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  1. Fighter Frame: I understand that the devs do not want to invest significant time developing an AI for solo play, and I understand the rational that this is a multiplayer game. However I ask would it be possible to provide a solo option (or a waiting option) to practice against a dummy figure. It doesn't have to move or attack or anything other than just stand there and take the hits. I have tried playing Fighter frame a couple of times and have been disappointing by a long wait times during matching making, as I suspect not to many people try it more than once. I would suggest the given the ability to practice against a dummy while waiting will help twofold. It will allow new players to "learn" how to play, and at least will make waiting during match making less arduous increasing the chances of more players sticking around, and therefore matchmaking having a larger player selection pool for faster paring. Jupiter Rework. Will the rework of this area still include those areas where players currently complete the "3 Head Shots while Aim Gliding". This riven unlock mission seems to only be achievable in Jupiter where we can bounce our frames on the rising air currents with in the existing tile set. This mission may become extremely difficult if those tile once reworked do not allow for this ability? Dojo, Decorations and Player Access. There is a lot of fantastic decoration elements for the dojo that many players will never access, unless they leave their existing clan to make a solo dojo. Is there any way we could either use re-scaled versions in the orbiter? or have some other space we could decorate individually within an existing Dojo or separate in a new Orbiter room? Also with Dojo competitions is there anyway to allow players to visit other dojos without having to be invited by a member. Perhaps an opt-in clan directory and public and private access assignable to dojo rooms triggered by a player having the clan key. It would be great to have a new screen in the market console linking to clan related information, be that open houses, recruitment posts, player run competitions?
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