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  1. Yes, that's what I'd like. Skywing or archwing as a combat system is still dead. And, judging by what they showed us, the Empyrean will not bring any changes. This would like to have a second choice on all occasions because archwing combat system is well designed and it only needs minor adjustments to become perfect. Well, for example, I want to have the choice not to waste energy on Dex Pixia, which still does 0 damage on demolist xD Think differently. Dex Pixia if remain exalted weapons will be just a powerful ability, which I can ignore while creating the build. For example, go completely into the build for control, where there is only 40% strength. So now impossible to do due to the fact that the razorwing and Dex Pixia inseparable.
  2. Well, I'd rather not spend shields on enemies at all. But if you want to make the ability of the likeness of a vampire on shields, then in principle it may not be bad. But to increase the damage, why?
  3. I don't understand the mechanics.It seems to give more damage, but I've written more than once that Hildryn basically doesn't need damage. I can take her registered gun and turn enemies into mush at no cost. This ability is to protect allies and Pets. And I'd like her to be better at it. Moreover, if you need damage in a large area, it is better to use it 1. Hildryn shouldn't be better than frames that specialize in damage. Her job is to protect.
  4. I just expressed my opinion that I don't see the point of it as a sublime frame weapon because it doesn't offer unique mechanics. It's just a powerful Twin Grakatas. Whether it is worth being in her set - let the developers decide. I just want razorwing to have nothing to do with them. Personally, I would rather have an ability that allows you to strengthen archwing weapons than have a sublime weapon. Even if it would mean a small loss of DPS, but it would provide some opportunities and tactics for the use of archwing weapons, as I showed with Grattler.
  5. I would even would make the cost of this ability only when changing shape, like the equinox.Just now Titania is divided into three concepts: high damage (though the kit indicates that it is more aimed at support and razorwing is an emergency measure), razorwing (because it is currently the only implementation of the archwing in normal missions), and razorfly (because these small establishment to distract the enemy fire and look great). Personally, I advocate the concept of razorwing as an extension of the archwing system on normal missions. Yes, it can be implemented in another frame, but I feel that in the next 2-3 years this will not happen, unless the developers make a pleasant surprise and release archwing frame with Empyrean. But personally, I doubt it. And Yes, I also like razorfly. About Dex Pixia, just run the tests. I think you can see that conventional weapons are slowly approaching the values of the DPS Dex Pixia. Even now, take rubico + rhino and full DPS Titania and just compare. Rhino will lag behind, but this value is negligible, while Titania just full DPS no defense. Is it worth it? Of course, a separate ability from razorwing in the form of Dex Pixia and Diwata would be a better solution. But I really don't see the point in that, because neither dex pixia nor diwata offer anything other than damage. It's just an ordinary weapon that has a chance to become less effective than an equipped weapon.
  6. Either you didn't read it or I didn't write it. Yes, I want the Dex Pixia to go in the direction of the archwig weapon, as well as the Diwata, so that they can be replaced at any time by another archwing weapon. What to do with the gone damage? Simply provide buff to archwing weapons. And I think that's a lot more flexible and correct than keeping players in one ability and one build. And it saves from many problems, as the immune abilities of the mobs. Ideally, I would like Titania to be able to change her abilities through archwing, but I understand that they are unlikely to be able to do so, as it can be powerful.
  7. It looks like something unrelated, bad and unnecessary.
  8. Infested living body and a lot of subsystems?
  9. I'm talking about the variability of the choice of equipment, not about what is more effective. If Dex Pixia will remain tied to the kit razorwing, the Titania will quickly get bored. Actually it is happening now. If you play it for 2 hours once a year, then of course it will not bother you. But try to play just half a year only Titania, you will see all her problems. Titania with dex pixia is just boring. Titania outside razorwing is meaningless. I want to use razorwing, but I don't want to use dex pixia and diwata because it's boring. This is my opinion and my feedback. What you have to say to this except "it's effective DPS against the bosses"? Razorwing is a beta version of archwing. It is created as a temporary measure, as Mesa regulators, but it cannot be used as a temporary measure. It provides bonuses that could be used with other weapons. I hope archwing, as a system, will evolve and Titania could evolve along with it, but as long as she's like that, well, let her be the eternal beta of archwing. In a year we will come to the same things we have come now, when DPS abilities will be weak and Titania in the razorwing will be useless.
  10. But it is not a complete archwing. In full archwing, I can choose the abilities and characteristics of the wings, pick up weapons, and full archwing regenerates energy rather than taking it away. With all these flaws, it's just a stripped-down version of him. And Yes, what you're talking about is already in the game, called Elytron. Archwing specializes in explosives. But you can't use it all the time because there's no frame capable of using archwings.
  11. I use 175% strength Titania and that's enough for 100 levels. I often meet with the bug nullificator. Even more often I meet with arbitration drones, making razorwing a useless button. The new regime also did not and, as demolist denies all abilities. And the trend will continue in the Empyrean. I don't understand, am I misinterpreting my position? Dex Pixia in 99% of the game is just not needed. The rest of the 1% has frames that do damage and are more useful than Titania. Dex Pixia is just one of many types of weapons. If I want to play with shotguns in razorwing, well, in normal archwing I can do it, in razorwing - no. But a lot of damage. If I want to play with a rifle at long range, well, in the normal archwing it is, in razorwing - no. All we have is ratatatata. And augment to make ratatatata faster. Yes, flying is fun, but the limitations of her set of weapons and Pets make this fun more sad.
  12. They're just invulnerable frames and people want a big they might be. It's simple. Revenant is the best immortal tank concept at the moment. Wisp? I don't know why everyone thought she was support, because she's literally capable of anything. She is immortal, invisible, has good buffs and damage. It's just a new Octavia, only in a different wrapper.
  13. Well 160 LVL distributed in arbitration. How useful is Titania there? That's the whole problem. razorwing is a unique gameplay of Titania. The Dex Pixia is a stub that interferes with the potential that other weapons can bring.
  14. Exactly what is she fun to fly. And when there are opponents that Dex Pixia deals 0 damage to, or when I just can't put down the weapon I want, it saddens me. Of course Dex pixia can stay, but let it be outside razorwing, pls.
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