the door and destroy the Ship Reactor if you have a weapon wo can shot trough doors. In both Cases its not possibil to leave the ship, my Teammates have sayed, my position is switching to the Planet if i enter a bugged ship. The Solution for this is use the Universal tool to teleport away. Same can happen to Mission Objektiv Areas. ----------------------------- Next Bug, if a Client is still in a Crewship after destroying its possibil to bug out of map, if one of the first two told bugs happens befor the possebility is around 70% for it. if the Bugout happens your Model is near the Planet and aorund 30.000 - 40.000m away from the Group falling down the the out of map ground after this happens its possibil to WALK back into the Map Area after this its possibil to use the Archwing again , but sometime not the Blink, after entering the Map Area gain /unstuck is semiwoking again and has the possibility to really set you back, but at the same time the possibility is high to even greater bug you like only melee possibil until the Lobby is createt new, not possibil to use the Operator anymore, can jump (this 3 things i have experied until now)
  6. Still got it twice in a row, maybe becouse the first one is a traded one, but still a duplicate in row
  7. And again Lich farming taking Hours for Duplicate weapons.
  8. Very nice, but pls make it possibil to get duplicates after collecting all weapons You mean Lichs infect normal mobs to be Thralls ?
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