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  1. Wisp's Vitality Reservoir Is her first ability Is one of 3 branches is infinite can deploy 6 can teleport to them when you walk out of range it follow you for a minute Vitality has no CC, but Shock still does, for multiple enemies Garuda's Blood altar is her second ability that's just it - no extra's is finite can deploy 3 it looks nice-ish When you walk out of range its done CC one enemy at a time There is probably more. Garuda is lacking. alot. now.
  2. I haven't read the conversation going on, but yes the op is correct. I think of Warframe not as a co-op shooter, but a solo shooter where 4 people happen to be in the same place, where alot of times 3 players have nothing to do. So its a solo shooter with 3 spectators of sorts. Warframe has a serious issue. It is the only looter-shooter where people will commonly complain about having nothing to do because of that one over powered teammate. It is the only looter-shooter where people speak of brain dead gameplay regularly.
  3. Some (preferably all) aiming should be manual. I can't imagine any developer being proud of something like this. Peacemaker will change, i am certain of it. But when I don't know.
  4. Exactly. A part of the warframe community thinks people with more riven slots can run monopolies on rivens. *sigh*
  5. I agree that her powers don't make sense on her: Her 1: Could have been any generic warframe's ability. What makes this 'wisp-y'? Her 2: The only thing that comes close. But its not even that good of a move. Teleport to the ghost? why? mobility has never been an issue in warframe. Her 3: Just building on her 1. Her 4: Looks cool by why wisp?
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