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  1. Check feedback-> warframe threads. I think most of it will be about reworking the old one. Although this can be said about all feedback. All new content literally takes a lot of effort and gives little, while old content no longer means anything and beginners try to skip it. This provides little replay value. You don't want to play old maps because there are no rewards for you or it's just boring. But that is not the topic of this discussion. I am looking at equipment in a vacuum. I don't want to tie this to specific modes like necromechs. Or horizontal progression. Meta alway
  2. Because I'm talking about modifying what already exists. The game has many aspects that are very poorly used. For example, helminth allows you to pick up the ability of another frame, but this has a lot of problems when the frame supports certain mechanics, like gauss for example, which requires crutches. On the other hand, if gauss had 12 different abilities to choose from (3 for each slot), it would present more choices than helminth currently gives. Skins are not the main topic of discussion. But people love the visual style and sometimes people love the skin of the new frame more
  3. I think people are worried that new frames come out and old ones are left out. And I think there is a problem with the system. The problem is flexibility. At the moment, frames seem to be too limited by their "theme", while people may like some of the mechanics, which creates a paradox when a new frame comes out that partially repeats the mechanics of the old one. I think it's wasteful. On the other hand, reiljeck has no theme now. You can make a rocket cruiser, a master ram, or just control everything. ==Thoughts start here== I want to give you a picture of how this can be impl
  4. Trinity has always been about healing, resistance, and energy. And it works well even now. This has always worked well even after many nerfs. You have helminth now, so you are able to, for example, take the death mark to blow up rooms with the help of an energy vampire with viral cat. Or nuck with the gauss spam ability. Or give more buffs to your allies. You have a lot of protection and energy, many frames dream about it. And no, vampire is not the same as arcane energyze + zenuric. Far from the same thing. Link is good DR and status imunity. Blessing restore shields and think how muck s
  5. My way is better, since you cannot heal what the oneshotes receive. Plus, flat numbers are always easier to control. I would remove all percentage healing from the game altogether and do damage rework on enemies, because healing doesn't matter when you actually have no ehp to counter the damage. Flat or % dosent matter if it not working or not give gameplay change anyway
  6. Easy to solve. All enemies inflict fixed damage to stationary objects, regardless of the level.
  7. I think the motes will be fine for a long time. Better to concentrate on other abilities. For example, a sunbeam. But I would prefer to improve it 2. Something like: wisp chain - leaves a stationary ghost while wisp is flying. The duration of the ability has been increased, but no longer grants invisibility (the passive still works). More mobility + easier access to return for a buff.
  8. Think of it as a price to pay for a broken energy system that allows you to use most of your abilities indefinitely. And most of the missions are short, so if you see something like a slow nova on the 5th lvl defense, you either agree or leave and don't waste your time. Trolls are in all games and you can't do anything about it.
  9. You can s + roll to dispell the volt buff as well as the limbo rift. And, I will now say the most unobvious thing, but chat works wonders. If you don't need shock motes you can say it.
  10. I'm not forcing you. In the end, we can stand by our opinions. I just want to say that some weapons can be more effective in killing mobs than Dex Pixia. Weapons just need arcane and a mutator sometimes (which is not a problem right now). Dex Pixia at least needs strength and energy. This is also not a problem now, but we are making more investments and getting normal weapons that don't even have unique mechanics. Well, the razorwing is an archwing, which is basically unique, but I see no reason why I couldn't replace it with any secondary weapon and it still remains unique.
  11. I know exactly what this conversation is about, but please don't tell me about it. This isn't the only build, but this build is good for mobbing because it's stuck fire. Everything else shows less efficiency. I can change the build as you said (and I tried it), but it won't change much.
  12. I'd rather attach this meme and say that I don't have a single mod for the rate of fire. I'm just too lazy to go into the game to show the usual viral-fire status damage build. And no, the viral-slash and crit builds don't work any better.
  13. Emmm. My first video i think. And yes, I think I've given you enough facts. Yes, Dex Pixia has a great DPS and I agree with that. Does it allow you to kill enemies more effectively than a normal equipped weapon? My answer is no. So much so that I'm even willing to replace it with an equipped archgun, even if it doesn't scale from either razorwing blitz and strength. And yes, im still not joke about archgun
  14. And I have nothing against the fact that one weapon can be weaker than another, but only when it comes to equipped weapons. I have already written about this. Even with excellent aim and reaction, you will still be behind other players with normal weapons. Of course, I'm not talking about all weapons, but for example, I can easily make Ogris a master of burning everything, including the steel path. Dex Pixia is part of the ability. And it actually degrades your kill efficiency. Of course, again, I'm talking about everything that isn't a minigun build. The minigun build is still working, but t
  15. Or just add the ultimate alternate fire to this thing, like the deimos guns do. I'd be happy with that.
  16. Please refrain from mentioning these bosses. I get really angry when people make an argument like, " This is effective against one boss in a game." I've tried energy ammo. But this is still the same minigun build in a different configuration. You're swapping pistileer for energy ammo, but you're using arcane energize and you're still a little afraid for the energy costs. My build is built through a dispenser and an equilibrium, so I am not afraid of energy costs and my energy efficiency = 45% It's just different ways to play. Your path is more comfortable, mine is more protected from e
  17. The problem is that the Dex PIxia is still far away in the quality of 1 target kills compared to sniper rifles. I know people used Titania for eidolons, but it's not meta and it's not effective. The second problem is that without the minigun build, it's really very slow to kill normal mobs. Dex Pixia would be divine in a normal shooter, but we have a warframe here where there is a lot of divine melee and aoe weapons. Corny, I personally do not understand why Dex Pixia does not have an AOE component, when Lantern is able to collect mobs well in one place. I don't question the fact th
  18. There are 4 people in the group. 2 people will be DPS in any case. DPS is a more popular role statistically, so in any case, you will get 2 - 3 players in a group who perform their role not only because the system requires it. I do not know what you are afraid of, in many games this is not a problem. In any case, if the warframe is going to be a hard co-op, we'll need bots for solo players. And the bots will perform those roles that you don't want to play anyway. That is, there is a free slot for a certain role in your group, so there is a bot that performs this role. And of course, no o
  19. Hildryn can also burn an ancient destroyer that has 90% DR against abilities. I don't think that's a good idea. Rather, the problem is in the abilities themselves. To be honest, I would start with small nerf players. I would ban aimglide when casting abilities, increase the cast time, and remove invulnerability from control, allowing mobs to interrupt players. This would already be the beginning to improve the AI. Of course, some abilities must use aimglide, fast cast, and immunity, but this is a matter of concepts.
  20. First, any frame can use aviator. All you have to do is just press the jump button. The Aviator works the same way as the Wisp invisibility, so you keep getting DR for a while after you land. If the hitbox really worked, we wouldn't need an aviator. The problem is that it doesn't work, because the hitbox is a nightmare for humans, but not for AI. Mobs can still turn you into a sieve. A small hitbox is needed more so that we do not crash into narrow corridors every second. But it doesn't do much work for the defense. And yes, I don't play the turret. And no, the Dex Pixia is not a po
  21. Well, I think something like ripline won't interfere with this ability. You know, hamster from overwatch.
  22. Dex Pixia without arcane precision, arcane pistoleer and razorwing blitz are garbage. If you remove at least one of these things, this weapon will be meh. I've been experimenting for a long time to find a middle ground between DPS, protection, and support, and dispencer has solved a lot of problems here. But the problem is here. But, in most situations, Dex Pixia is not the best option to do damage. More auxiliary. Here is an example. Dex Pixia is good when you're not doing minmax, but when it comes to efficiency, Dex Pixia isn't a very good choice. And yes, Divata ne
  23. I'm very interested in Sevagoth 4, not because I like Sevagoth, but because you've shown that its Exalted Shadow can be configured separately and have its own abilities. At the moment, we have Pulverize, Razorwing, Undertow, and Rumbled, which cannot be configured separately and do not have their own abilities, giving very limited functionality. Also, I think Effigy and Celestial Twin can benefit from this too (at least from the extra setting). I want to bring up this discussion because exalted forms now feels more like a limitation of gameplay rather than an increase.
  24. I know it's similar. xD But it's just as if we were escorting something like a plasma battering ram on a sabotage mission to get inside the base. About the replayability mission, I think the warframe has a lot of rewards and the mode will always be dead when you finish farming things. As long as the mission is = reward, this will always be the case. But im talking about mechanics, not aboul separate mission.
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