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  1. Been playing a bit of Railjack with the update. My current bugbear and something i really hope you review in the next update. The ship map in tactical should be static. Current behavior of moving with the player location in the ship causes elements to be concealed behind other UI elements. There is also so much more critical information that should be available in tactical also. Ordnance and supply stocks. Forge status.
  2. Just a minor issue, But with all the screen space in the Tactical UI why is the resource information overlapping the ship map? This is an inconvenience when you need to teleport back to the pilot area from the forge. https://imgur.com/a/1UdxBbn 2 suggested fixes. 1.) Lock the Railjack map. so i does not move up under the materials info. 2.) Move the materials information panel to the top center of the screen, or arrange to vertical format on the right side of the screen.
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