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  1. Nothing in the unvault pattern makes any sense anymore.. Who needs Valkyr Prime relics since even new players still got probably dozens, if not hundreds of those.. Who needs Saryn relics that badly, if she was available through other (free of charge) means not that long ago.. Unvaulting Valkyr less than a year after her vaulting is laughable. Where's Ash? Trinity? Dual Kamas? I'm sure there are better candidates (Nekros?) for an unvault but come on...Valkyr??
  2. Is it just me or Serene Storm can't be maxed.? I can't seem to find it in my mods menu.
  3. 15 is more than fine for a starter option. Much better than 2 frame slots and 3-4 weapons slots as a new player. If you have 15 rivens that you need to keep and not sell, trade, transmute, then this is a good indication you can afford more slots with plat.
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