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  1. Shaqsputin

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    Please for the love of all that is holy, if you're going to nerf banshee and ember's aoe, please fix uranus defense at the same time, not after. That mission is a nightmare having to hunt down the 2-3 enemies that always get stuck in some S#&$ty corner at the end of every wave even with their abilities. Considering how often Neo endless def spawns there its going to be hell once they've been nerfed.
  2. Shaqsputin

    [Console] Operation Plague Star: FAQ

    Can anybody confirm for certain whether or not the infested arcanes and zaws are tradeable? Can you trade them as bps or do they need to be crafted?
  3. Shaqsputin

    Warframe Builder

    For some reason the sentinel weapons in particular seem broken. Every time I load the pages for Prime Deconstructor, Laser Rifle or Sweeper, they only seem to load halfway and I cant actually search for builds or do anything. Edit: Had a friend using a seperate computer confirm this is the case for him too. Most other categories seem to load fine.