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  1. Flying enemies is a cool idea. They can be controlled in the air. But here comes the problem that Titania has nothing to control flying enemies and that's why the ability is negative. Tribute-collection of useless buffs. Previously, 50% of the DR did not exist and this ability did nothing. The wheel that DE wants to make is great, but in fact it will be the ability of a single buff. Lantern is again a flying enemy that we can't control. Plus, this ability got nerf because all people abused Mirage 4. Yes, I'm talking about the fact that we got a broken wall lock. Razorwing - no matter what anyone says, but this is an archwing mode and nothing more. And this is the most popular ability, because it's a collection of strong abilities. And here we get the moment that all these abilities interfere with each other and the rest of the abilities of the set. Butterflies push flying enemies. Dex Pixia blocks AoE weapons, which significantly reduces the value of Lantern and flight does not support any ability. (it may be a Tribute to soul, but you can also do it with bulletjump.) Oh, and it's worth noting that razorwing is the ability that disables the game's features. While archwing in open worlds can already interact with objects, Titania can't. Passive ability - this thing that allows you to skip levels faster. This is literally the only purpose of this ability, it is no longer good for anything. And at the end we get bugs. A lot of bugs. I think there may be five pages of them if everything is painted.
  2. Ну во-первых, если вы пришли на английский форум, будь добр пиши на английском. Во вторых, очень много слабых мест. Не вижу смысла в турели, лучше, использовать оружие врага, ты же все равно копируешь его. Оттягивание агрессии на себя может плохо закончится, конечно, если ты не планируешь использовать характеристики скопированного врага или неуязвимость, как это делает Вуконг. И есть проблема с тем, что боссов никто не даст скопировать, а значит могут быть проблемы со способностями из-за нехватки обычных мобов, но вторая способность частично решает эту проблему. И если характеристики врага будут применяться на варфрейм во время использования способности, то это может быть оооооочень медленный гемплей. В целом идея очень сырая. И да, копирование должно быть первой способностью как главная способность, потому что на 0 ранге доступна только она и пассивная способность. Well, first, if you came on English forum, whether kind write on English. Secondly, there are a lot of weak points. I don't see the point in a turret, it's better to use the enemy's weapon, you still copy it. Delaying aggression on yourself can end badly, of course, if you do not plan to use the characteristics of the copied enemy or invulnerability, as does Wukong. And there is a problem with the fact that no one will copy the bosses, which means there may be problems with abilities due to the lack of regular mobs, but the second ability partially solves this problem. And if the enemy's characteristics are applied to the warframe while using the ability, it can be a sooooo slow gameplay. In general, the idea is very raw. And yes, copying should be the first ability as the main ability, because only it and the passive ability are available at rank 0.
  3. @(XB1)XG1anBl4derX Here the thing is that these are two different frames. While rhino does not have many advantages, it is also a simple frame, while nezha is not so simple, but it gives you a lot of advantages for yourself and the team. Nezha can also increase damage. Nezha's defense is based on effective EHP, but it also gives invulnerability at the end. And protection can be extended to allies. Generating health and energy orbs will help you and your allies a lot. SPEEEDBOOST! Well, left the flames, which makes your allies immune to status and control. Well, spears actually work longer than the stomp, plus they give more Chakram, which means more damage, more energy and health orbs. At the same time, rhino gives personal protection, which also has problems, a good weapon booster and a normal CC. It works, but I personally only see it as a walking weapon booster.
  4. And it may just be an ability that gives energy waves to any melee weapon. And it could be used with any melee weapon. And it could be used with any range weapon. And it could be used with any weapon. And it could be used with any melee weapon. And I still feel that Miter is an order of magnitude better even at 200% strength. The problem is that it is better to have an additional slot of a specific type of weapon that you can change according to the situation, than to lock in one weapon in the game that can get nerf or just become useless due to changes in mechanics. I see only one advantage from exalted weapons - that their damage increases from strength, but this is also a problem, because their damage also decreases depending on strength. Another problem is that normal weapons by default can be stronger and more convenient without any investment in the warframe build. And here's another thing: there are more than 400 types of normal weapons, which means that if one weapon gets nerf, we'll just switch to another OP weapon. If the mechanics get a change, we'll just find a weapon that handles the mechanics well. The only problem with this approach is that it will be difficult to balance.
  5. They promised a consumable item that gives your frame a specter function when using the operator. But, apparently, they forgot about it.
  6. I think exalted weapons should be removed from the game because developers often forget about them and they are mostly useless when you get cool weapons.
  7. Augment slot will not give anything. Most augments are useless and do absolutely nothing. Another point is that an augment can be useful, but only because the ability is useless without this augment. (but there are abilities that are completely useless without strength, you don't ask for additional strenth slots, do you?) There are very few augments that can actually change the ability's function and that the player can opt out of. To cure the disease, you need to treat the symptoms, not dance with a tambourine.
  8. I think I can bring this up again.
  9. Well, they changed the Tribute a lot. If they change 2 useless buffs, it will help. Lantern gets immobilized, so there are only fixes left. Also, they said that they will work on QoL, which means that they will most likely work on razorwing, because razorwing doesn't need buffs, but it needs QoL especially with the new Lich system, where you need to disable and enable the ability every 10 seconds, because you are not able to finish off enemies. (I hope that normal weapons in razorwing will also go as QoL). Spellbind... Many frames have useless abilities. Spellbind is half useless.
  10. He was dying from level 60 very quickly. Without adaptation, you had to actively play and heal yourself. With adaptation, you can stand against 200 lvl and do nothing. You can check it. On the other hand, a frame that has a good energy pool can deliver quick thinking and its EHP will be comparable to EHP 6K Inaros. For example, Khora can have much more EHP. The cat can heal instantly with attacks. You just invest not only in hp, but also in energy, in energy recovery, in reducing stun. But you have the same result. And you have useful abilities, unlike Inaros.
  11. You can't if you use the storm.
  12. You don't want to waste forms on normal frames, because the Prime version will be released SOON? Now imagine that all the Prime versions are a waste of forms, because Umbra versions will be released SOON. Do not worry about this, because only Excalibur Umbra is worthy of forms. Only Excalibur Umbra is an ideal. The other frames are not even worthy of a reactor.
  13. Health mods have never made Inaros strong. This was done by the adaptation and arcanes. If you think about it, arcane energyze makes saryn strong.
  14. Passive ability: the current passive ability is OK. But, I would like razorfly to also exist outside of razorwing like active razorfly that take a very long time to recover on their own. 1) Tribute. Make it a core ability. Now the system by which you can choose a buff is a really good solution. But I feel that Titania can benefit more from this system with Spellbind. But there is one thing I would like to change. Do this only with buffs: a) Dust: Let it be evasion instead of reducing the accuracy of enemies. b) Thorns: This is the only useful buff now. It is strong and does not require changes. c) Entangle: Make sure that the allies imposed the ice status with their attacks. This will be a very powerful tool. d) Full Moon: This should increase the protective properties of the companions. Damage is only important for dogs, but dogs can't deal damage if they die. 2) Spellbind. Flying enemies are not the best solution. But, as a meme feature, it is quite possible to leave it. It is enough to make spellbind depend on the selected Tribute. Here are the effects I would like to see: a) Dust: Reducing the accuracy of enemies. The current problem with enemy accuracy is that it affects a certain radius around Titania, which means Titania can't benefit from distance. But, as a debuff, it could work. b) Thorns: The decrease in the protection of the enemies as it makes Nezha. This will be a good tool. c) Entangle: Apply the current effect of floating enemies in the air. This makes sense in some situations, like a rescue in Kuva fortress, but I wouldn't use it on a permanent basis. d) Full Moon: Create temporary and immortal razorfly that will distract enemies in the area, after that, they would join or replace the active razorfly. A bit of control for the razorfly system. Change the priority of the ability caste. When a quick tap is used, the effect occurs around Titania, when a button hold is used, Titania uses spellbind on the area. Make the area highlight when spellbind casts, so that the player can more conveniently target it. The current zone of destruction suits me perfectly 3) Lantern. This requires fixes. The problem that Titania get shot even if enemy under the influence of Lantern can be circumvented by creating a temporary razorfly. Now Lantern has razorfly and this is not an animation, since they obey the same laws as normal razorfly, only tied to Lantern. Just make your enemies perceive them as razorfly. This will greatly help the ability. The other way is to let Lantern itself act as an aggression generator (the highest priority target for an attack), which is not limited by radius and walls. This way it will be more effective for collecting enemies at one point. I think the radius of light can be reduced in this case. Also, make a synergy that extends duration the Lantern effect when you use a Tribute on an opponent. 4) Razorwing. There are all the same desires. Make 2 razorwing modes work: A quick tap in normal form will activate razorwing without Dex Pixia/Divata and will cost 25 energy. Primary and secondary weapons work fine in razorwing. This only requires enabling it. The problem will only be with melee, but just make air attack and heavy attack as two basic attacks. This will only require looking at how air animations will work with razorwing. Holding the key in normal form will activate razorwing with exalted weapons and will cost 25+5 e/s A quick tap on the button while in razorwing will turn on or off Dex Pixia/Divata and 5e / s energy drain. This switching will not cost energy. Holding the button while in razorwing will allow you to leave the mode without wasting energy. Allow the use of parazon, including finishing off enemies and interacting with consoles. Other interactions, such as carrying a data package, are not required. Remove the evasion, now we have it as a Tribute. Remove razorfly system. Now we have this as a passive ability. Razorwing automatically teleports all active razorfly to itself when activated.
  15. I would like a loaded shot to work like an Angstrum, increasing not the damage of 1 projectile, but just the number of projectiles, so that it looks like a rocket barrage. Now, the low chance of status and crit make this weapon worse than Ogris. And a lot of damage clearly doesn't fix this situation. And given that overshields create a bad CC that causes opponents to die even more slowly, this thing just has more problems than profit. The number of projectiles would help to solve the problem at least with the status.
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