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  1. This requires some understanding of how the balance of frames should be constructed. If the frame is strong, then it must have energy problems or be thin. If the frame is weak, it should have useful abilities that I can use all the time. (hi DE, give me a razorwings archwing mod without the cost of energy). Now this balance is broken, because there are so many means to restore energy. According to this, personally I do not know exactly how DE are going to build balance on. And I think the players don't know that either. Yes, when 1 person kills everything and you have nothing left to play - it's wrong. But nothing has changed with saryn. Just before 4 people stood there and spam skill. That is why we have nasty eximus and nullifiers.
  2. Saryn can kill trash mobs level 50 quite quickly. Gara, to example, under literate equipment can kill with the same speed. But Gara has a fairly impressive defensive powers and can kill with a touch. Why does Saryn have to be nerf, but not Gara?
  3. If things got buffs and be nerfed without words, no one would bring up the subject. But it doesn't work that way. If not to remind, many outdated things will remain untouched.
  4. Thanks for another useless augment. Titania has no problem healing. Titania cannot regenerate energy when she is in the razorwing. I don't have any augment slots anyway. Sorties level mobs are very hard to kill when they are flying everywhere.
  5. Because it's a boy who can only punch in the face.
  6. Given how many damage resistance mods there are in the air, Titania in normal content might be a cooler facetank than inaros. So no, I don't think there's anything special about playing as Titania on sortie.
  7. I killed more on my Titania than 16 MR Saryn on a sortie. Can I be a pro player? xD
  8. On this you have 1 ability, which distracts mobs. You will never lose your stacks unless you spin all the time. His 4 ability is trash.
  9. Yes, it is strong. But I see Saryn only on defense and nowhere else. I know she can be strong on survival, for example, but that doesn't make sense because everyone can survive using weapons. I'm not interested in Saryn myself because She doesn't know how to do anything but damage and selfbuff. I more believe that Wisp is OP. Wisp literally can do all the things in the game.
  10. You can use Inaros to pass the game because Inaros is immortal for normal content. Invulnerability means you can't lose, which means it's also an OP thing. Though wait, he's not immortal without mods and arcanes. Saryn also has the same situation. Just a lot of people now have arcanes enr and zenuric. Saryn can kill faster than other cadres, but without the 4 ability she doesn't make it that easy because you need to use her weapon. You can nerf Saryn, people will take Equinox. You can start a series of nerves, but it will not give the complexity of the game, because you can kill with your operator faster than most frames and weapons. And if fire proc gets armor strip, then the operator gets armor removal mechanics and can generally use a warframe like Hildryn to generate energy orbs for the killer operator. In end you need simply nerf greater part of game, and better roll back game ago on years 4. Just great and interesting times when everyone spammed 1 button for many hours. So I don't see anything wrong with my post. The problem is not in the frame, the problem is in the game. I can say that the player has become a God again.
  11. And now you can go back to my post and read it again. Words that have been taken out of context can do a lot of different bad things.
  12. I understand perfectly. But even if you remove all the nuck frames, there will still be broken mechanics like invisibility or mad control like Nova. Hey, I want to play like a tank, and Nova's taking my job? I want nerf Nova. The problem is not in the frame, the problem is in the game. The whole game is about killing trash mobs. Even nullifiers ceased to represent at least some danger.
  13. I think that it is worth closing this topic, as it turns into mutual insults. The meaning is simple, there are people who do not like difficulties(or love efficiency and strive for it, as you like), there are people who love difficulties (or at least so they say). Both perceptions on the game have a right to life and there are no sides that are wrong. As mentioned earlier - Saryn is not a problem. Saryn works well as a clean-up from trash mobs. The problem is that 99% of the game - this is cleaning up trash mobs. That is all. All 8 pages I fit in a couple of words.
  14. At 100% strength it is similar to DPS Phaedra. So I don't feel like it's wrong. But it could be big, I agree with that.
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